Naked Night Dress Behind The Scenes

Hello world,

Shared the dress I made and called The Naked Night last night. Tonight, I’d like to share what’s “Behind the Scenes”

My boys are my little bestfriends.  I take them in the shop with me because I dont have a helper or a nanny. It is very tiring but life is very lonely without them and I have to make money for their future.

My little Martin loves to help me when I am making a dress and clap his hands and say “mama I’m a good boy”. Well, he thinks he is helpful when he ruins my things and make it 10 times more difficult for me to finish a dress.

And little Steven stays in the crib trying hard to find  something he can put in his mouth.

1 dress takes time to finish because I love playing with them. No dull moments when I’m with them.

My life with my little boys and dresses.

Thanks for dropping by.

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