Swimsuit Experiment

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Just wanna share this project I had for our Pattern 3 subject.

I just used the scrap fabric  from my RTW collection coz of limited budget but it was fine.

It turned out fine for XS-S sizes.




It is not for sale though but u can check this link for some H&M available swimwear.


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Summer Boredom

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It is still very hot here and I dont like to go out so I just made some dresses.

Just wanna share them and hope u will like them.

Enjoy  browsing…

Side Cut-Out Bodycon 

11219383_759124064197143_5040936131002895285_n IMG_0546


Peekaboo Mini Dress


Floral Off Shoulder Dress

IMG_0585 IMG_0580

One Shoulder Cream Dress with Minimal Embellishments



Pls check my previous post for some available authentic H&M swimwear, accessories and clothes.

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Lost Luggage

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I was on holiday with my 2 children and stayed in a hotel for a week. When we checked out, I decided to check some fabric shops in the city so I asked my husband to pick up our luggage and bag at the hotel. He did and just took taxi back home. When he arrived, he asked the driver to open the trunk to get the big pink luggage and another bag, he got off and was surprised to see the driver who just drove off. He shouted at him but taxi was gone. He then called the call center for taxi straight away to report the incident and we made a follow up the next day. Husband forgot his face and didn’t have his plate number but we were confident that they’d be returned the next day so we made a follow up.


We were told that they have informed all the taxi drivers to check their car if there’s a pink luggage and a blue bag so we just waited that bags would be returned. Then they said they have located the driver but is not answering his fon. After two days, we heard the same thing and we began to worry and plus my daughter was leaving back to the Philippines, some of her things were there. We then just decided to go to a police station. We didn’t do it right away to avoid putting the driver in trouble but had to do it. It has an expensive camera and a tablet and I thought of the photos that might be posted somewhere.

My husband was interviewed and they recorded it on video. They told him, they will find him despite of not having his name, contact number and plate number coz cameras are anywhere and assured him that the missing items would b returned soon. The next day, we made a follow up and police said, the driver should have reported the items when he found them within 24 hrs. So only 2 things would happen they said, bags would be returned and go to jail or he would pay the total cost of the missing items and still go to jail coz it’s stealing. They said, what if it was tourist who’s trying to catch a flight and lost a luggage, so once a driver finds something in his car, it should be turned over right away or it is considered stealing.

I’m not accusing the driver as a thief, also didn’t want him to be in jail but it is out of our control. We didn’t even meet him, the policemen just took care of him. Wish it was like this in my country. People are afraid to break the law. If mayor Duterte becomes the President, maybe there is chance. I just say maybe coz he is just human, ordinary man, not some kind of super hero that can change the country instantly but maybe less thieves and criminals.

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H&M Shopping

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How are u ladies?  Hope ur having good day while checking my blog, but if not, hope my post will make u feel better :p coz I went shopping for u ;).

(shopping bags for u)

11910853_10154095754094056_370140555_n (1)

There are still more there but I just don’t go shopping just because they’re on sale. I just chose items that will be a good investment in the closet, streetwear that can be used in other purpose as well, some high quality accessories in very affordable prices and some nice swimwear that I personally like to wear. For clothes, if it is still expensive, I checked how it is sewn, if I find it complicated , it is worth the price hehe but still price is great ;). I regret that I didnt do it last Ramadan but Il save some money again for next time.

Here are  are some items i took the other night. I have few pieces in one design, others, i unfortunately just took one each coz 😦 leather leggings and skirts are heavy, couldnt carry more. My kargador wasnt with me.

I dont talk as if an expert in styling here, just sharing what i got and how I use or wear them that u might like also. If u like some, let me know. By the way, I am 5 months pregnant, my nose is getting more fatty (husband told me hehehe) pls ignore it. Took photos at 1am, no time for make up (defensive????)  Enjoy browsing.


Let’s start with the swimwear: all items look great in actual than photos coz I’m using iPad and we have yellow light here.

Excellent quality and style. There were more nice designs actually on 50% off but if u convert it to peso, still 800 above. Il wait for them to go 80-90% off heheheh. The most expensive pair here if u check the tag is black top with stones paired with sequined bikini. The tag says 2500 pesos but quality explains it.

Qimage image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Accessories: all look very nice in actual than photos. U will love the quality!

Il start with this Spiky necklace as this is my favorite, when I checked the tag I said “wow!” I realized why I find it nice hehehe coz it was 1000 pesos but can be bought less than 500 pesos…whoooah. I just like this and find this a good investment in ur box as it can be worn at the beach or with w plain tshirt, dress, plain crop top and shorts, jeans and tshirts and it is an outfit of the day already. Great quality!

image image

Next is this oversized rhinestone ring.  The quality make it noticeable and I prefer to wear it with plain outfit to Get compliments on the ring.


And these 2 other oversized rings too.


I got this also. Price tag says  thousand peso I think but now less than 500. Get urself  one!



A spider dangling with a spider slave bracelet might be cool in plain outfits.


I saw an expensive but just look plain dress. I like the quality and fitting but too plain so took these and accessorized myself and the dress looked gorgeous! Get urself one too for ur plain dresses.

imageimage image

image image

I found this lovely and elegant choker in Iconic boutique and fell inlove with it. There were other lovely designs but I find this one more practical to buy. I’m saving it for a nice white plain top. U will surely love it too! Get one now!


