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ShaineysFashion Customer Service Problem

My Dear Lovely Customers,

Thank you for being loyal to ShaineysFashion. We do our best to provide u the best customer service for almost 4 yrs now. 99% of our customers are happy with the products they received and the very good customer service we provide. We continue to search more fashionable products and improve our customer service.

I am now living abroad and all my stocks are in my hometown, Toledo City Cebu. All items are shipped from there except the Pre Order items. Our online customer service was almost 24/7 but unfortunately, Toledo City and neighboring towns are experiencing a power supply problem. There was a total blackout few days ago and until now the power supply is very unstable. Because of this, I would like to request my customers to submit their final orders and if possible, avoid cancellation to avoid confusion in our part. I would like to apologize also if there is a delay of the processing time. If u need the item right away pls send the payment earlier to receive your order on time. Please also recheck the control numbers of your payments to avoid more delays.

To some international customers, shipping rates depends on your orders. We still have to take it to LBC to get the exact shipping rate. Unfortunately, if no power, they can’t check also. We are not sure yet when it becomes stable again but we will do our best to ship out your orders as soon as payment is received. So far, delays are not that long, only 1-2 days. But normally, we don’t have delays in shipping out your orders if the power is stable.

We are looking forward for your patience and understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.


Toledo City

Thank you for dropping by, enjoy shopping!

ShaineysFashion Referral System

ShaineysFashion Referral System

Earn money is so easy with ShaineysFashion Referral System. Earn up to 10% commission by just simply advertising us.

ShaineysFashion is an online fashion retailer for almost 4 yrs. now. Our customers are not only from the Philippines but from some other countries as well. We continue to research nice and affordable fashionable products for our lovely customers based on what they want. We are moving forward in our fashion business and would like to share it with some individuals who are interested to make money online. If you are are looking for an additional income, this might be a good opportunity for you. Join ShaineysFashion referral System and let’s grow together.

To join, here’s how:

1. Be a verified customer. To be a verified customer, you must have purchased a minimum order of Php 1000 (excluding shipping fee) at ShaineysFashion from August 2013. Before you advertise or refer us to someone, you must have an idea about our products we are selling and you must have the confidence that ShaineysFashion is not a scam online shop. When you join our referral system, you are part of our business already.

2. You earn money in our referral system by getting commissions only not by reselling. Meaning, your buyers will still get the same price. If you want to make the price higher, pls choose reselling not the referral system.

3. Advertise us anywhere and if you have a buyer, simply msg us for payment infos and we will ship it to your buyer. Deal with serious buyers only. Avoid wasting time with bogus buyers and joy reservers. If buyer is not that interested, just move on to the next.

4. At the right side of this blog, you can see the Parent Category “ShaineysFashion Online Boutique” and under it are subcategories of the products we are selling. Just check it regularly¬†to see what items are still available. We will do our best to update the Gallery regularly for your guide.

You can also check our facebook page and browse the albums of On Hand products. Once item is sold out , we moved it to sold out album. Just check the available albums.

We will message you also for available items.

5. Special offers and Promos are not included. Commissions are only for regular prices.

How do I get commissions?

Deal with serious buyers. If she’s buying a dress, try to offer a dress watch or an accessory that will match. The more she buys, the more you get commissions. If she’s ready to pay, just message us to prepare her order and for payment infos. Once you apply in our referral system, we will create a file for your sales. We will record your customers and how much you’re making and send you copy for updates.

How can I increase my commissions?

Always remember that you make more from repeat customers than new customers. Satisfied customers always come back. Each time that customers come back, you earn again. So target getting a “suki” because that’s how you increase your commissions. Dont forget to like our facebook page to get u updated of new stocks coming. Encourage your existing customers as well to like our page for them to get updated of our new arrivals.

How can I receive my commissions?

When you reach 1000 pesos, we will send it to via Paypal, Bank Transfers or any pera padala available in your place. You can also use it to purchase a product that you like to buy from us. If u want to withdraw your money later, it is ok. Your money stays in your account until you want to use it.

Why should I join ShaineysFashion Referral System?

We are moving forward. As we grow, you also grow. It is real money making online. If others can sell, why cant you? It might be hard at first but later on, you will find it easy especially when you have “suki” already. We pay you for your effort to help us grow in our referral system. This is an opportunity for u to make an additional income than just playing internet games. We continue to search good suppliers and good products for customer satisfaction.

If you have questions, feel free to message us.

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