A Lovely Lady Behind My Travels

Hello world,

The lazy blogger is back!

It is my 31st birthday and I am far from everyone. I am all alone but I dont feel lonely because I just think of people who have helped me to be where I am now.

Anyway, I ¬†like sharing some travel stories again. It took time to forget that memory card I lost. 80% of the nice memories of my real backpacking experience is there. It would be so nice if I could share u the photos esp the “getting lost” part. The purpose of sharing some travel stories is to help some people who want to travel as well but scared to be on their own. But before I start sharing some stories again, Id like to write about my friend who was behind of those adventures I had. Her name is Juvyline Dizon.Image

I just happened to add her randomly in facebook hmmmm 3 yrs ago. Well, I just thought of writing about her because my travels were not possible without her. She was a customer and we agreed to meet in the city for her orders. A less than 20-min-talk with her, it seemed like we had known each other for long time. After that, I just spoke to her few times in fb. One time, she suddenly messaged me and said she was booking us a ticket to Thailand. It was both our first time and we were very excited. She booked all the tickets 3 months before the flight. My budget was limited and thinking I had someone to share in everything, I was fine with my budget. When the time to travel came, she said she would do her best to meet me at the airport. It was “WHAT????” I was very disappointed. The whole trip was planned to be with someone plus didnt want to be on my own. I didnt know anyone in thailand, i didnt know where to go and my budget was not that much to pay accommodation and taxi on my own. Plus, my flight to Bangkok was from Clark not Manila and I had not been to Clark before that. But I had a little hope that she would show up at the airport. She said she would do her best to make it to Clark. She was bla bla bla bla. I flew on my own to Manila and then what? How to get to Clark? It was a long trip by bus to Dau. I was not into adventure on that time so I was like pouting the whole time. I also hate long trips by bus and wanted to throw up and collapse but I kept telling myself “no OAness, ur on ur own and no one would help u except urself”. So I tried to be strong but was still upset to my friend coz first, heheheh no one would take photos of me and I was ripped off by a taxi driver from the airport to the bus terminal so my budget was hurt.

I was still expecting she would be at the airport, I thought she was just teasing me but she didnt make it. So, I just tried my best to be OK. No idea where to go, no accommodation and completely no idea whats in that place. I had a pen in my pocket just in case someone would harm me, I would just stab him with my pen. But, I was surprised , I just realized there was nothing to be scared of. I was fine, I had fun even I was on my own. I met a lady backpacker from Australia named Winnie and that was when I learned how to meet people in travelling. I told myself that it is fine to travel alone and should not be scared because Winnie was a lot younger than me. I experienced day tour for the first time with the real backpackers. It felt like I was one of them then while I was in the van I had written so many things in my mind. It was wow! I didnt expect I would have those brilliant ideas. How quick it was for me to arrive those ideas and that was when I fell in love in travelling. I told myself, I would just stay single and marry travelling. Life was simple, all I wanted was just to go backpacking. I told myself , I dont need a house, I dont need a lot of money, I will make the world as my home.

Because of that experience, I got addicted in travelling. My friend Juvyline booked my tickets all the time. I would just text her I need a ticket, I need a ticket , I need a ticket. She would help me find cheap tickets and until now I cant believe that she trusted me with her credit card. If i was in trouble at the airport, I would text her even early in the morning. I hadn’t hanged out with her but she never complained even once and never doubted me. She seemed happy to help me with my travels. Without her, it would be impossible for me to experience those adventures. I felt great, I felt very proud and it was one of my achievements in life to travel more than 10 countries on my own before I turned 30. I felt very proud because some travellers were amazed to see a small girl travelling on her own. It was a nice feeling although some people have talked about my trips being sponsored by sugar daddies they call, my friend Juvyline knows it was her “behind the scene”. The trust she had given to me was just amazing knowing that she doesnt even know me that much. I miss those days that I just flew away every 3-4 months to escape the stress and talks at work. It also gave me the chance to buy goods abroad and resell here. I owe those nice memories to that lovely girl I just happened to meet in facebook and became a loyal friend. Shes retired from that job already lol. I stopped that addiction because of my house. My salary was no longer full after having a loan to buy my Awihouse – another accomplishment before i turned 30. Well, I said enough.. Ive seen asia at least. I have experienced what others didnt. I miss those times I just rolled on the floor at the airport to save my accommodation. I miss the bloopers I made like getting lost.

