My Boys


My little head turners, u make me feel very pretty :). When I am with you, I could hear voices saying how handsome u are and then they look at me with a friendly smile. I always get special treatment anywhere because of u even if I dont look rich. At first, I was embarrassed but I am used to it now. 

I’d tell u a story about our unforgettable night at the airport when u are big enough to understand. I was alone with both of u and I had to carry u both with people asking how come I dont have a nanny. Deep inside I was asking myself “how could I make it?”But u made me smile coz despite of being in difficult situation, people were looking at us as if I was carrying two famous child stars and were admiring u both ” hehehe. Martin, everyone calls u mini James Reid.

 Since then, I realize that I will rise above the problems as long as u are with me.

I am sorry that instead of being in a playhouse with other children, u are with me in the shop, mama has to make money while looking after u to save for ur future. I want u both to be successful for ur children. I also want u to see this early that it is important to be down-to-earth people. At this early age, u make many girls crazy of u already but I don’t want u to be too proud of urself, value and stay loyal to ur woman. And when u reach the top, dont forget where u came from. Don’t forget our crazy memories together in this small shop.

Some of our special moments:

Mama is very happy, she finished two dresses on time coz u didnt give me a headache. thank u

Martin, u are always a photo bomber when I want to strike a pose

Kuya Martin, ur baby brother loves u a lot

U both make me very happy

Steven is always hungry

Pls stay sweet to each other

I love u my dear sons

Steven, ur very heavy but I still love to carry u hoping it will help get rid of my arm fats

Naked Night Dress Behind The Scenes

Hello world,

Shared the dress I made and called The Naked Night last night. Tonight, I’d like to share what’s “Behind the Scenes”

My boys are my little bestfriends.  I take them in the shop with me because I dont have a helper or a nanny. It is very tiring but life is very lonely without them and I have to make money for their future.

My little Martin loves to help me when I am making a dress and clap his hands and say “mama I’m a good boy”. Well, he thinks he is helpful when he ruins my things and make it 10 times more difficult for me to finish a dress.

And little Steven stays in the crib trying hard to find  something he can put in his mouth.

1 dress takes time to finish because I love playing with them. No dull moments when I’m with them.

My life with my little boys and dresses.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Protected: Tiny Wings From The Man

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The Office Girl


Man: I want to buy new shoes. Will u go with me.
Woman: Sorry, I cant walk around with u.
Man:(annoyed) you in ur pornstar shoes walk very slow!!!
Woman: This is not pornstar shoes oi.
Man: And how do u call that?
Woman: Office shoes!!! see? it’s for office girls 🙂
Man: Office shoes my ass!
Woman: (sulky) why? this is office shoes. just simple shoes
Man: There is no way I will allow my secretary to wear that kind of shoes!
Woman: Why?
Man: (raising the voice)) No fookin way!!! Out! Out! Out! of my office!
Woman: Why is that???
Man: What does she think of my office??? A bar???????
Woman: (pouting) this is not a bar shoes!!!! this is office shoes!

Thanks For Dropping by!

If u want to order this shoes, just like and send us a msg there! Thank u

How Did Santa Know?

Hello World,

Ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Did Santa visit your house last night? I’m sure he did ;).

I have a simple Christmas Story.

This is my daughter Sheila. She’l turn 14 soon. Whooaaah! Time goes by so fast! She was a little kid but now taller than me.


Although it is nice that she’s grown up because we can share a lot of things-accessories, clothes,shoes and etc., I also miss her when she was a little child. She only talked about me and always proud of me lol.

She is my bestfriend and we share secrets. I told you yesterday that it’s our first Christmas in this house right? I bought a house this year,big enough for me and sheila. It’s a very nice house but I dont have a budget to make it nicer yet. Yesterday, I asked Sheila if she would hang a sock. She was thinking where to hang it. I told her that in my parents’ house, it was easy for Santa to get into the house because there are holes anywhere lol, roof, walls, floor lol. But here, there are no holes. So I suggested to hang it outside or at the garden where there are Christmas lights so Santa will find her sock.


My cute nieces were here last night and very happy with their presents. I told them to hang socks so they’ll get presents from Santa but they said their mother told them that Santa is not real. 😦 They should believe that Santa is for real.


Sheila put her sock outside before she went to church last night. In the morning, I went to her room to have a cuddle and she wanted to watch movie with me from my phone. But suddenly, she jumped out of bed and ran outside. She slowly walked towards the sock she hanged. She touched it and when she felt theres something inside, she was jumping and running back inside the house. She was calling me and told me she got something.


She’s very happy that Santa dropped by.


