Hello world,
Children are often scared of needles but the doctor or their parents would comfort them by saying “it’s just like an ant bite”.

As I was laying in bed, the doctor talked about foods with her assistant and tried to include me in the conversation. But I was only thinking about the needle or how big would it be. I tried to tell myself what i often heard about needles when i was a child, “it’s just an ant bite”. I was just quiet but the assitant noticed that I was scared and she laughed as if I looked funny for her? Or maybe she saw me like a child.
“Are u scared?, she asked.
“Im not, why?”, I replied. “Because ur toenails are frozen”,she said.

I was telling myself that getting inked for the first time was scary as well but still it didnt comfort me coz no one was holding my hand to say “it’s ok”. When I noticed the doctor was about to give the injection, I looked at the assitant hoping that she would understand what my eyes were saying, “Pls hold my hand”. I wanted to cry but I know they would find me funny so I just endured the pain as I felt the needle. I realized that it wasnt just an ant bite. I felt weaker and dizzy but I tried to be strong because I was just alone.


The sore feeling is worse than getting a tattoo. Or maybe because I felt sick and like I had hangover. I refused to talk because I might not sound sensible. I felt even sicker when I paid. Everytime I see her, I see her as someone who will torture me – torturing me in that bed and torturing me with the bill after.

Thanks for dropping by.


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