Happy Teachers’ Day

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I forgot it is teachers’ day today til I read some posts in my facebook. But since I am no longer a teacher, I just carried on with my facebook page trying to sell some dresses. I have got no message from my daughter Sheila about the payment sent yesterday by the other customer so I just tried to follow up her and kept asking her if the payment was already picked up. I am flying next week to buy stocks because I am gonna do the business here in UAE as well so was trying to make sure my capital will be enough when I fly.

Toledo is experiencing power problem so it is hard to get in touch with my daughter as my customer representative but she went online and replied with a greetings intead which really touched me. Before, when I was still teaching, early in the morning on teachers’ day, I got a lot of flowers and cards from students and greetings anywhere as I walked in the school campus. But no one remembered to greet me this time except my daughter who said I am still a teacher for her.


I just made a joke though that she is lucky I resigned or she would be in my class next year and would make her restless. She said, the teachers are having a party and maybe she can see me in some photos with me being very silly… hmm I wasnt really that typical teacher before,I just always think of crazy things to do and start something crazy in the faculty room then it will be filled of good laughs. My daughter told me before that she was assigned to clean the principal’s office, she could see my photo and it was marked “on leave”.. ouch yes, I was on vacation leave 3 months, went backpacking, then extended another 3 months, then decided to leave.

Few minutes after my daughter sent her greetings, my best buddy Faith sent a msg telling me they’re missing me and theyre having a party in school with me in some of the photos ..ouch

I’d like to share then the Teachers’ Day last year with no idea that it would be my last day at work.

Early in the morning, I texted others and we call ourselves FEELERS. I told them it’s teacher’s day, let’s break the rules, no wearing of uniform. I am banned from wearing short dresses so I wanted to show that I can also wear long dresses. 😀

Unfortunately, I dont have long dresses so I wore my aunts dress who is 65 yrs old and a retired teacher. A pink dress and a pink wedge sandals which made me look like a child.


Didnt work all day, just messing around and kept yelling the students “”””” be quiet”””” teacher is sleeping while students kept teasing me with my child outfit. But in fairness, I slept on lunch time 🙂 (defensive)


My partner in crime Faith  and I in our mini faculty room

It was my last day before I took the vacation leave and with a promise that I would come back in 3 months. There was no principal, we didnt have a party. Finally, I was able to convince them to eat in town to celebrate and treat ourselves. We had not done it, we had not gone out to party, always in school and work work work (not for me though but for them coz I always flew away). Money was always tight  so eating outside is very special for us on that time.


Our first “out of school” dinner and party lol


Obviously, we were all hungry and the first time we felt so out of the stress at work 

and treated ourselves. This was very special to us. We felt different, we have forgotten the loads 

of work waiting on our tables.


The youngest of the Feelers was on diet but couldnt say no to the foods


Mam Stella showing me the bill to make sure she’s not being corrupt :p


The treasurer was counting our money now… everyone was happy with the meal.


Time to go home


The night ended with a promise I would come back in 3 months but I didnt. Friends were asking me to come back but I made a choice and followed my heart. They said, they dont laugh as much as they used to when I was still there ( so i was a clown then?) but still trying to give them updates of my craziness and bloopers to make them laugh sometimes anyway. I have left teaching, good friends and family to join my man and continued my passion in selling dresses.  Watching these photos reminds me how simple with a crazy twist my teaching life was. I am living in a world opposite from my world before. Before, I always marked the calendar when and where can I wear nice and sexy dresses again. But now, lol I always run out coz it is a different lifestyle. I am missing them, I am missing them waiting for me back from my trip abroad to hear my stories but photos and videos with them, trying to make them laugh comfort me coz I have at least made some people laughed in the past and made teachers wore boots and backless dresses and tops :D. They were the people who were always questioned by the principal when I was absent and would lie just to make me enjoy my vacation every time I flew away.  What a bad influence I was coz now they are very behaved!!!!

Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers in the world.

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ShaineysFashion Customer Service Problem

My Dear Lovely Customers,

Thank you for being loyal to ShaineysFashion. We do our best to provide u the best customer service for almost 4 yrs now. 99% of our customers are happy with the products they received and the very good customer service we provide. We continue to search more fashionable products and improve our customer service.