To my friend Juvyline, words are not enough to thank u but I know He will shower u more blessings in life for making some of my dreams came true. It was just an imagination but u turned it into reality. Thank u so much.

To my lovely followers, I apologize if I have been quiet. I will share some stories again.

Happy Birthday to me……

Shainey’s 2012 Highlights

Hello world,

First of all, Id like to apologize if i got too many errors in my posts these days. Grammar, spelling, punctuation etc., because I have been just using my phone for my posts. It is much easier and faster to post photos. I can post 50 photos in 5 mins but if i do it with my computer, it might take 5 days lol. It hurts my eyes if I reread over and over again from my phone to edit the errors. ūüôā

Anyway,last year, I posted my 2011 Highlights. I had so many silly and funny moments in that year.  To review, here is the link of that post


I don’t know how to describe my 2012 because it is so different from 2011. It started in drama and ended in the same drama. But, despite of all the dramas, I had many great moments and laughters with few special people in my life.

Goodbye 2012

Here are some important events in my 2012.

JANUARY 2012 – A simple New Year 2012 Celebration with Family

I had simple New Year celebration with my family. I could hardly smile because I saw a photo of my crush with a woman sitting beside him. I was jealous :p in short and I kept thinking of him all the time and like a teenager, I cried because of jealousy ūüėČ

But, I had no idea that 2012 would make me say bye bye to this old bed and house. You’ll find out later…


My mother and I last New Year 2012

February 2012 – The Controversial Outfit

My partner Faith and I agreed to wear long gown for the Prom. I ordered gowns from my supplier abroad but it didn’t arrive on time. We were waiting til the last hour but still it was not delivered. Couldn’t find another dress that would fit my size except this one and asked other’s opinion if it was OK. In person, I didn’t look that sexy compared to the photos as the camera flash made it more daring but I have a dark skin so in person, my skin could hardly be seen esp at night so it was actually ok. Same story with Faith, she had to wear that mini dress coz the long gown didnt arrive but wore black stockings to cover the skin but she had white skin so it looks like very daring in photos but it wasnt really that daring in person. But some people couldn’t stop tracking my facebook and check where I go, what I wear etc etc etc. I dont think the top bosses are into facebooking but it became controversial because of some people and the top bosses had to react.


JS Prom 2012


With our stage decoration, people thought that we intended to wear that way. But to be honest, we just realized that our outfit were matched to the stage decoration when we were on the stage already. Faith’s sequined pink and blue tube was exactly the same to the JS decoration. And my earings happened to be a star and hers happened to be a moon and the stage was filled with stars and a half moon


Stary Stary Night JS Prom 2012


The Controversial Outfit JS Prom 2012


Awihao National High School Faculty Members JS Prom 2012

March 2012 – An Escape From Stress

After JS Prom, I was a big issue. I was told I was the “talk” in other schools as if I had done a very bad thing. I took it as “they liked my dress but they just couldn’t wear it or their fats would be shown”. I ignore rubbish talks but my demo teaching made me very stressful that suddenly I collapsed. I rested and escaped few days and flew to Vietnam :D.


M16 – Vietnam 2012


A Trip to Vietnam 2012

Then we were banned from wearing dress for graduation. Who said we can’t obey rules? So we wore our teacher’s uniform. But then, I thought of something to make it special :D. I bought cluth bags to highlight our day :p. So since we were wearing uniform, we had uniform clutch bags as well in diff colors. ūüėČ


Awihao National High School 2012 Graduation


My partner in craziness

They must have thought we would be sad but ūüėÄ still enjoyed :p


Our best cure from a stressful job is to find something to laugh


For the whole year, these 2 boys gave me heache and made me nag almost everyday but at the end of the school year, i still give them medal and ribbon which made them proud

April 2012 – A Secret Escape

Since it is a secret escape, it will remain secret :p.


