Good News, Bad News

Hello World,

I am supposed to share the crazy shoes I can dare to wear but I’l do it next time. I’d like to share a story of my friend instead.

                                  GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS


I went to the city yesterday and happened to meet her.  She was excited to deposit in the bank the money her husband and friend gave her for Christmas. I saw her smiling after she deposited the money and undecided where to go after. We went window shopping but it was boring because it makes us imagine wearing those nice dresses and shoes so, we just went to Mc Donalds to have lunch. While enjoying our chicken, the phone rang and she got a photo message that changed her face. She was staring at her phone for few minutes and had forgotten that there were people around her. She turned back to her chicken and forced herself to eat because we were both hungry but it seemed like the chicken tasted bad for her that she suddenly ran to the bathroom and threw up. I don’t know if she was angry or what but she just walked away and went to the wrong direction ’til I reminded her that she has to go to a doctor as she has been bleeding again.

It was late but we together went to the doctor to have check up again. She refused to see the doctor actually coz she’s been there 4 times already but she didn’t hear a confirmation of what she really wanted to hear. Sitting at the bench, she was just looking at the people around her. Sweet couples waiting for their turn was the main sight. Pregnant women with their husbands holding their hands maybe made her mind wandered somewhere. There was also a cute 3 yr old girl playing around that made my friend smile. Suddenly, there was a sad face that she just lay down herself and played her phone. She was looking at the husband’s photos and admired him a lot. He is very handsome and hot but don’t know why she is sad. She closed her eyes to get rid of the sight and hugged the phone with the husband’s photo.



She was finally called for her turn. The doctor suggested her to have a PT and in her mind “again”. But she didnt want to be rude so she just agreed. Well, she told me she did PT at home few weeks ago and it was negative. The doctor had the PT and asked her few questions. While talking, she noticed the doctors eyes were looking at the PT and she was curious why but she refused to ask and just answered questions. She was trying to take a look at the PT while they were talking but coudln’t see it. After the questions, the doctor said that her records were fine and suddenly said ” it’s positive” !


She was surprised and the doctor noticed how happy she is. She kept talking and talking while her right hand was on her tummy. She thought of having ultrasound next time and surprise her husband with the ultrasound photo, PT and baby gloves. She thought of fashionable pregnancy dress. She thought how round her nose soon. And most of all, she thought of how the baby looks like. Should she/he get the looks of the mother? of the father? If it was a girl, she wished she would get her father’s nice lashes. If a boy, he should get his father’s handsome face. For a short time, she thought of those things. And that’s the good news.

“But why I had my period few times this month doc?” she asked…

“You must have miscarriage”, she replied.


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