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Happy Teachers’ Day

Hello World,

I forgot it is teachers’ day today til I read some posts in my facebook. But since I am no longer a teacher, I just carried on with my facebook page trying to sell some dresses. I have got no message from my daughter Sheila about the payment sent yesterday by the other customer so I just tried to follow up her and kept asking her if the payment was already picked up. I am flying next week to buy stocks because I am gonna do the business here in UAE as well so was trying to make sure my capital will be enough when I fly.

Toledo is experiencing power problem so it is hard to get in touch with my daughter as my customer representative but she went online and replied with a greetings intead which really touched me. Before, when I was still teaching, early in the morning on teachers’ day, I got a lot of flowers and cards from students and greetings anywhere as I walked in the school campus. But no one remembered to greet me this time except my daughter who said I am still a teacher for her.


I just made a joke though that she is lucky I resigned or she would be in my class next year and would make her restless. She said, the teachers are having a party and maybe she can see me in some photos with me being very silly… hmm I wasnt really that typical teacher before,I just always think of crazy things to do and start something crazy in the faculty room then it will be filled of good laughs. My daughter told me before that she was assigned to clean the principal’s office, she could see my photo and it was marked “on leave”.. ouch yes, I was on vacation leave 3 months, went backpacking, then extended another 3 months, then decided to leave.

Few minutes after my daughter sent her greetings, my best buddy Faith sent a msg telling me they’re missing me and theyre having a party in school with me in some of the photos ..ouch

I’d like to share then the Teachers’ Day last year with no idea that it would be my last day at work.

Early in the morning, I texted others and we call ourselves FEELERS. I told them it’s teacher’s day, let’s break the rules, no wearing of uniform. I am banned from wearing short dresses so I wanted to show that I can also wear long dresses. 😀

Unfortunately, I dont have long dresses so I wore my aunts dress who is 65 yrs old and a retired teacher. A pink dress and a pink wedge sandals which made me look like a child.


Didnt work all day, just messing around and kept yelling the students “”””” be quiet”””” teacher is sleeping while students kept teasing me with my child outfit. But in fairness, I slept on lunch time 🙂 (defensive)


My partner in crime Faith  and I in our mini faculty room

It was my last day before I took the vacation leave and with a promise that I would come back in 3 months. There was no principal, we didnt have a party. Finally, I was able to convince them to eat in town to celebrate and treat ourselves. We had not done it, we had not gone out to party, always in school and work work work (not for me though but for them coz I always flew away). Money was always tight  so eating outside is very special for us on that time.


Our first “out of school” dinner and party lol


Obviously, we were all hungry and the first time we felt so out of the stress at work 

and treated ourselves. This was very special to us. We felt different, we have forgotten the loads 

of work waiting on our tables.


The youngest of the Feelers was on diet but couldnt say no to the foods


Mam Stella showing me the bill to make sure she’s not being corrupt :p


The treasurer was counting our money now… everyone was happy with the meal.


Time to go home


The night ended with a promise I would come back in 3 months but I didnt. Friends were asking me to come back but I made a choice and followed my heart. They said, they dont laugh as much as they used to when I was still there ( so i was a clown then?) but still trying to give them updates of my craziness and bloopers to make them laugh sometimes anyway. I have left teaching, good friends and family to join my man and continued my passion in selling dresses.  Watching these photos reminds me how simple with a crazy twist my teaching life was. I am living in a world opposite from my world before. Before, I always marked the calendar when and where can I wear nice and sexy dresses again. But now, lol I always run out coz it is a different lifestyle. I am missing them, I am missing them waiting for me back from my trip abroad to hear my stories but photos and videos with them, trying to make them laugh comfort me coz I have at least made some people laughed in the past and made teachers wore boots and backless dresses and tops :D. They were the people who were always questioned by the principal when I was absent and would lie just to make me enjoy my vacation every time I flew away.  What a bad influence I was coz now they are very behaved!!!!

Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers in the world.

Thanks for dropping by 🙂