Went to H&M to check something useful and found this 100% cotton long sleeves. It comes in small, medium and large sizes.  im wearing a large size and it is fine if ur medium. Paired it with this cream shorts that I recommend u to buy coz it is very nice in actual, can be paired with different top. This gray shirt is also the reason why I love and recommend u the spiky necklace. Then, u don’t have to worry about bumpin on someone wearing the same outfit :p


Happy with this plain blue dress, I’m wearing extra small but small size is available that might be excellent if ur medium size. Don’t forget to include some accessories if u buy this dress 😉


Celebrated when I saw this top as it was 1000 pesos but can be bought less than 500 only. Very nice and cool to wear unlike other cheaper chiffon tops. It’s big for my size but I just tie the strap to get the style I want. Other sizes are also available. The shorts is available also. U can use it with those swimwear above if u like and it is only less than 500 pesos ;). Checking the quality, u will be happy with the price.


Another good item item is this leather leggings, other sizes are also available. There are other designs but will post it later, limited stocks only as it is down to less than 500 so they’re sold fast. Material is thick but comfy to wear. Don’t hesitate to get urself one, ull be happy with the price and quality. The top and accessories are also available.


So happy and feeling lucky with this dress, when I touched it  didn’t hesitate to buy. The material is very nice and when u wear it, u will really feel why the original price is expensive. Zipper closure at the back. This is good for small and medium sizes.

image image

I also like this dress, the main fabric and lining material are both excellent. This size I got is good for medium to large.

image image

Oh wo ho ho ho…. Just made a post bout this shorts. I just love them that I refused to wash them in washing machine even if it is set to handwash.  Checked the tag, it was originally 2000 pesos, no wonder only few left. 2 sizes avaialble


I saw this skirt few weeks ago in new arrival rack, didn’t want to touch it coz of the price but I understand why it is expensive, when I saw it on sale, I pushed myself in crowded section of the shop to get them heheh. it is available in 2 sizes.


Im only showing the skirt. My top is actually a peplum H&M dress that I just used to match with the H&M skirt.


I took this this one for medium to large sizes. I bought a jumpshort in an expensive shop for 800 pesos but wasn’t happy with the quality. This one is a lot better and just less than 500. Material is perfect for hot weather.

image image image

if ur taller and in medium or large size, ull be happy with this dress. With my short legs, I really had  to forward my other leg to show the slit. Very comfy to wear coz of its excellent material. Recommended!

image image

Oh this skirt! Again if ur taller than me and a little bigger, don’t let this skirt go… For sure it I’s very expensive, like more than 2000. The texture of the material and the clean cut will wow u. I think it is a thick neoprene or similar, just don’t know what fabric is this but makes u look elegant and the buckle of the side adds compliment. Recommended especially for working women.


The polka dot, might appear as an ordinary polka dot dress but the quality makes it special in a very special price.


i had to fight for this jumpsuit. Ul understand why when u wear it. It is very elegant. If ur medium to large size and taller than me, ul look very elegant. The cowl neckline makes u look very gorgeous. The cool and thick material makes it very comfortable to wear. The v cut back adds sexiness. I can promise that this jumpsuit will turn u into a very elegant woman.image

Another item that u will love is this gray blazer. I am small but i wear large to make it like a cape. I just bought them few days ago and so happy to have it coz i can wear it with different outfits. Another item that is a great investment in your closet.

IMG_0629 IMG_0695 11913878_1142444802435783_4262269134782041154_n


I also got this skater skirt last week that u might like. U can also pair it with a plain white or black top and sexy wedge. Other sizes available.

IMG_0765 IMG_0772 IMG_0775 IMG_0787

Another skater dress available by H&M

Told my daughter she can also wear a different skirt with it or use the skirt and wear different top. Try it! or get urself a daughter one!


for medium to large sizes, try this oversized top is nice , i didnt really want to match it with this skirt but just got lazy and tired changing the bottom coz im also showing the skirt. This skirt is nice especially for office ladies. thick material with simple yet elegant  effect. will look great in ur working high heels.


And this leather skirt.. couldnt take photo wearing it coz my daughter’s flight in few hours. Just got them the other night. Im glad to see this coz i was supposed to make myself one but will surely cost me more. Regular price is a thousand peso and u can just get it less than 500 peso. Different sizes available. I took size 8 for me.


There you go….! Thanks for dropping by… Hope u enjoyed browsing.

Sexy Halter Draped Mini Dress with Black Blazer

Flaunt your sexiness in this Sexy Halter Draped Mini Dress.

Its sexy backless and front wows and flatters.

Designed with no embellishments so you can wear any jewelry or fashion accessories you want.

It looks more elegant with gold belt.

It comes with a black blazer with puffed sleeves and swarovski buttons to make the wearer more unique and eye-catching.

Check out more photos of this design with the model wearing it during our grad fashion show.

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One Shoulder Sunburst Sleeves Bodycon

This One Shoulder Sunburst Sleeves Bodycon is embellished with high quality crystal and gold swarovski stones.

It is made of high performance stretch fabric and brings you a sexy contour as well as individual charm.

The one shoulder design looks flirty and the wearer will feel sexy and fabulous.

It comes with a lining to add comfort when wearing the dress.

I designed this for all modern women who loves bodycon dresses.

Check out the photos of this dress worn by a model during our grad fashion show.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.





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