May 2012 – The Awihouse

I never dreamed I could buy my own house. For me it was impossible. I only wanted to build a small cottage or hut which will be enough for me and sheila coz thats all i could afford. But when I knew that this house was for sale, I asked mother to take a photo secretly at night so no one would see her or people would be asking why. But in this village, the secret was not kept and was underestimated that we were not capable financially to buy a house. I asked opinions and helped from friends. I loaned my salary and borrowed money from a friend and booom! I got the house :DDDDDD. This is my biggest achievement before I turned 30.


Took a photo of this house but didnt expect it would be mine


These photos were taken before I bought this and in front is the school where I work- just 2 mins away.

June 2012 – The Repair

I thought having a house is that easy. So many financial headaches and money money money was in my head coz money was spent so fast to make the house ready. Well, no renovation yet but just repaired the roof of the veranda, installed water and light etc etc. I couldnt believe I could have my own¬† house ūüėÄ and it’s too big for me and sheila.


Every lunch break, I slept in the house and took lunch here though it wasnt ready yet but it just felt so good to see my accomplishment.

July 2011 – Sheila’s First Beauty Contest

My daughter is now in high school and I asked her to join the Miss Intrams in the school and got the “Best in Sports Wear”


My Beauty Queen

In their sports attire


August 2012 – Moving In

Sheila and I moved out from parents house and started to live in our own in the Awihouse. We had a little party. This big lechon for my students and fellow teachers welcomed us in the new house.



with my students


my beautiful veranda


waiting for the lechon


he must be hungry already


everyone was excited for the lechon to be served


my veranda is big but they’re hiding here coz they’re too shy


my fellow teachers


first night in the new room and new bed

September 2012 – The Feelers Strike Again

Our school was on fire 2 weeks before our teachers’ night. We then thought of raising funds to help the school through a fashion show. Hmmm since it was a fashion show, of course we had to wear something nice not a school uniform :DDDDDD………..It was fun!!!! we had chance to be a model lol.




And I finally have a closet ūüėÄ


and sheila got her pink closet ūüėÄ


October 2012 – Real Estate

I  tried real estate before I took a vacation abroad.



Investor’s Night

November 2012 – Reunion

A reunion with Harti before he got married was one of my happiest days and nights for the 2012.




December 2012 – A scammer

I was scammed. This woman ran away after scamming some people here in Toledo alone. She arrived in this town as a stranger and stayed less than a month but in that very short time, she was able to gain trust from some people here. She ran away with almost a million pesos or more¬† i think ( im not sure how much) and maybe now in other place to find victims again. She is a professional scammer. So far, 13 victims here in my town went to NBI to report this woman but she’s nowhere to be found. With her skills in scamming, it is obvious that she has been doing this several times.



WELCOME 2013!!!! Thanks for dropping by.

A Flashback: Education Merges To The Needy

Hello World,

How was your weekend?

Hmm I was supposed to share my…hmmm should I call it crazy Saturday night lol, but I‚Äôl do it tomorrow.

I just had a chance to talk with a new friend I met named James and I wasn‚Äôt sure if he was sober or not lol. We shared few boring things :p. I call my dadadada boring actually.¬† He mentioned about feeding ¬†Jollibee to some street children in Cebu. I then remember the ‚ÄúEducation Merges To The Needy Outreach Program‚ÄĚ last Christmas. I haven‚Äôt written about it here but actually have made a video presentation as my simple Christmas gift to my great friends who sponsored the said activity.It was very successful and the video/photos describe how happy the students and the little children were. It wasn‚Äôt my first time but that was the biggest I‚Äôve done so far and it was a news in the village. Well in the village, news spread quickly.

Tonight, just want to share what happened after.  While I was walking on the street on my way home, some people were waiting for me to ask for a bag of rice. I find it surprising at first because I didn’t even have one for my family and they are not really that poor. In fact, their houses are a lot better than ours. They were blaming me and complaining why I didn’t include them. I find it very annoying because it is just for indigent students but I just realized that it is actually one of our Filipino weaknesses. It was very awkward because I felt the stares and I know what were they thinking. I was so weak and felt very sick as I didn’t eat properly, was too busy and no energy after. Before I reached home, I noticed this relative of mine waiting for me and I could tell from her eyes she wanted something and I wasn’t wrong. I remember  how this woman laughed at my mother when my poor mom was desperate to borrow  money to pay for sister’s tuition fee. When I was closer to her, she called me and had a very long introduction and I knew where we were going, she wanted to borrow a huge amount of money. I almost dropped my bag. The gossips then spread. Oh, that’s what I got after. The next day I was very sick, I couldn’t get up but the thought that I have done something nice gave me strength.Then, 4 days later was Christmas day and I was told that my two new wall fans in my classroom were stolen lol. I then realized some people were mad at me because of all the classrooms, why mine? And that classroom next to mine had no lock but the fans there were not stolen.