She was curious what she got. It’s a lip gloss and a pink mickey mouse hand sanitizer.


She’s very happy to see them. I think she was expecting candies and chocolates but she got something different this year, something for big girls. Hmmm how did Santa know that big girls are living in the house? Oh Santa really have a list on what he has to give to someone and the people living in the house.


It was really cute to see her jumping because theres something in her sock. I told her why she only hanged 1 sock so I got nothing. If she hanged one for me, I would have got presents as well but she said we’ll share the lip gloss so I’m happy hehehehe. She has been a very nice girl so she Santa never forgets her.


She got a very nice smile with her presents. I know that her friends and classmates no longer believe in Santa but Santa is real for nice girls. He does exist for children like Sheila (although she’s no longer a child but a teenager).  I hope Santa will come back next Christmas 😉 and I will make sure I will hang stockings so I will get presents as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!thanks for reading.

The Tree of Friendship

Hello World,

I have been up since 3 am. My eyes are so tired but something is bothering me so even if I close my eyes, my mind is still open. I’ve been just rolling in bed, making myself busy while doing some things online.

In times like this, I actually just talk to one person… my German friend whom I call “brotherhood” and he calls me “sisterheart”. He is my partner in drama as he always listens to my drama like my real brother. He hammers my head as well when I am stubborn and childish sometimes. And most of all, he will make a love potion when my heart beats for someone and sometimes, it works lol.

My friend, My brother, My Invisible Protector and My Love Potion Maker – This is my friend Skar Seelow from Germany. He is one in a billion and I am so blessed to have a brother like him.

(Girls, don’t go crazy… lol he is already taken by a Thai lovely woman)

While rolling in bed, I told myself that if he were only here, he would use his magic to help me out of trouble but I know even he is hundred miles away, he is still looking after me even I rarely hear from him. I then think of the house that I bought last summer. I call it as the “Forgotten Barbie House”. I will write a blog about it next time when I have nice photos of my nice house. Oh! I really call it nice, not to boast but as the owner, I will call it nice or very nice. Like a child, my imagination went somewhere. I looked up the sky and wishing someone is there to smile and talk to me. The people who are dearly close to my heart are far away, no one listens to my drama. I then remember the big tree behind the house that bears many fruits. It gives shades at the backyard. So I am making a story of it.

The house is me and the tree is my brotherhood. I feel secured because the tree will never leave and I know it won’t die unless a very strong storm knocks it down. I then feel the presence of one of the most important people in my life…. my friend , my brother , Skar Seelow. The tree of friendship gives Shainey’s house hope. It will always bear fruits to make the children happy and to make me happy as well. It looks after me when I am sleeping at night. When I am in trouble, there is no other place I will run to but home and The Tree of Friendship with Skar Seelow’s spirit will just tell me, ” Let’s go Koh Samui, Let’s go to Paris, Let’s go to Scottish Highlands, Let’s go to Mr. Bahrain”. And just by thinking where I got my sense of adventure, I wear a simple smile already just like that little child looking up the tree and thinking of ways on how to get its fruits.

The Tree of Friendship of Shainey and Skar – It looks after my house

The Santol Tree serves as our Tree of Friendship and will always bear these fruits for many more years

A Santol Fruit – A Fruit of Friendship

Today, I had 13 of that fruit. Still wanted more but my mother couldn’t stop nagging. When I was a child, my older sister and I would escape from home to look for that kind of tree. I was always desperate to climb on this kind of tree and since it was so hard to climb, my sister and I would pick some stones and even if we got the green ones, it felt like an achievement as a child that we got some fruits and would run as fast as we could if the owner caught us then hide in the bushes.

Unripe or Green Santol Fruit was all I could get when I was a child

Now, the children do the same to that tree. They use stone and hit some fruits but they are very lucky coz they don’t get the green ones. My father then harvested the fruits and got a big sack filled with the fruits last Friday to make them happy. And I know, if my brotherhood sees the little ones happy with our Tree of Friendship, he will be happier than me.

I am more excited than the children to have them

Just like the friendship of the house and the tree, Skar Seelow and I’s friendship is endless.

Thank you for dropping by.

A Daughter and a Mother

Hello World,

How are u? I actually miss u here.

I missed to post stories but I dont know what’s happening to my wordpress, it doesn’t allow me to post photos from my comp0uter. I did my last post in internet cafe :(.


Well, I do love to post everyday but I still have to figure out whats wrong.

I was supposed to share few photos the night I treated my daughter and mother but I attempted to post the photos for a week but only two are successfully posted.