I am now living abroad and all my stocks are in my hometown, Toledo City Cebu. All items are shipped from there except the Pre Order items. Our online customer service was almost 24/7 but unfortunately, Toledo City and neighboring towns are experiencing a power supply problem. There was a total blackout few days ago and until now the power supply is very unstable. Because of this, I would like to request my customers to submit their final orders and if possible, avoid cancellation to avoid confusion in our part. I would like to apologize also if there is a delay of the processing time. If u need the item right away pls send the payment earlier to receive your order on time. Please also recheck the control numbers of your payments to avoid more delays.

To some international customers, shipping rates depends on your orders. We still have to take it to LBC to get the exact shipping rate. Unfortunately, if no power, they can’t check also. We are not sure yet when it becomes stable again but we will do our best to ship out your orders as soon as payment is received. So far, delays are not that long, only 1-2 days. But normally, we don’t have delays in shipping out your orders if the power is stable.

We are looking forward for your patience and understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.


Toledo City

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Happy 3rd Teaching Anniversay in ANHS

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Hey, how are u all doing

hmmm my shift key is not working so no proper punctuation mark this time

I am celebrating my LONGEST JOB today. Ive been into teaching since I finished university last 2002 but I always didn’t last in my teaching jobs or other jobs. I  had 18  or more different jobs before I joined DEPED….mostly office and teaching jobs.

Since I am away at work, I am missing my job a lot esp those people I always laugh with. Now,i’d like to share some nice memories shared with my friends and students at work.



















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Teacher, Can You Be My Girlfriend?

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Before anything else, I’d like to give my warm “thank you” to my fellow blogger Hans B. I do love you profile photo and most of all, I do love that camera! hehe hope you won’t drop it into the water.

For those who don’t know, I am a highschool teacher and chose to take Secondary Education than Elementary Education because teachers in Elementary teach all the subject areas so if u have 40 pupils in each class, multiply it to 8 subjects, how many daily lesson plans you have to prepare in one week ( and imagine, it was detailed lesson plan before)? Do the math :p and the worse part is, how many scores are you going to record and grades are you going to compute? That’s 40 x 8. And what if u have more than 40 kids? So obviously, I wanted to escape the loads of lesson plan and grades making.

I got my first teaching job in my father’s hometown a year after I graduated from my 4-yr-course in university. I was 20 when I started to practice my profession but if I wasn’t wearing my professional ring, people  mistaken me as 12 or 15 that sometimes I could still escape from entrance fees if I claimed being 12 yrs old. That was 10 yrs ago and I was exactly the opposite of what I am now. From looks to attitude and from principles to views in life so I considered myself as my uncle’s favorite but I know it turned out to be the opposite now.

I was nervous on my first day and knowing that it was a private school, the rich kids in that town study there. Plus,everyone knew I am the niece of Fr. —— Gonzales so I was expected to be very good, intelligent, talented etc. I went to a classroom where students were misbehaving. While waiting for the head teacher to come and introduced me to the class, I sat at the back when one boy called his classmates telling them that they have new classmate lol. I knew he was referring to me but I was shy that my head was just down and was just looking at the writings on the armchair. Few boys then approached me.

“Hi miss, what’s your name and where are you from?” said the other one.

” Im ——” , the other one introduced himself and wanted to shake hands.

All good-looking boys and very neat. You could tell they’re from well-off families. They were pushing one another fighting who would talk to me first while I remained quiet and just smiled. “Oh, these are my students, how can I handle these naughty boys and how can I tell them to stop flirting because I am their new teacher”, I said to myself.

The boy who was the lookout shouted , “Mr. —— is coming!”

Everyone was in hurry to arrange the chairs, picked up those paper balls they’d been using to hit one another and behaved. As my head teacher entered the classroom, he saw me at the back and called me to come to the front. I was nervous and shy. The students are taller than me and the girls are acting like grown up ladies.

“I’d like you to meet Miss Sheryl Gonzales,  the niece of Fr. —— Gonzales and she is your class adviser for this school year”, Mr — said to the students.

I smiled and my heartbeat was so fast that I wanted to collapse from being nervous. Everyone was quiet and the boys who were trying to flirt were covering their faces. I wasn’t bothered by the students after that but it was my head teacher who was flirting the whole time and I felt like I was in hell because of him so I left the job and swore not to teach anymore and chose to be an office girl but still back to teaching.

