Welcome to Shainey’s Petite World

Hello everyone!  First of all, thank you for visiting my page.


I love writing and posting blogs as a hobby before I started online selling. It was my dream to write novels and short stories and make money from it. I was bored of waiting that my skills would improve in writing  so I explored more online, trying hard to start an internet novel but I ended as an online seller. Online selling fills up my idle time making extra income and I love doing it more than teaching. Since then, I forgot about posting blogs which I regret because I missed to write some exciting, funny and boring stories :p. I just heard about wordpress and I find it better than the other one so I decided to leave my blogsite, leaving all the boring blogs and articles there and just combine the selling and the writing here.I still have fun reading what I have posted and recall everything in the past so I want to write again to have something to read in the future and to have something to share whoever reading this one.  Don’t expect too much, I’m not a good writer, just an ordinary woman who loves to express her emotions, thoughts, ideas and share her funny-lonely-silly adventures  through writing.

Enjoy Reading or Shopping!!!!



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