I was a little bit sad  but I quickly recovered when I remembered the smiles and the happiness of those very poor students when they got their bag of rice, cans of sardines and packs of noodles. And, how crazy they were when I threw candies and chocolates. It taught me very important lessons in life.

The video/slideshow presentation was also made to encourage and inspire others to spread generosity. The world can’t be changed by one person  but I know that there are more golden-hearted people out there who are doing the same and I am just sharing it again.

The first music is one of my favorites. Whitney died a month after the video was done but glad I have chosen her song to be the main song and it is a tribute to Whitney.

The second is the same but child version as it is for the little cutie ones.

And the third is my message to my great friends. Every word is dedicated for them as their support was unexpected.

Pls click here for the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AW9ljmvfEs

Enjoy watching and thanks for dropping by.

A Very Embarrassing Experience in Hongkong

An Embarrassing Experience…


When I travel, I always do my best to avoid any bloopers ‚Äėcoz though it is funny, it is still embarrassing… but¬† seems like my trip isn‚Äôt complete without it….

I don‚Äôt know if i look funny or something is wrong with my face ‚Äėcoz everytime I walk alone,¬†I noticed some eyes¬†were trying to examine me from head down to my feet esp the Chinese ladies here. But anyway, I‚Äôm used to it!


This afternoon, I took lunch with Jessa and super excited to eat rice as¬† I haven‚Äôt eaten rice for a week now…oooppps, I‚Äôm not on diet, but just had the chance to eat rice this afternoon.

As I walked to the door on our way out, I could feel the eyes of those men¬†eating on their tables,¬†turning their heads and following me with their eyes as I passed by. I don‚Äôt know what were they thinking but I just felt it….. My mind¬† went somewhere then :p. Hmm let’s say,¬†I felt I was a head-turner ūüėĬ†.Trying hard to do the catwalk¬† :p and my¬†eyes were looking straight to the stairs.

I enjoyed walking while they were looking at me and owned the moment… ALL EYES ON ME!¬†Just walked and walked and walked on the aisle when suddenly I heard a loud BOOOOOOOGS!!!!! It was my big forehead and nose bumped on the clear glass. Jessa couldn‚Äôt stop laughing instead of rescuing me….. I could feel the laughters behind me but i tried to endure the pain and pretended as if nothing happened and didn‚Äôt look back. I wanted to disappear on that very moment and wishing I had a magic wand to make me invisible. My forehead and nose left marks on the glass. I pretended to walk fine and when I was out of their sight, I ran away so no one would see me anymore. It was very painful and my nose is deformed as it is still swollen a bit….¬† I wanted to cry but couldn‚Äôt stop laughing as well. I always make funny faces in photos but I gave those people who witnessed that embarrassing moment a sore tummy coz of laughing… Nahiwi ug samot akong ilong!


I just realized then why they were looking at me :p… They knew I was walking to the wrong direction and were just waiting for the moment that I would wake up from that dream. Hingburot akong ilong ug akong dangas nga agtang misamot ug kadako!



Mr. Czech Saved My Night

Hello! Ive’ got something to tell you! I wish my travel-buddy-piggy could take photos and videos lol to document what happened and how I looked like.

Since I went to Thailand, my dream about traveling got stronger :p. I want to travel with just a backpack because it looks cool. I want to roam around with a backpack because it seems very comfortable than big luggage. When my friend Terry bought me a ticket to Hongkong, I borrowed my sister’s backpack and no idea that it was heavy. My mother told me to use a different luggage but I really wanted to use the backpack. Since the backpack was just small, I had 3 other small bags. On my way to the airport, I looked funny with those bags but I couldn’t go back to change my mind as there was no time. I was wearing my favorite white gladiator type wedge sandals to look sassy hehehe but often twisted my ankle or what’s the proper term for that? Just when arrived in the city, my sandals gave up….. arghhhh so embarrassing walking barefoot. I went to the nearest mall to buy slippers. But when I was at the shop, I was tempted to buy sthat black andals which is a gladiator type again. I didnt want to buy an expensive one so I chose a cheap one at E-Mall which costs 380 pesos. Hmmmm I felt good again and recharged with my new sandals. I took taxi going to the airport and waited an hour for my flight. ¬†While waiting, I met Ate V and her very young boyfriend Jay. She is 52 i think and Jay is just 28 if I’m not wrong.