I am sharing this because I told my co-teacher Faith I have something to tell her that will surprise and will make her laugh. But it is a little bit sensitive so it has to be detailed for her. I have this favorite student since 2010. He was in my class when he was 2nd yr and 3rd yr but now, he is in 4th yr and a graduating student. We put him in the speed class because he’s good in the class anyway. He is older than a regular student because he repeated 3 times in 1 yr level before, spoiled one. To make it short, this boy always make me laugh and I couldn’t stay mad for long because he knows how to make me laugh. No one else in the class has the same humor so when he was absent, my class was boring. He is too snob to be a student, wearing nice polo and white is very white. They said, he is the youngest so you can imagine how spoiled he is.  His shoes are very shiny that we teachers sometimes are conscious because he would tease us for having a muddy shoes lol. Or sometimes when he noticed our toenails are ugly, he would tease u right away. My friends have perfumes on our table because when he passed or when we entered the classroom and you smelled like a sun, he would say ” someone stinks” lol. We teased each other as boyfriend and girlfriend or called ourselves Mr. & Mrs. If I gave a role play activity, he would include my name in the script and named me Mrs. Sheryl —— (with his family name).  When he was in a relationship with another student, he changed a lot. He got better and no longer that bad student they said. Well, I really didn’t see that side of him because when I started, he was a good boy already but they said, he was worse than the other students before. Anyway, he likes to tease me esp when I look funny or when I don’t wear make up, he would ask why am I ugly. But there were also few times that he is too funny that I had to stop him because I would be laughing the whole time and couldn’t discuss the lesson anymore. There were times I also had to scold him in front of his classmates and when he is sulky, he would just stay quiet or slept in the class. He is a boy, a funny boy. Faith and I were sad when he was promoted to 4th yr because he is no longer in our class but of course, we can still see him in the campus. I introduced him to Martin when he was here and he was behaved when he met him.

I’ve been on vacation leave since October and on my last day in school,he teased me and Faith because he thinks we look funny with our dresses. We didn’t wear uniform and he kept teasing me for wearing that pink sandals.


                                              Faith and I

Last Monday, I was in the city to see a doctor and I heard someone calling me “Ma’am, Ma’am!” I ignored it, thought just some dispatchers only. But suddenly, a familiar voice asking me to buy him something. Ooops! it was my favorite student and bought him a cheap drink but told him to buy me something as well. He asked me when am I going back to school because he is missing me and I said I’m not going back yet. Nothing special with the conversation plus I was in a hurry to go home. He also took the same van with his cousin and sat next to me. We didnt talk inside the van because we both slept. When we arrived in town, he asked me if i would join him roaming around in this small town but I said just next time because it is already 9 and it is late for me to be outside.

When I arrived home, he messaged me if he could visit me at home. I was thinking he was just kidding so I made fun with him but he was persuasive. So I was thinking maybe it was his cousin who asked him but he said he would be just alone. I took it as a joke plus it was nearly 11 pm. I just told him that when he comes, don’t forget to bring coils for the mosquitoes lol. After 15 mins., I heard a motorbike parked outside my house and a knock at the door came next. Haha I just laughed so hard because I didn’t expect he wasn’t joking. I was surprised though. We talked at the veranda and tried to make him share what his problem is because I took it as he was looking for someone to talk to. But he said he has no problem, he just wanted to see me. I kept teasing him and he kept teasing me back telling me how skinny I am. He called me a skeleton and said I was a lot bigger when I was still working. It made me sad then because I know he was telling the truth. He was inviting me to go to town but I said there’s nothing there plus I don’t have budget but he said he got money. I felt good to be outside my room actually. I just stay in my room the whole time that I was impressed how beautiful the stars are as I was laying at the veranda. I kept talking about the stars while he kept talking about us in relationship. He asked me if he has a chance and I felt being in high school hahahaha. The style of courtship! He was serious talking about me and him while I was serious looking at the stars. He said he is 19 and I am 29 so it is just 10 yrs gap. I just didn’t correct him that I am 30 and will turn 31 this year lol. He asked why I don’t get old but I said I am already looking old because I always sleep late and don’t have healthy lifestyle and not eating the right foods. He insisted I am still young. I know he was serious with his teenage style of courtship but I didn’t stop him because I didn’t want him to feel that I am taking it as a joke. I just tried to take him to a different topic. He is a graduating student and if I get mad, if I laugh, or if I push him away, he might feel bad, embarrassed or hurt and might be the reason he wont go to school. I know what he is like so I was careful not to make him feel bad or I might ruin his parents expectation that finally, their son will graduate in high school.  I just kept talking about stars because they are lovely. He said he just broke up with his girlfriend and I told him my boyfriend and I are having problems. I kept checking my phone if I got a message from him but no reply. It was already 12 and asked him to go home but he said that he told his mom he’ll be home at 1 so the gate will be opened at 1. I can’t just leave him at the veranda so I stayed with him. He stood close to me and touching my hair lol. I know he is very meticulous so I told him to stay away because I didn’t shampoo it and  if I lay down as there was no chair, he would play my hair and forehead and said, I have a big forehead lol. He said he wouldn’t go home until I say “yes” hehehhehe. I felt like there was a time machine that brought me back 15 yrs ago lol. It was sensitive and he is sensitive so I acted as if I didn’t understand what he wanted. I just wanted to escape it. I also didn’t know how to explain to him that would make him understand but just let him show that I am a lot older than him and hahahah my daughter is turning 14 soon. I wonder what made him think I would say yes?

