A Daughter and a Mother

Hello World,

How are u? I actually miss u here.

I missed to post stories but I dont know what’s happening to my wordpress, it doesn’t allow me to post photos from my comp0uter. I did my last post in internet cafe :(.


Well, I do love to post everyday but I still have to figure out whats wrong.

I was supposed to share few photos the night I treated my daughter and mother but I attempted to post the photos for a week but only two are successfully posted.

My mother and daughter felt very special on that night.  I bought them tickets for Manny Pacquiao fight.  It feels so good to see them excited and happy. We just roamed around in town, eating street foods and just feeling free from worries in life. They are the source of my energy and reason why I keep daydreaming.

I have a very nice daughter and mother but I am still trying to be a nice daughter and mother.


My lovely daughter and I

My daughter and mother


Thanks for dropping by 🙂




My family

My Family

My father -Demosthenes “Jimmy” Gonzales     


            My mother -Erlinda “Nonoy” Tana

My sister Claire Gonzales – Nov. 29,1980 


                      Yours truly Sheryl Gonzales July 15,1982

Jimelyn Gonzales Lukacs                                     

Feb. 24, 1987            

married to 


Martin Lukacs


                             Jonas Gonzales      August 7, 1990