Since my sandals were new, I was very confident to walk and pose :p …

I got the attention of others maybe because of my smiles. I was very excited that I couldn’t stop smiling like a crazy girl. Very excited of my longest vacation ever :p…. to Hongkong!!! I didnt expect that trip though but Terry was very generous to buy me a ticket….Anyways, while in the plane, I was playing with my travel-buddy-piggy. To save money, I brought some foods :p.

My seatmate was trying to be friendly but his English wasn’t good enough to talk more ¬†and I was not patient to listen to him so I pretended to be sleeping. I forgot his name, very hard to pronounce so I just called him Mr. Czech.

When the plane landed, ¬†Mr Czech and I got out of the plane first as we sat on the first row. ¬†Just after few steps, lol I noticed my sandals were too light …. toinks!!! when I checked it, the sole was broken as in 90%. To avoid embarrassment and not to be noticed, I pretended that I fell down and hurt my ankle but actually, I wanted to get the mighty bond from my bag which I prepared for situations like this but it didn’t work :p. Mr. Czech walked so fast and he was looking at me as if telling me to walk faster coz the line at immigration would be long. I gave Mr. Czech a look as if I was in pain because of my foot and asked him to carry my heavy handcarry for me and he did. Heheheh I dont know if he noticed that I was just pretending because I caught his eyes looking at my sandals. I tried to walk but ¬†I wish to disappear at that very moment as everyone behind me noticed what happened to my sandals. Others were making fun of me to just walk barefoot :p. But at least, I got rid of my heavy luggage and Mr. Czech looked impatient watching me walked slowly. Finally, I reached the immigration area and Mr. Officer was curious why I couldn’t properly that he really checked it :p. When i got out from the immigration , I asked Mr. Czech to get my luggage for me :p demanding! Well, he couldn’t speak English much so he doesn’t know how to complain, only gave me a look like he wanted to kick my ass. I wore my extra high heels when I got my luggage but it was awkward coz it didn’t match my attire but no choice.

Since, it was already very late, I spent the night at the airport with Mr. Czech with no talking waiting for the morning. His flight to Russia was at 9 am while I took the bus to Wanchai after. Before we parted, he bought me breakfast which I shared with my travel-buddy-piggy.

I made Mr. Czech as my luggage carrier in the evening and made him as my photographer in the morning  :p

In return of his kindness, I didn’t leave til he had to leave for his flight and also , to get spoiled with photos ūüėÄ

Sent him to the departure and bid goodbye……

I was lucky to meet a nice stranger who was friendly and a gentleman! Bye-bye Mr. Czech!!! Thank you so much for saving my night and my breakfast :p




hello! how are u people? I haven’t posted new silly¬†blogs¬†here because I don’t have own connection now. But anyways, glad to post something new at least though I can’t make it long this time.I had a seminar in¬†Manila¬†for English Language¬†Teaching. I asked my friend to¬†pick me up¬†at the airport. Then , I was supposed to stay in Pius Center but , I wanted to hang out with my friend so I didn’t want to stay with my superiors. I had budget for hotel but I wanted to havenight life¬†there so I tried to cut¬†the budget¬†for hotel. My friend and I were walking and roaming around to look for a place which is¬†cheap and¬†no curfew because we planned to go out that night. But then, we were so tired all afternoon til it was already 8 pm and we wasted our time looking for¬†cheap room.The ending was, I stayed overnight in a room which was not ready and there was no water. I couldnt complain because it was my fault and hahaha I laughed at myself.

I told myself, this is my karma for being corrupt hehehehehe…. I needed to fetch water from the gate to the third floor so I could take a bath and use bathroom…I almost had¬†accident¬†¬†on the stairs.

