A Very Embarrassing Experience in Hongkong

An Embarrassing Experience…


When I travel, I always do my best to avoid any bloopers ‘coz though it is funny, it is still embarrassing… but  seems like my trip isn’t complete without it….

I don’t know if i look funny or something is wrong with my face ‘coz everytime I walk alone, I noticed some eyes were trying to examine me from head down to my feet esp the Chinese ladies here. But anyway, I’m used to it!


This afternoon, I took lunch with Jessa and super excited to eat rice as  I haven’t eaten rice for a week now…oooppps, I’m not on diet, but just had the chance to eat rice this afternoon.

As I walked to the door on our way out, I could feel the eyes of those men eating on their tables, turning their heads and following me with their eyes as I passed by. I don’t know what were they thinking but I just felt it….. My mind  went somewhere then :p. Hmm let’s say, I felt I was a head-turner 😀 .Trying hard to do the catwalk  :p and my eyes were looking straight to the stairs.

I enjoyed walking while they were looking at me and owned the moment… ALL EYES ON ME! Just walked and walked and walked on the aisle when suddenly I heard a loud BOOOOOOOGS!!!!! It was my big forehead and nose bumped on the clear glass. Jessa couldn’t stop laughing instead of rescuing me….. I could feel the laughters behind me but i tried to endure the pain and pretended as if nothing happened and didn’t look back. I wanted to disappear on that very moment and wishing I had a magic wand to make me invisible. My forehead and nose left marks on the glass. I pretended to walk fine and when I was out of their sight, I ran away so no one would see me anymore. It was very painful and my nose is deformed as it is still swollen a bit….  I wanted to cry but couldn’t stop laughing as well. I always make funny faces in photos but I gave those people who witnessed that embarrassing moment a sore tummy coz of laughing… Nahiwi ug samot akong ilong!


I just realized then why they were looking at me :p… They knew I was walking to the wrong direction and were just waiting for the moment that I would wake up from that dream. Hingburot akong ilong ug akong dangas nga agtang misamot ug kadako!







hello! how are u people? I haven’t posted new silly blogs here because I don’t have own connection now. But anyways, glad to post something new at least though I can’t make it long this time.I had a seminar in Manila for English Language Teaching. I asked my friend to pick me up at the airport. Then , I was supposed to stay in Pius Center but , I wanted to hang out with my friend so I didn’t want to stay with my superiors. I had budget for hotel but I wanted to havenight life there so I tried to cut the budget for hotel. My friend and I were walking and roaming around to look for a place which is cheap and no curfew because we planned to go out that night. But then, we were so tired all afternoon til it was already 8 pm and we wasted our time looking for cheap room.The ending was, I stayed overnight in a room which was not ready and there was no water. I couldnt complain because it was my fault and hahaha I laughed at myself.

I told myself, this is my karma for being corrupt hehehehehe…. I needed to fetch water from the gate to the third floor so I could take a bath and use bathroom…I almost had accident  on the stairs.

I fetched 3 times hehehe… Oh well, as what I have said, I couldn’t complain. I also couldn’t stand when I took a bath because people outside would see me….. It was a funny experience and a lesson to learn. The plan to have fun on that night was cancelled because we were too tired of looking for a cheap place.
I decided to stay with my superiors on the following day. I beg them to accept me in their room and told them about the “fetching of water” thing. They laughed at me.
I had fun on the following nights though but hahaha I had more fun remembering my first night there!

My Funny Face


My Funny Face

Gained weight and Gained Pimples
I am very skinny and always wanted to gain weight. Well, I tried to eat more and took vitamins but I wanted to see fast result.
I noticed that my friend gained weight so I took the same vitamins he was taking. After 2 weeks, I gained at least 3 kilos and I was very happy and proud! I looked good and feeling pretty!
I felt sexy because I got a bigger hips and felt like I had more meat in my body!
But, I started to have pimples and my body was very itchy. I looked like this for few months and I was really conscious of my
pimples. Although I felt sexy that I was a little bigger, I stopped taking that vitamins. But, I still had those pimples on my faceand it  got worse.
 I couldn’t stop taking photos each day to see if they looked bad on photos lol.
Even the smiles were changing because, everytime I took photo, I could see those pimples on my face and they were itchy. I know that I was just too conscious but I wasn’t used of having too manypimples on my face.
One night, I used this cream for itch. I applied it on my face too….
 I woke up with all the itch on my face. It was painful, itchy, hot and it was hard to describe.                        
I then got the mirror and was scared of how I looked like! My face was very red and swollen. I was embarrassed to go to work but I didn’t want to lose incentives of course so I endured it. I was trying hard not to be noticed but I scared some people I met on my way to work. My students were also shocked and scared the moment they opened the door of my classroom. It was obvious that they were trying to hide how scared they were of my face but I knew they did not want to offend me. I couldn’t teach them well because it was really painful, itchy and hot. Plus, they were just teasing and making fun of the way I looked. It was their turn to tease me because I often made fun of them. I felt like I really wanted to scratch it so badly!

It even went to my lips! It became more painful and itchy everyday. I got everybody’s attention though lol. But I was honestly very depressed during this time because I looked very ugly. I went crazy because I was thinking that I would have them on my face forever.
Can you imagine ifyou havethis on your face? Can you still smile? Plus, they were not only on my face. I was scared to see a dermatologist. I was scared that lol the doctor would make it worse hehehe if you can’t maintain their products. I swore, I would never join the party with this face!
But I was worried because the Christmas party was coming. I wanted to join! But with those red thing on my face???? if it was Halloween party then lol that was fine! I could scare people naturally.
But I tried to smile at it! It was like this for like a month. I learned to live with a scary face lol. Yeah, I called it scary because of how people looked at me and even if I lived just 5 mins away from my working place, I took taxi to get there or else, I would be crying from the itch if i take jeepneys or walk .
But it was 5 days before the party. I was tempted to join because it is just once a year that I can wear a party dress! I then used mineral water every time I took a bath and lactacyd for babies.

Lactacyd stopped the itch but it made my face very dry and cracked. So I used a baby bath cream to soften it. 4 days before the party, my face had all those dark scars.
2 days before the party.
A day before the party. At least it didn’t look bad.
Thank God! it was all gone!