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I was born naturally curly and when I was child, I fancied having straight hair.

Unlike other ladies, I always have the same hairstyle – long black curly hair. I just let it down and if I have enough time, I comb it. I try to see myself in a blonde hair lol curious if I look good on it.

Anyway, which one is best for me?

This one?


Or this one?


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Babe, You Saved My Life

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I’d like to share how “Babe” saved me.

While writing this, I am thinking of those people who had no idea that the next day they would be in a box. They were not given a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones.  I also realized more how short life is. With the successive vehicular accidents in Toledo, we don’t know which one is safer now, bus or van? We also avoid dark and quiet streets but even in a very crowded area, you can still get stab or shot. Just after the incident, I received a text message about a vhire accident that made most Toledanos scared to go home from Sinulog festival because the text msg said that, no one survived. And just now while my fingers are typing, I could hear from my neighbor’s radio about that shooting incident in the Palace of Justice killing 2 or 3 people that I think happened early this morning.

Sigh….With an estimated 4 million people in the small city during Sinulog festival, how many were robbers, snatchers and swindlers? They were all here. They travelled all the way from different places not to join the celebration but to rob some people. Although report said it was peaceful, I am still trying to forget what happened to me.

I had great night last Saturday at MO2 bar with my co-worker Faith and company. Nothing very special but we had a great laugh. Jay-r Siaboc and company were in Dark Planet bar and we asked them to come over but they were too many so we decided to move there instead. Since it was just 3-5-min-walk from my brother’s bhouse, it was fine for me to go there because I could just go home anytime. I was with my daughter Sheila. It was crowded and most people were university kids and I could see familiar faces plus the talents of Awihao were there. If you still know Jay-r Siaboc who was once became famous in the country, he was there as a guest, and his cousin Tope as well and Jay-r’s brother Michael whose voice is a lot better than the two people I have mentioned. So, it was like I wasn’t far away from home. I was just with my neighbors and it was great to hear them singing.

with Jay-r Siaboc

with Jay-r Siaboc

Jay-r's cousin Tope, another singer in their family

Jay-r’s cousin Tope, another singer in their family

Michael Siaboc, Jay-r's older brother

Michael Siaboc, Jay-r’s older brother

Faith and her husband. The last photo I took before I was robbed

Faith and her husband. The last photo I took before I was robbed

Finally, we decided to go home and rest as you know, Sunday is the main celebration. Sinulog is not really just about party but church. So we needed energy as there would be a lot of  “walkings” and “pushings” on that day. I took last photo as Faith and her husband gave their goodbyes and hanged the camera on my neck. Oh don’t get me wrong, I know I looked very sexy in my photos but I wasn’t walking on the streets with a see though blouse and high heels. I wore a vest and slippers only when walking on the streets. The couple headed to Jones and my daughter and I,  to Colon. Just about 2-5 secs after we separated, I was suddenly blocked by 3 men. I thought they were just one of the crowd passing by but suddenly the guy at the right side locked me with his arm. At first I thought he was just a pervert but I felt a sharp thing on my right side. I couldn’t exactly remember what happened as it was very quick. He said “don’t move” and I couldn’t remember what he said next. I had no money, not even a coin with me so I was actually scared that they wouldn’t believe me. I just realized  I had my camera so I wanted to remove the memory card and was begging them not to harm me. Then I think I pushed the two guys, well, I cant really remember but the other guy stabbed me so hard that I was thrown away on the street. I am very thin and light so a stab like that threw me few meters away from them. Oh! imagine, there were so many people but no one dared to help me. My daughter few meters away mixed herself in the crowd and was shocked that she was just standing and was just watching her mother being attacked. I was crying and begging them, asking for mercy and wasn’t not able to stand up right away. I was hoping someone would dare to help me but no one did.I was lucky I wore a belly chain coz that’s where he hit me. It was a little thick that the tip of the knife didn’t touch my skin. And since it was on the main street, I was also lucky that the crowd made the vehicles slow because if it was on regular days, I could have been hit by vehicles.  I could hear “hala! Hala! Hala!” . Everything happened very quick that I found myself grabbing my daughter’s hand mixed ourselves in the crowd and ran away. I tried to text some people but how could they help me? When we are almost at my brother’s bhouse, that’s when my daughter cried. While I was just shocked and thinking what if they had guns? You know it is easy to say that you can just give them what they want and they will just let u go but if u were in the situation, u actually dont know what to do. Plus, giving them what they want is not even a guarantee that they will no longer stab or shoot u. Some robbers still shot the victim though they got what they wanted already.

