My Uncle

Bohol part 3 with my Dr.Tito Fr.&a Reunion with the PM Sisters

He used to be my nanny and used to tie me under the coconut tree every late in the afternoon when he wanted to play basketball. When the biggest opportunity in his life came, he was very excited to start fulfilling his dreams but my parents were away and no one would look after me and my older sister so he chose to stay and just when he arrived at the airport, the plane had already left. To entertain us, he would catch the big lizard at home and took us fishing at the river while im enjoying the ride on his shoulders and holding his head tight when he ran to tease me. 

I used to be his little girl who was always shy, quiet and not exposed to the world of craziness. Now, I just disappoint him with the way i wear clothes but made him happy that I learned to talk and socialize. I wasn’t able to follow his footsteps and chose a different way so I know I hurt him.

I love my Father Tito who is now a Ph.D in Psychology and Philosophy. He was born with a very talented hand. His paintings are truly beautiful but i refused to be painted as i know he would make my nose round. I miss him and being with him in Bohol reminds me when I was a little girl whom he always protected from other kids who teased me. Though the time was just very short to be with him, I was very happy as I felt like a little girl again that he always wanted me to take a pose.

I love and so proud of Dr. Fr. Tito Jose Perseus Gonzales