Naked Night Dress Color Update

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Here’s a color update for Naked Night Dress by Sheryl Braithwaite

Actual size of model is 32, 26,35 

Dress size worn by model is good for Large.

Stretch material

U can also request for ur size (small, medium, large, XL, XXL) 


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Sheryl Braithwaite Ready To Wear

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Remember my naked night story?

If not, pls click here

Check out this dress by Sheryl Braithwaite.

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Awarding Night

Her 50th Birthday

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My Boys


My little head turners, u make me feel very pretty :). When I am with you, I could hear voices saying how handsome u are and then they look at me with a friendly smile. I always get special treatment anywhere because of u even if I dont look rich. At first, I was embarrassed but I am used to it now. 

I’d tell u a story about our unforgettable night at the airport when u are big enough to understand. I was alone with both of u and I had to carry u both with people asking how come I dont have a nanny. Deep inside I was asking myself “how could I make it?”But u made me smile coz despite of being in difficult situation, people were looking at us as if I was carrying two famous child stars and were admiring u both ” hehehe. Martin, everyone calls u mini James Reid.

 Since then, I realize that I will rise above the problems as long as u are with me.

I am sorry that instead of being in a playhouse with other children, u are with me in the shop, mama has to make money while looking after u to save for ur future. I want u both to be successful for ur children. I also want u to see this early that it is important to be down-to-earth people. At this early age, u make many girls crazy of u already but I don’t want u to be too proud of urself, value and stay loyal to ur woman. And when u reach the top, dont forget where u came from. Don’t forget our crazy memories together in this small shop.

Some of our special moments:

Mama is very happy, she finished two dresses on time coz u didnt give me a headache. thank u

Martin, u are always a photo bomber when I want to strike a pose

Kuya Martin, ur baby brother loves u a lot

U both make me very happy

Steven is always hungry

Pls stay sweet to each other

I love u my dear sons

Steven, ur very heavy but I still love to carry u hoping it will help get rid of my arm fats

Naked Night Dress Behind The Scenes

Hello world,

Shared the dress I made and called The Naked Night last night. Tonight, I’d like to share what’s “Behind the Scenes”

My boys are my little bestfriends.  I take them in the shop with me because I dont have a helper or a nanny. It is very tiring but life is very lonely without them and I have to make money for their future.

My little Martin loves to help me when I am making a dress and clap his hands and say “mama I’m a good boy”. Well, he thinks he is helpful when he ruins my things and make it 10 times more difficult for me to finish a dress.

And little Steven stays in the crib trying hard to find  something he can put in his mouth.

1 dress takes time to finish because I love playing with them. No dull moments when I’m with them.

My life with my little boys and dresses.

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The Naked Night

‚Äč”She’s been through more Hell than  you’ll ever know. But, that’s what gives her beauty an edge…..

You can’t touch a woman who wear pain like the grandest of diamonds around her neck….”

Inspired by this quote, I made this Naked Night dress for all strong women out there.

 It is all about a woman who one night stopped thinking about her pains and struggles, took off her clothes and faced the mirror, saw her ugly fats and signs of aging but wore the sweetest and flirtiest smile and said “wow! I am beautiful and sexy! She put on her best dress, powder, little lipstick and dusted her shoulders off and….. dated herself!

The dress is designed with understanding women’s flaws and imperfections. The flattering and form-fitting silhouettes show off your sexy curves and charm. The off shoulder design gives you confidence to feel sexier by showing some skin while covering the ugly fatty arms.

Off shoulder bodycon in nude color by Sheryl Braithwaite RTW

The imperfect (asymmetric) ruffle details reminds you that no one is perfectbut u can  overcome your imperfections just like this dress, it helps the wearer overcome from feeling inferior because of her ugly tummy fats and not having the curves.

Not a perfect photo

The below the knee length and slit adds elegance and a demure effect. It shows mat

In her Sheryl Braithwaite Black Zipped Neckline Dress

then youre ready to order your favorite drink and be naked from all the trials you’re going through…… treat yourself! you deserve it. It is just once in a blue moon so smile and enjoy every second of your Naked Night and love yourself more and dont forget to order the dress. 

This color is still available

The dress is available in blue, deep maroon, light yellow, black and nude color.Sizes: Small and Medium (high performance stretch material)

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