This belly chain with a word "babe" saved me

This belly chain with a word “babe” saved me

I kept asking myself with “what if?” what if I had no belly chain? What if when I was on the ground he stabbed me more? What if it wasn’t a knife but a gun? So many what if’s but my belly chain saved me. And I thank Sr. Sto. Nino  for protecting me because I was just lucky that I wasn’t one of those who were killed while being robbed. When I felt his knife, I thought I could no longer see the people I love, I thought it would be my last that I felt cold and my eyesight were blurry and I thought I would be in a box the next day. That incident made me feel so blessed and lucky because I was given a chance. It also reminds me that our life is just very short, we don’t know when is our last and how our life is going to end.

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Unborn Baby

Hello World,


I would like to share this simple poem dedicated to an unborn baby by Skar Seelow.


Teacher, Can You Be My Girlfriend?

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Before anything else, I’d like to give my warm “thank you” to my fellow blogger Hans B. I do love you profile photo and most of all, I do love that camera! hehe hope you won’t drop it into the water.

For those who don’t know, I am a highschool teacher and chose to take Secondary Education than Elementary Education because teachers in Elementary teach all the subject areas so if u have 40 pupils in each class, multiply it to 8 subjects, how many daily lesson plans you have to prepare in one week ( and imagine, it was detailed lesson plan before)? Do the math :p and the worse part is, how many scores are you going to record and grades are you going to compute? That’s 40 x 8. And what if u have more than 40 kids? So obviously, I wanted to escape the loads of lesson plan and grades making.

I got my first teaching job in my father’s hometown a year after I graduated from my 4-yr-course in university. I was 20 when I started to practice my profession but if I wasn’t wearing my professional ring, people  mistaken me as 12 or 15 that sometimes I could still escape from entrance fees if I claimed being 12 yrs old. That was 10 yrs ago and I was exactly the opposite of what I am now. From looks to attitude and from principles to views in life so I considered myself as my uncle’s favorite but I know it turned out to be the opposite now.

I was nervous on my first day and knowing that it was a private school, the rich kids in that town study there. Plus,everyone knew I am the niece of Fr. —— Gonzales so I was expected to be very good, intelligent, talented etc. I went to a classroom where students were misbehaving. While waiting for the head teacher to come and introduced me to the class, I sat at the back when one boy called his classmates telling them that they have new classmate lol. I knew he was referring to me but I was shy that my head was just down and was just looking at the writings on the armchair. Few boys then approached me.

“Hi miss, what’s your name and where are you from?” said the other one.

” Im ——” , the other one introduced himself and wanted to shake hands.

All good-looking boys and very neat. You could tell they’re from well-off families. They were pushing one another fighting who would talk to me first while I remained quiet and just smiled. “Oh, these are my students, how can I handle these naughty boys and how can I tell them to stop flirting because I am their new teacher”, I said to myself.

The boy who was the lookout shouted , “Mr. —— is coming!”

Everyone was in hurry to arrange the chairs, picked up those paper balls they’d been using to hit one another and behaved. As my head teacher entered the classroom, he saw me at the back and called me to come to the front. I was nervous and shy. The students are taller than me and the girls are acting like grown up ladies.

“I’d like you to meet Miss Sheryl Gonzales,  the niece of Fr. —— Gonzales and she is your class adviser for this school year”, Mr — said to the students.

I smiled and my heartbeat was so fast that I wanted to collapse from being nervous. Everyone was quiet and the boys who were trying to flirt were covering their faces. I wasn’t bothered by the students after that but it was my head teacher who was flirting the whole time and I felt like I was in hell because of him so I left the job and swore not to teach anymore and chose to be an office girl but still back to teaching.