Quarter to 1, my mad older sister went out with her frowning face and asked “Boy, who are u?”

I answered for him, “ah! this is my good student, Faith and I’s favorite in school, he is a good kid”.

But my sister sounded like my father when I was in high school and said “do u know what time is it?”

I answered for him again “he is going home soon, he is just visiting because we met in the city tonight.”

My sister didn’t pay attention to what I said and told him “Go home now, don’t bother your teacher this late at night and don’t invite your teacher somewhere. Do you want you and your teacher to be the talk in town?”

Boooom! My sister’s voice was tough and I actually didn’t like it because I know he was embarrassed but I didn’t stop her as well because at least it wasn’t me who told him. The feeling was like back in highschool when my parents would say the same.

I tried to be funny so that he wont be that embarrassed. I said good night and told him not to drive too fast. But he was like flying with his motorbike when he drove away. I know he felt bad. Don’t know if he was angry, hurt or embarrassed.

So that’s the story…. THE END!

Penis? or Finish?

Hello World,

Just want to share a funny experience with my students today.

The students were very noisy talking while taking the 30-item-quiz.

Teacher: (sound tough) It’s 30×2 to make it 60 and if you speak English, I’ll give you 20 additional points.

The students were quiet and was trying to speak in English.


Student 1:  (raising his paper) Yes! I’m penis!

Teacher: What?

Student 1: ( In Cebuano) I said I’m penis and give me 20 points because I said “I’m penis” and it’s English.

Everyone laughed and another student commented.

Student 2: (In Cebuano) Do you mean you are a penis or you are done answering?

Student 1: (In Cebuano and with a very serious face): Don’t talk dirty in front of our teacher! I’m penis meaning humana ko ug answer (I’m done answering)! Why you think dirty? You don’t understand I’m penis?

Student 2: It’s finish not penis.

Student 1: (In Cebuano) You are just jealous because you can’t speak English!

I couldn’t stop laughing though I tried hard to look tough. It was his very serious face that made it so funny and insisted that he deserves 20 points because he spoke English.

They made my day!

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Special Class

Hey what’s up! Hope ur doing fine while reading this short blog of mine.

Just want to write this funny thing about my students. Although I am very silly outside, my image in the classroom is very opposite. Handling teenagers is not easy esp the naughty boys and there were times that I tried to control my smile and laughter when someone is being funny just to stay strict in front of them.

I originally have 59 students in my advisory class. 31 girls and 28 boys. Since the beginning of the class, my section had been so famous because of the boys who keep violating school policies – coming to school drunk, jumping over the fence, playing internet games during class hours and the like.  One morning, I went to my classroom in a very good mood but I noticed that they were all covering their nose. I thought I smelled but later on I realized that my room, my beloved room had a strong smell of pee… I was super highblood to discover that some boys just peed at the window. Because of that, the principal decided to separate the worst boys and put them in a different section. I left that classroom and happy to be back to my pink classroom with 31 girls and 5 boys only.

We call the new class “special class”. It is consist of boys only, mostly from my section. 23 of my boys were put in that class and another 10 from the other section. I still handle one subject to this so-called special students.  I was in a very good mood when I went to that class the other day. Only 7 students were present out of 33. The others jumped over the fence or took their lunch earlier as my class is at 11-12. I asked someone to erase the writings on the board coz I have a boardwork. This boy ( the worst of all the worst) , volunteered to do the job. He carefully erased the writings but didnt erase the drawing. I ignored the drawing at first til I noticed that he was so careful not to erase a part of that drawing. It was a drawing of a boy and girl passionately kissing each other with a title above “Lovers in Paris” and marked it “save”.

