ShaineysFashion Customer Service Problem

My Dear Lovely Customers,

Thank you for being loyal to ShaineysFashion. We do our best to provide u the best customer service for almost 4 yrs now. 99% of our customers are happy with the products they received and the very good customer service we provide. We continue to search more fashionable products and improve our customer service.

I am now living abroad and all my stocks are in my hometown, Toledo City Cebu. All items are shipped from there except the Pre Order items. Our online customer service was almost 24/7 but unfortunately, Toledo City and neighboring towns are experiencing a power supply problem. There was a total blackout few days ago and until now the power supply is very unstable. Because of this, I would like to request my customers to submit their final orders and if possible, avoid cancellation to avoid confusion in our part. I would like to apologize also if there is a delay of the processing time. If u need the item right away pls send the payment earlier to receive your order on time. Please also recheck the control numbers of your payments to avoid more delays.

To some international customers, shipping rates depends on your orders. We still have to take it to LBC to get the exact shipping rate. Unfortunately, if no power, they can’t check also. We are not sure yet when it becomes stable again but we will do our best to ship out your orders as soon as payment is received. So far, delays are not that long, only 1-2 days. But normally, we don’t have delays in shipping out your orders if the power is stable.

We are looking forward for your patience and understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.


Toledo City

Thank you for dropping by, enjoy shopping!


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