My mother and daughter felt very special on that night.  I bought them tickets for Manny Pacquiao fight.  It feels so good to see them excited and happy. We just roamed around in town, eating street foods and just feeling free from worries in life. They are the source of my energy and reason why I keep daydreaming.

I have a very nice daughter and mother but I am still trying to be a nice daughter and mother.


My lovely daughter and I

My daughter and mother


Thanks for dropping by 🙂




Protected: Love At First Sight – (Part I – Are You An F1 Pilot?)

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Easter Holiday Cute Memories

Easter Holiday Cute Memories – My First Tampon Experience

My internet has been acting up. I hope it is not broken as this wifi modem was already faced out 2 yrs ago so, no more replacement. This was faced out because it is a lot better than the usb type of internet connection which only 1 computer can use and the monthly fee is just the same. They make more from the usb type compared to this wifi gadget I have that I can take with me anywhere I go to stay connected and share the connection with others.

I spent my Easter holiday in bed :p. It is very hot these days and the heat of the sun is like biting my skin. I went to church of course and learned “ Love is blind” but “True love is never blind.” It is never blind because you see the weaknesses of the person yet, you still continue to love her/him unconditionally. Anyway, I’d like to share my last year’s Easter holiday with my very cute friends. I miss them a lot and it seems like it was just yesterday. Time is so quick.

It was for the first time that the girls didn’t bring their boyfriends and so, it was the only time I think that it was purely girls. I was happy because I have had no boyfriend so at least we were all even on that time :D. I wanted to try a contact lense and I was amazed on how my very cute friends showed their support. They helped me chose what’s best for me and how to do it properly.


excited to try my a contact lense and Ila was very supportive...such an amazing woman


Ila was demonstrating how to do it right

Then, we found one Easter huge egg. Lucky Easter egg; surrounded by girls.


1 Huge Easter Egg for the ladies 😉

Too conscious with our invisible fats, the plan was to hit the gym first but it was my sister who was too “naning” (hardworking or it means trying hard). The others were too busy changing with their bikinis and taking photos as usual.


My sister was trying hard to burn her invisible fats


Oh yeah! My sister is that strong! lol

Jedda (left) and Ila (right) were very ready already with their swimming attire

I really didn’t want to go swimming because I had my —-(girl thing) but their always ready, Ila brought a tampon so no one was excused. I had no idea how it looks like but they said, it is just a small thing and a thread so I was confident then. When it was given to me, I complained why it was big but they said that’s the size of a tampon and it  wasn’t big :(, they added. Sweating a lot in the bathroom, I tried hard with my sister nagging at me that I took too long and missed the fun already. I had no choice because I had my “girl thing” and didn’t bring “something” as I thought that tampon thing was just ok. I asked my sister to buy me “something” but there was no store in that area and the hotel didn’t have it  so no choice. Very noisy in the bathroom while trying it hard and my sister even helped me but only ¼ was done because it was very painful or I just didn’t  know how to relax. The remaining ¾ was just hanging 😀 and I walked with it so if I removed my cover up, it looked very funny. I looked like a ladyboy wearing a two piece with a small thing down there :p.


the tampon was such an "Ouuuuch"!

My friends were just laughing especially when I tried to sit as it was painful, u can imagine.  My other friend had her “girl thing” as well but hers was worse :d and was funnier. She was too innocent that she just put the whole thing instead of throwing that part that pushes it up. Ila went to the bathroom to rescue her.

Ila , a nurse, rescued Karen, who is a nurse as well in the bathroom for the silly thing she did 😀

I couldn’t move properly but still had fun.


in pain here :p


having fun in the water


Having fun with friends 🙂

The cutest part was when Ila asked Karen to take a good sexy photo of her but every time she checked the photos, she wanted a better one and Karen had no complaint while Jedda was taking stolen shots of the two.


Karen was trying hard to take the photo that she wanted


Karen looked tired already but still Ila couldn't stop taking a pose


Ila was checking if her photos were good enough already and Karen was such a cutie


Karen, the baby nurse......always cute in every ways


Me and Ila with our hazel brown contact lense


Checking the photos


After sauna

After swimming, we went to a BBQ place where we met Jay Thornhill, a mixed Aussie and American friend who was working in HK. So after 1 Easter egg, we had 1 good-looking man.


The ladies with 1 gentleman


killing my favorite seafood, shrimp!


then got 1 big hotdog 😀 for the ladies

After the 1 huge Easter egg, 1 gentleman and 1 huge hotdog for our Easter holiday, we had “girls talk” overnight. We slept very late talking about some naughty stuffs 😀


Hangover after girls talk 😉

I had fun and I miss them a lot.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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