My Boys


My little head turners, u make me feel very pretty :). When I am with you, I could hear voices saying how handsome u are and then they look at me with a friendly smile. I always get special treatment anywhere because of u even if I dont look rich. At first, I was embarrassed but I am used to it now. 

I’d tell u a story about our unforgettable night at the airport when u are big enough to understand. I was alone with both of u and I had to carry u both with people asking how come I dont have a nanny. Deep inside I was asking myself “how could I make it?”But u made me smile coz despite of being in difficult situation, people were looking at us as if I was carrying two famous child stars and were admiring u both ” hehehe. Martin, everyone calls u mini James Reid.

 Since then, I realize that I will rise above the problems as long as u are with me.

I am sorry that instead of being in a playhouse with other children, u are with me in the shop, mama has to make money while looking after u to save for ur future. I want u both to be successful for ur children. I also want u to see this early that it is important to be down-to-earth people. At this early age, u make many girls crazy of u already but I don’t want u to be too proud of urself, value and stay loyal to ur woman. And when u reach the top, dont forget where u came from. Don’t forget our crazy memories together in this small shop.

Some of our special moments:

Mama is very happy, she finished two dresses on time coz u didnt give me a headache. thank u

Martin, u are always a photo bomber when I want to strike a pose

Kuya Martin, ur baby brother loves u a lot

U both make me very happy

Steven is always hungry

Pls stay sweet to each other

I love u my dear sons

Steven, ur very heavy but I still love to carry u hoping it will help get rid of my arm fats

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