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The Office Girl


Man: I want to buy new shoes. Will u go with me.
Woman: Sorry, I cant walk around with u.
Man:(annoyed) you in ur pornstar shoes walk very slow!!!
Woman: This is not pornstar shoes oi.
Man: And how do u call that?
Woman: Office shoes!!! see? it’s for office girls 🙂
Man: Office shoes my ass!
Woman: (sulky) why? this is office shoes. just simple shoes
Man: There is no way I will allow my secretary to wear that kind of shoes!
Woman: Why?
Man: (raising the voice)) No fookin way!!! Out! Out! Out! of my office!
Woman: Why is that???
Man: What does she think of my office??? A bar???????
Woman: (pouting) this is not a bar shoes!!!! this is office shoes!

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All ladies’ dress watches came from Abu Dhabi UAE and theyre only 750 pesos.

Very nice and elegant dress watches

2-3 yrs battery life

Japan machine

1 yr warranty (but unfortunately,  I cant offer the warranty coz it is only applicable here in UAE

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