I am sharing this because I told my co-teacher Faith I have something to tell her that will surprise and will make her laugh. But it is a little bit sensitive so it has to be detailed for her. I have this favorite student since 2010. He was in my class when he was 2nd yr and 3rd yr but now, he is in 4th yr and a graduating student. We put him in the speed class because he’s good in the class anyway. He is older than a regular student because he repeated 3 times in 1 yr level before, spoiled one. To make it short, this boy always make me laugh and I couldn’t stay mad for long because he knows how to make me laugh. No one else in the class has the same humor so when he was absent, my class was boring. He is too snob to be a student, wearing nice polo and white is very white. They said, he is the youngest so you can imagine how spoiled he is.  His shoes are very shiny that we teachers sometimes are conscious because he would tease us for having a muddy shoes lol. Or sometimes when he noticed our toenails are ugly, he would tease u right away. My friends have perfumes on our table because when he passed or when we entered the classroom and you smelled like a sun, he would say ” someone stinks” lol. We teased each other as boyfriend and girlfriend or called ourselves Mr. & Mrs. If I gave a role play activity, he would include my name in the script and named me Mrs. Sheryl —— (with his family name).  When he was in a relationship with another student, he changed a lot. He got better and no longer that bad student they said. Well, I really didn’t see that side of him because when I started, he was a good boy already but they said, he was worse than the other students before. Anyway, he likes to tease me esp when I look funny or when I don’t wear make up, he would ask why am I ugly. But there were also few times that he is too funny that I had to stop him because I would be laughing the whole time and couldn’t discuss the lesson anymore. There were times I also had to scold him in front of his classmates and when he is sulky, he would just stay quiet or slept in the class. He is a boy, a funny boy. Faith and I were sad when he was promoted to 4th yr because he is no longer in our class but of course, we can still see him in the campus. I introduced him to Martin when he was here and he was behaved when he met him.

I’ve been on vacation leave since October and on my last day in school,he teased me and Faith because he thinks we look funny with our dresses. We didn’t wear uniform and he kept teasing me for wearing that pink sandals.


                                              Faith and I

Last Monday, I was in the city to see a doctor and I heard someone calling me “Ma’am, Ma’am!” I ignored it, thought just some dispatchers only. But suddenly, a familiar voice asking me to buy him something. Ooops! it was my favorite student and bought him a cheap drink but told him to buy me something as well. He asked me when am I going back to school because he is missing me and I said I’m not going back yet. Nothing special with the conversation plus I was in a hurry to go home. He also took the same van with his cousin and sat next to me. We didnt talk inside the van because we both slept. When we arrived in town, he asked me if i would join him roaming around in this small town but I said just next time because it is already 9 and it is late for me to be outside.

When I arrived home, he messaged me if he could visit me at home. I was thinking he was just kidding so I made fun with him but he was persuasive. So I was thinking maybe it was his cousin who asked him but he said he would be just alone. I took it as a joke plus it was nearly 11 pm. I just told him that when he comes, don’t forget to bring coils for the mosquitoes lol. After 15 mins., I heard a motorbike parked outside my house and a knock at the door came next. Haha I just laughed so hard because I didn’t expect he wasn’t joking. I was surprised though. We talked at the veranda and tried to make him share what his problem is because I took it as he was looking for someone to talk to. But he said he has no problem, he just wanted to see me. I kept teasing him and he kept teasing me back telling me how skinny I am. He called me a skeleton and said I was a lot bigger when I was still working. It made me sad then because I know he was telling the truth. He was inviting me to go to town but I said there’s nothing there plus I don’t have budget but he said he got money. I felt good to be outside my room actually. I just stay in my room the whole time that I was impressed how beautiful the stars are as I was laying at the veranda. I kept talking about the stars while he kept talking about us in relationship. He asked me if he has a chance and I felt being in high school hahahaha. The style of courtship! He was serious talking about me and him while I was serious looking at the stars. He said he is 19 and I am 29 so it is just 10 yrs gap. I just didn’t correct him that I am 30 and will turn 31 this year lol. He asked why I don’t get old but I said I am already looking old because I always sleep late and don’t have healthy lifestyle and not eating the right foods. He insisted I am still young. I know he was serious with his teenage style of courtship but I didn’t stop him because I didn’t want him to feel that I am taking it as a joke. I just tried to take him to a different topic. He is a graduating student and if I get mad, if I laugh, or if I push him away, he might feel bad, embarrassed or hurt and might be the reason he wont go to school. I know what he is like so I was careful not to make him feel bad or I might ruin his parents expectation that finally, their son will graduate in high school.  I just kept talking about stars because they are lovely. He said he just broke up with his girlfriend and I told him my boyfriend and I are having problems. I kept checking my phone if I got a message from him but no reply. It was already 12 and asked him to go home but he said that he told his mom he’ll be home at 1 so the gate will be opened at 1. I can’t just leave him at the veranda so I stayed with him. He stood close to me and touching my hair lol. I know he is very meticulous so I told him to stay away because I didn’t shampoo it and  if I lay down as there was no chair, he would play my hair and forehead and said, I have a big forehead lol. He said he wouldn’t go home until I say “yes” hehehhehe. I felt like there was a time machine that brought me back 15 yrs ago lol. It was sensitive and he is sensitive so I acted as if I didn’t understand what he wanted. I just wanted to escape it. I also didn’t know how to explain to him that would make him understand but just let him show that I am a lot older than him and hahahah my daughter is turning 14 soon. I wonder what made him think I would say yes?