I got the eraser to erase it but everyone stopped me….

Students: “Oh mam please don’t erase, please…”

Me: Why? I will use the blackboard!

Students: Oh mam, just save it at least we have a girl in this room. That’s our only inspiration.

I was supposed to get mad but I couldn’t stop laughing though I tried to control not to laugh. I took photos of their drawing from my phone but I unfortunately don’t know how to transfer it.

Tree Planting – My Student was Bitten by a Snake

I inserted some photos taken during the said activity. (Click each photo to get a full size view and click “back” to go back to the page )    Enjoy reading!


President Benigno Aquino III issued Executive Order (EO) 26, declaring the implementation of the National Greening Program as a government priority program to reduce poverty, promote food security, environmental stability and biodiversity conservation, and enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Executive Order bans logging in natural and residual forests and declares 2011 as the National Year of Forests in the Philippines. All government agencies and institutions will provide full support to the program, not only in terms of tree planting, but also in the production of quality seedlings. All students have to plant at least 10 seedlings each and another 10 for the parents, annually. And not only that, there is another 10 vegetables per student for the whole school year.

In connection with this, Awihao National High School students and teachers together with our very active principal Madam Yolanda Dela Cerna planted trees to save the lake located at Dakit, Awihao Toledo City on July 4, 2011. We are blessed to have this beautiful place for this project as it is not too far from the school but unfortunately, only 10% has survived after a month.

my student planting a tree - July 4, 2011

There is a proposal to develop this site and make it a tourist spot for local tourists and hopefully, for foreign tourists as well. Because of this, we decided to spend 1 whole day to clear the area before planting trees to make sure they would survive.

The first yr. students cleaning their area.

The weather was fine and the students were very cooperative. Everything went well and the students seemed to be having fun  though they looked very tired. I enjoyed watching some boys who used to be “teacher’s headache” in the class working hard without complaining.

The second yr students.

Anyway, that is not really what I want to share.  Here is the real story…..

I was supposed to spend my weekend with my cute gorgeous Milkajjecks sisters in the city to celebrate our birthdays together. I haven’t seen them since summer and I am missing them a lot.

my cute and lovely Milkajjecks sisters

Since today is the schedule for tree planting, I couldn’t join them  but on the other hand, I had fun with my students.

Everyone above was complaining that it was too hot but I still wanted to take a photo :p

Look at them! they were stucked above because I wanted them to take a photo of me first lol. It was very hot but still Mam Faith had a sexy pose.

Passing Mr. Eliwen Catapusan with the first yr students.

At Ninoy lake 😉 ... The water was big when we first visited this area last July 4, but this time, it is hmmmm how should I call it? low tide? 😀

Oh students, before we start cleaning, I'd like to take a pose first before I become sweaty and smelly!

Mr. Cow meets Miss Shainey

My student feeding the cow.

tree planting

Some girls were working hard, some were not.

Life at work is too serious so I am silly outside.

The girls

St. Anthony girls


Kept telling them to help the others instead of taking photos as it's my job :p

bullying each other

Sir Julius Poloyapoy with some boys

making a pathway

posing posing posing

Mrs. Faith Vistro and Mrs. Marife Rosal - not that silly like me but sometimes I am contagious.

a pose with one of my students

Jojaymar Samson - the noisiest in the class

Wilfredo Canillo - not very smart in the class but always tried his best to participate

Jano Villarin - he used to be a bad boy, but he has changed a lot this year.. as in, he has become responsible

Jonmark Babor - another responsible student and very respectful to his teachers.

Another photo of Jojaymar being busy...never thought he could work hard like this as he is very hmmm what's the term for it? like a meticulous one and very clean

These boys were not working very hard and always took a break every now and then.

This boy I think is trying to catch up to get better grades by working hard here lol.

Looking after our students who were playing and rolled down the hills by accident.

watching his classmates when it was their turn

Everything was fine and some students were making fun of me….I was rubbing my eyes because of the smoke and could see nothing. The boys were down the hills pulling the grasses and I was sitting next to Mam Rosal. Suddenly, I heard everyone was shouting and since I was rubbing my eyes, I asked what happened and I could hear ” A snake …a snake…..” I ran because of course I was scared… everyone was.


I am sorry to disappoint you my readers but I had to remove what happened after as I received a lot of  criticisms as a teacher because of what happened to the snake. Just to give you idea, my student was bitten and was brought to hospital for medications.

*********the end**************

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