Black Twisted Front Top

Hello ladies,

How are u tonight?
I got a lot of pending posts about some beautiful items I got in the shop but most of them are already sold before I had the chance to share them here. But don’t want u to miss this sexy top.

This morning, one of my regular customers dropped by to check some black outfits as she’s changing her wardrobe. As I was helping her, I saw myself in the mirror and realized I looked like I have forgotten myself for long time. I then took this twisted front top designed for all kinds of body shape and checked the racks what I got to match with it.

If u have visited my shop, u must have seen my big bump with my hehehe swollen nose. I’m more than 7 months pregnant so I thought of showing this design to some who are very conscious of their extra fats talking like, only thin women has the right to be fashionable or the only one who can look sexy. Wrong! Let this top help u!

I’m into bodycon dresses but I find it unfair to those who want to hide their extra fats so I decided to try this. Ok! Il admit it, i also want this for myself as I hate to wear normal preggy dresses.

Fabric is very important coz it’s when we feel very comfortable with what we are wearing so I’m very happy with this fabric coz it’s stretchable and soft on the skin and I know u will agree with me.



image image image

The draped front helps u hide the fats in ur belly. The plunging neckline is designed to show ur sexy cleavage and if ur not comfortable with it, just wear oversized accessories to cover ur chest or a small pin to close it. The long sleeves help u hide the fats in ur arms for big sizes but at the same time, it shapes the sexy arms of thin women. The tail at the back adds fashionable and unique look on the wearer. It also helps to cover ur back if u decide to wear it with mini shorts or skirts without feeling conscious and feeling easy and comfortable moving around.

In this photo, I wear it with a black and white fitted pants that I’m also selling. I wanted to wear it with a white mini shorts but I don’t have one. U will look hot in an oversized loop earrings but I wear a stud earrings instead with my terranova chain belt that I wear as a layered necklace (also available in the shop). I found this sexy black high heels in the shoe rack (also available in the shop) detailed with tiny rhinestones and !!!!!!!! Ootd is solved.

I find this top good investment in the closet coz u can wear it with different accessories to change ur look.

This comes with a dress bag when u order from us.
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