I fetched 3 times hehehe… Oh well, as what I have said, I couldn’t complain. I also couldn’t stand when I took a bath because people outside would see me….. It was a funny experience and a lesson to learn. The plan to have fun on that night was cancelled because we were too tired of looking for a cheap place.
I decided to stay with my superiors on the following day. I beg them to accept me in their room and told them about the “fetching of water” thing. They laughed at me.
I had fun on the following nights though but hahaha I had more fun remembering my first night there!

My little-big boys


I miss my little- big Boys!!!

I miss these little-big boys!!

The¬†first one¬†is Al. He is just 11 but whaaah! he is much bigger than me! The 2nd one is Will – my favorite!!! He is so cute! He is just 8 and believe¬†it or not, he talked about his girlfriend most of the times hehehe!!! The last one is Eun Gun – the most behaved one….
It was my frist time to deal with boys. Grrr!!! It was very hard. They don’t like¬†listening¬†to stories. They liked “fighting or hitting game”. I got a lot of bruises with them.
They always like to jump!
They made me feel like a child.
Thes two big ones got different talent.  While the little boys liked to play hitting and running game with me, the big boys liked to go wasted and play in casino.
But I prefer being with the little boys.
They make me feel cute!
they put a smile on my face.
I was their teacher, their friend and sister! My little-big boys!!! ūüôā

My Funny Face


My Funny Face

Gained weight and Gained Pimples
I am very skinny and always wanted to gain weight. Well, I tried to eat more and took vitamins but I wanted to see fast result.
I noticed that my friend gained weight so I took the same vitamins he was taking. After 2 weeks, I gained at least 3 kilos and I was very happy and proud! I looked good and feeling pretty!
I felt sexy because I got a bigger hips and felt like I had more meat in my body!
But, I started to have pimples and my body was very itchy. I looked like this for few months and I was really conscious of my
pimples. Although I felt sexy that I was a little bigger, I stopped taking that vitamins. But, I still had those pimples on my faceand it  got worse.
¬†I couldn’t stop taking photos each¬†day to¬†see if they looked bad on photos lol.
Even the smiles were changing because, everytime I took photo, I could see those¬†pimples¬†on my face¬†and they were itchy. I know that I was just too conscious but I wasn’t used of having too manypimples¬†on my face.
One night, I used this cream for itch. I applied it on my face too….
 I woke up with all the itch on my face. It was painful, itchy, hot and it was hard to describe.                        
I then got the mirror and was scared of how I looked like! My face was very red and swollen. I was embarrassed to go to work but I didn’t want to lose incentives of course so I endured it. I was trying hard not to be noticed but I scared some people I met on my way to work. My students were also shocked and scared the moment they opened the door of my classroom. It was obvious that they were trying to hide how scared they were of¬†my face¬†but I knew they did not want to offend me. I couldn’t teach them well because it was really painful, itchy and hot. Plus, they were just teasing and making fun of the way I looked. It was their turn to tease me because I often made fun of them. I felt like I really wanted to scratch it so badly!

It even went to my lips! It became more painful and itchy everyday. I got everybody’s attention though lol. But I was honestly very depressed during this time because I looked very ugly. I went crazy because I was thinking that I would have them on my face forever.
Can you imagine¬†ifyou havethis on your face? Can you still smile? Plus, they were not only on my face. I was scared to see a dermatologist. I was scared that lol the doctor would make it worse hehehe if you can’t maintain their products. I swore, I would never join the party with this face!
But I was worried because the Christmas party was coming. I wanted to join! But with those red thing on my face???? if it was Halloween party then lol that was fine! I could scare people naturally.
But I tried to smile at it! It was like this for like a month. I learned to live with a scary face lol. Yeah, I called it scary because of how people looked at me and even if I lived just 5 mins away from my working place, I took taxi to get there or else, I would be crying from the itch if i take jeepneys or walk .
But it was 5 days before the party. I was tempted to join because it is just once a year that I can wear a party dress! I then used mineral water every time I took a bath and lactacyd for babies.

Lactacyd stopped the itch but it made my face very dry and cracked. So I used a baby bath cream to soften it. 4 days before the party, my face had all those dark scars.
2 days before the party.
A day before the party. At least it didn’t look bad.
Thank God! it was all gone!