Is Santa Real?

Hello World,

Is Santa Real?

While sharing some photos of some dresses I am selling in facebook, the status of my daughter first caught my attention in my newsfeed. If u remember, I posted a blog last Christmas about how happy she was because she hanged a sock last Christmas eve and the next day, she got something from Santa. I think she was too excited to tell her friends and classmates about it.

How Did Santa Know?

I was speechless when I read her fb status and just wanted to give my kind daughter a nice hug because her mother still believes in Santa. Martin  and Harti were Santa Clauses who spoiled me las Xmas with gifts and surprises. But I caught my Santa Clauses so I know who they are. My daughter was sleeping so she didn’t catch when Santa put the gifts in her sock.



Yes for me, Santa Claus is real and I will be expecting gifts again next Christmas from my Santa Clauses and I will make sure to hang a big stockings on Christmas eve 🙂 and if the next day it is just empty, I will be moody :p

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