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A Lovely Lady Behind My Travels

Hello world,

The lazy blogger is back!

It is my 31st birthday and I am far from everyone. I am all alone but I dont feel lonely because I just think of people who have helped me to be where I am now.

Anyway, I  like sharing some travel stories again. It took time to forget that memory card I lost. 80% of the nice memories of my real backpacking experience is there. It would be so nice if I could share u the photos esp the “getting lost” part. The purpose of sharing some travel stories is to help some people who want to travel as well but scared to be on their own. But before I start sharing some stories again, Id like to write about my friend who was behind of those adventures I had. Her name is Juvyline Dizon.Image

I just happened to add her randomly in facebook hmmmm 3 yrs ago. Well, I just thought of writing about her because my travels were not possible without her. She was a customer and we agreed to meet in the city for her orders. A less than 20-min-talk with her, it seemed like we had known each other for long time. After that, I just spoke to her few times in fb. One time, she suddenly messaged me and said she was booking us a ticket to Thailand. It was both our first time and we were very excited. She booked all the tickets 3 months before the flight. My budget was limited and thinking I had someone to share in everything, I was fine with my budget. When the time to travel came, she said she would do her best to meet me at the airport. It was “WHAT????” I was very disappointed. The whole trip was planned to be with someone plus didnt want to be on my own. I didnt know anyone in thailand, i didnt know where to go and my budget was not that much to pay accommodation and taxi on my own. Plus, my flight to Bangkok was from Clark not Manila and I had not been to Clark before that. But I had a little hope that she would show up at the airport. She said she would do her best to make it to Clark. She was bla bla bla bla. I flew on my own to Manila and then what? How to get to Clark? It was a long trip by bus to Dau. I was not into adventure on that time so I was like pouting the whole time. I also hate long trips by bus and wanted to throw up and collapse but I kept telling myself “no OAness, ur on ur own and no one would help u except urself”. So I tried to be strong but was still upset to my friend coz first, heheheh no one would take photos of me and I was ripped off by a taxi driver from the airport to the bus terminal so my budget was hurt.

I was still expecting she would be at the airport, I thought she was just teasing me but she didnt make it. So, I just tried my best to be OK. No idea where to go, no accommodation and completely no idea whats in that place. I had a pen in my pocket just in case someone would harm me, I would just stab him with my pen. But, I was surprised , I just realized there was nothing to be scared of. I was fine, I had fun even I was on my own. I met a lady backpacker from Australia named Winnie and that was when I learned how to meet people in travelling. I told myself that it is fine to travel alone and should not be scared because Winnie was a lot younger than me. I experienced day tour for the first time with the real backpackers. It felt like I was one of them then while I was in the van I had written so many things in my mind. It was wow! I didnt expect I would have those brilliant ideas. How quick it was for me to arrive those ideas and that was when I fell in love in travelling. I told myself, I would just stay single and marry travelling. Life was simple, all I wanted was just to go backpacking. I told myself , I dont need a house, I dont need a lot of money, I will make the world as my home.

Because of that experience, I got addicted in travelling. My friend Juvyline booked my tickets all the time. I would just text her I need a ticket, I need a ticket , I need a ticket. She would help me find cheap tickets and until now I cant believe that she trusted me with her credit card. If i was in trouble at the airport, I would text her even early in the morning. I hadn’t hanged out with her but she never complained even once and never doubted me. She seemed happy to help me with my travels. Without her, it would be impossible for me to experience those adventures. I felt great, I felt very proud and it was one of my achievements in life to travel more than 10 countries on my own before I turned 30. I felt very proud because some travellers were amazed to see a small girl travelling on her own. It was a nice feeling although some people have talked about my trips being sponsored by sugar daddies they call, my friend Juvyline knows it was her “behind the scene”. The trust she had given to me was just amazing knowing that she doesnt even know me that much. I miss those days that I just flew away every 3-4 months to escape the stress and talks at work. It also gave me the chance to buy goods abroad and resell here. I owe those nice memories to that lovely girl I just happened to meet in facebook and became a loyal friend. Shes retired from that job already lol. I stopped that addiction because of my house. My salary was no longer full after having a loan to buy my Awihouse – another accomplishment before i turned 30. Well, I said enough.. Ive seen asia at least. I have experienced what others didnt. I miss those times I just rolled on the floor at the airport to save my accommodation. I miss the bloopers I made like getting lost.

To my friend Juvyline, words are not enough to thank u but I know He will shower u more blessings in life for making some of my dreams came true. It was just an imagination but u turned it into reality. Thank u so much.

To my lovely followers, I apologize if I have been quiet. I will share some stories again.

Happy Birthday to me……