Lost Luggage

Hello world,

I was on holiday with my 2 children and stayed in a hotel for a week. When we checked out, I decided to check some fabric shops in the city so I asked my husband to pick up our luggage and bag at the hotel. He did and just took taxi back home. When he arrived, he asked the driver to open the trunk to get the big pink luggage and another bag, he got off and was surprised to see the driver who just drove off. He shouted at him but taxi was gone. He then called the call center for taxi straight away to report the incident and we made a follow up the next day. Husband forgot his face and didn’t have his plate number but we were confident that they’d be returned the next day so we made a follow up.


We were told that they have informed all the taxi drivers to check their car if there’s a pink luggage and a blue bag so we just waited that bags would be returned. Then they said they have located the driver but is not answering his fon. After two days, we heard the same thing and we began to worry and plus my daughter was leaving back to the Philippines, some of her things were there. We then just decided to go to a police station. We didn’t do it right away to avoid putting the driver in trouble but had to do it. It has an expensive camera and a tablet and I thought of the photos that might be posted somewhere.

My husband was interviewed and they recorded it on video. They told him, they will find him despite of not having his name, contact number and plate number coz cameras are anywhere and assured him that the missing items would b returned soon. The next day, we made a follow up and police said, the driver should have reported the items when he found them within 24 hrs. So only 2 things would happen they said, bags would be returned and go to jail or he would pay the total cost of the missing items and still go to jail coz it’s stealing. They said, what if it was tourist who’s trying to catch a flight and lost a luggage, so once a driver finds something in his car, it should be turned over right away or it is considered stealing.

I’m not accusing the driver as a thief, also didn’t want him to be in jail but it is out of our control. We didn’t even meet him, the policemen just took care of him. Wish it was like this in my country. People are afraid to break the law. If mayor Duterte becomes the President, maybe there is chance. I just say maybe coz he is just human, ordinary man, not some kind of super hero that can change the country instantly but maybe less thieves and criminals.

Just sharing…thanks for dropping by



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