The Tree of Friendship

Hello World,

I have been up since 3 am. My eyes are so tired but something is bothering me so even if I close my eyes, my mind is still open. I’ve been just rolling in bed, making myself busy while doing some things online.

In times like this, I actually just talk to one person… my German friend whom I call “brotherhood” and he calls me “sisterheart”. He is my partner in drama as he always listens to my drama like my real brother. He hammers my head as well when I am stubborn and childish sometimes. And most of all, he will make a love potion when my heart beats for someone and sometimes, it works lol.

My friend, My brother, My Invisible Protector and My Love Potion Maker – This is my friend Skar Seelow from Germany. He is one in a billion and I am so blessed to have a brother like him.

(Girls, don’t go crazy… lol he is already taken by a Thai lovely woman)

While rolling in bed, I told myself that if he were only here, he would use his magic to help me out of trouble but I know even he is hundred miles away, he is still looking after me even I rarely hear from him. I then think of the house that I bought last summer. I call it as the “Forgotten Barbie House”. I will write a blog about it next time when I have nice photos of my nice house. Oh! I really call it nice, not to boast but as the owner, I will call it nice or very nice. Like a child, my imagination went somewhere. I looked up the sky and wishing someone is there to smile and talk to me. The people who are dearly close to my heart are far away, no one listens to my drama. I then remember the big tree behind the house that bears many fruits. It gives shades at the backyard. So I am making a story of it.

The house is me and the tree is my brotherhood. I feel secured because the tree will never leave and I know it won’t die unless a very strong storm knocks it down. I then feel the presence of one of the most important people in my life…. my friend , my brother , Skar Seelow. The tree of friendship gives Shainey’s house hope. It will always bear fruits to make the children happy and to make me happy as well. It looks after me when I am sleeping at night. When I am in trouble, there is no other place I will run to but home and The Tree of Friendship with Skar Seelow’s spirit will just tell me, ” Let’s go Koh Samui, Let’s go to Paris, Let’s go to Scottish Highlands, Let’s go to Mr. Bahrain”. And just by thinking where I got my sense of adventure, I wear a simple smile already just like that little child looking up the tree and thinking of ways on how to get its fruits.

The Tree of Friendship of Shainey and Skar – It looks after my house

The Santol Tree serves as our Tree of Friendship and will always bear these fruits for many more years

A Santol Fruit – A Fruit of Friendship

Today, I had 13 of that fruit. Still wanted more but my mother couldn’t stop nagging. When I was a child, my older sister and I would escape from home to look for that kind of tree. I was always desperate to climb on this kind of tree and since it was so hard to climb, my sister and I would pick some stones and even if we got the green ones, it felt like an achievement as a child that we got some fruits and would run as fast as we could if the owner caught us then hide in the bushes.

Unripe or Green Santol Fruit was all I could get when I was a child

Now, the children do the same to that tree. They use stone and hit some fruits but they are very lucky coz they don’t get the green ones. My father then harvested the fruits and got a big sack filled with the fruits last Friday to make them happy. And I know, if my brotherhood sees the little ones happy with our Tree of Friendship, he will be happier than me.

I am more excited than the children to have them

Just like the friendship of the house and the tree, Skar Seelow and I’s friendship is endless.

Thank you for dropping by.









Our listener, Our secret keeper, Our slideshow maker, Our web creator, Our photographer, Our yaya ug bugan, Our fan, Our flatterer, Our defender, Our counselor, Our travel agent, Our Shakespeare and most of all, Our friend and Our Big brother. 


   I love you brother! May you find the right woman for you.



Thank you for everything……