Babe, You Saved My Life

Hello world,

I’d like to share how “Babe” saved me.

While writing this, I am thinking of those people who had no idea that the next day they would be in a box. They were not given a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones.  I also realized more how short life is. With the successive vehicular accidents in Toledo, we don’t know which one is safer now, bus or van? We also avoid dark and quiet streets but even in a very crowded area, you can still get stab or shot. Just after the incident, I received a text message about a vhire accident that made most Toledanos scared to go home from Sinulog festival because the text msg said that, no one survived. And just now while my fingers are typing, I could hear from my neighbor’s radio about that shooting incident in the Palace of Justice killing 2 or 3 people that I think happened early this morning.

Sigh….With an estimated 4 million people in the small city during Sinulog festival, how many were robbers, snatchers and swindlers? They were all here. They travelled all the way from different places not to join the celebration but to rob some people. Although report said it was peaceful, I am still trying to forget what happened to me.

I had great night last Saturday at MO2 bar with my co-worker Faith and company. Nothing very special but we had a great laugh. Jay-r Siaboc and company were in Dark Planet bar and we asked them to come over but they were too many so we decided to move there instead. Since it was just 3-5-min-walk from my brother’s bhouse, it was fine for me to go there because I could just go home anytime. I was with my daughter Sheila. It was crowded and most people were university kids and I could see familiar faces plus the talents of Awihao were there. If you still know Jay-r Siaboc who was once became famous in the country, he was there as a guest, and his cousin Tope as well and Jay-r’s brother Michael whose voice is a lot better than the two people I have mentioned. So, it was like I wasn’t far away from home. I was just with my neighbors and it was great to hear them singing.

with Jay-r Siaboc

with Jay-r Siaboc

Jay-r's cousin Tope, another singer in their family

Jay-r’s cousin Tope, another singer in their family

Michael Siaboc, Jay-r's older brother

Michael Siaboc, Jay-r’s older brother

Faith and her husband. The last photo I took before I was robbed

Faith and her husband. The last photo I took before I was robbed

Finally, we decided to go home and rest as you know, Sunday is the main celebration. Sinulog is not really just about party but church. So we needed energy as there would be a lot of  “walkings” and “pushings” on that day. I took last photo as Faith and her husband gave their goodbyes and hanged the camera on my neck. Oh don’t get me wrong, I know I looked very sexy in my photos but I wasn’t walking on the streets with a see though blouse and high heels. I wore a vest and slippers only when walking on the streets. The couple headed to Jones and my daughter and I,  to Colon. Just about 2-5 secs after we separated, I was suddenly blocked by 3 men. I thought they were just one of the crowd passing by but suddenly the guy at the right side locked me with his arm. At first I thought he was just a pervert but I felt a sharp thing on my right side. I couldn’t exactly remember what happened as it was very quick. He said “don’t move” and I couldn’t remember what he said next. I had no money, not even a coin with me so I was actually scared that they wouldn’t believe me. I just realized  I had my camera so I wanted to remove the memory card and was begging them not to harm me. Then I think I pushed the two guys, well, I cant really remember but the other guy stabbed me so hard that I was thrown away on the street. I am very thin and light so a stab like that threw me few meters away from them. Oh! imagine, there were so many people but no one dared to help me. My daughter few meters away mixed herself in the crowd and was shocked that she was just standing and was just watching her mother being attacked. I was crying and begging them, asking for mercy and wasn’t not able to stand up right away. I was hoping someone would dare to help me but no one did.I was lucky I wore a belly chain coz that’s where he hit me. It was a little thick that the tip of the knife didn’t touch my skin. And since it was on the main street, I was also lucky that the crowd made the vehicles slow because if it was on regular days, I could have been hit by vehicles.  I could hear “hala! Hala! Hala!” . Everything happened very quick that I found myself grabbing my daughter’s hand mixed ourselves in the crowd and ran away. I tried to text some people but how could they help me? When we are almost at my brother’s bhouse, that’s when my daughter cried. While I was just shocked and thinking what if they had guns? You know it is easy to say that you can just give them what they want and they will just let u go but if u were in the situation, u actually dont know what to do. Plus, giving them what they want is not even a guarantee that they will no longer stab or shoot u. Some robbers still shot the victim though they got what they wanted already.

This belly chain with a word "babe" saved me

This belly chain with a word “babe” saved me

I kept asking myself with “what if?” what if I had no belly chain? What if when I was on the ground he stabbed me more? What if it wasn’t a knife but a gun? So many what if’s but my belly chain saved me. And I thank Sr. Sto. Nino  for protecting me because I was just lucky that I wasn’t one of those who were killed while being robbed. When I felt his knife, I thought I could no longer see the people I love, I thought it would be my last that I felt cold and my eyesight were blurry and I thought I would be in a box the next day. That incident made me feel so blessed and lucky because I was given a chance. It also reminds me that our life is just very short, we don’t know when is our last and how our life is going to end.

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