Quarter to 1, my mad older sister went out with her frowning face and asked “Boy, who are u?”

I answered for him, “ah! this is my good student, Faith and I’s favorite in school, he is a good kid”.

But my sister sounded like my father when I was in high school and said “do u know what time is it?”

I answered for him again “he is going home soon, he is just visiting because we met in the city tonight.”

My sister didn’t pay attention to what I said and told him “Go home now, don’t bother your teacher this late at night and don’t invite your teacher somewhere. Do you want you and your teacher to be the talk in town?”

Boooom! My sister’s voice was tough and I actually didn’t like it because I know he was embarrassed but I didn’t stop her as well because at least it wasn’t me who told him. The feeling was like back in highschool when my parents would say the same.

I tried to be funny so that he wont be that embarrassed. I said good night and told him not to drive too fast. But he was like flying with his motorbike when he drove away. I know he felt bad. Don’t know if he was angry, hurt or embarrassed.

So that’s the story…. THE END!


Hello world,
Children are often scared of needles but the doctor or their parents would comfort them by saying “it’s just like an ant bite”.

As I was laying in bed, the doctor talked about foods with her assistant and tried to include me in the conversation. But I was only thinking about the needle or how big would it be. I tried to tell myself what i often heard about needles when i was a child, “it’s just an ant bite”. I was just quiet but the assitant noticed that I was scared and she laughed as if I looked funny for her? Or maybe she saw me like a child.
“Are u scared?, she asked.
“Im not, why?”, I replied. “Because ur toenails are frozen”,she said.

I was telling myself that getting inked for the first time was scary as well but still it didnt comfort me coz no one was holding my hand to say “it’s ok”. When I noticed the doctor was about to give the injection, I looked at the assitant hoping that she would understand what my eyes were saying, “Pls hold my hand”. I wanted to cry but I know they would find me funny so I just endured the pain as I felt the needle. I realized that it wasnt just an ant bite. I felt weaker and dizzy but I tried to be strong because I was just alone.


The sore feeling is worse than getting a tattoo. Or maybe because I felt sick and like I had hangover. I refused to talk because I might not sound sensible. I felt even sicker when I paid. Everytime I see her, I see her as someone who will torture me – torturing me in that bed and torturing me with the bill after.

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Is Santa Real?

Hello World,

Is Santa Real?

While sharing some photos of some dresses I am selling in facebook, the status of my daughter first caught my attention in my newsfeed. If u remember, I posted a blog last Christmas about how happy she was because she hanged a sock last Christmas eve and the next day, she got something from Santa. I think she was too excited to tell her friends and classmates about it.

How Did Santa Know? https://shaineysfashion.wordpress.com/2012/12/25/how-did-santa-know/

I was speechless when I read her fb status and just wanted to give my kind daughter a nice hug because her mother still believes in Santa. Martin  and Harti were Santa Clauses who spoiled me las Xmas with gifts and surprises. But I caught my Santa Clauses so I know who they are. My daughter was sleeping so she didn’t catch when Santa put the gifts in her sock.



Yes for me, Santa Claus is real and I will be expecting gifts again next Christmas from my Santa Clauses and I will make sure to hang a big stockings on Christmas eve 🙂 and if the next day it is just empty, I will be moody :p

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Good News, Bad News

Hello World,

I am supposed to share the crazy shoes I can dare to wear but I’l do it next time. I’d like to share a story of my friend instead.

                                  GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS


I went to the city yesterday and happened to meet her.  She was excited to deposit in the bank the money her husband and friend gave her for Christmas. I saw her smiling after she deposited the money and undecided where to go after. We went window shopping but it was boring because it makes us imagine wearing those nice dresses and shoes so, we just went to Mc Donalds to have lunch. While enjoying our chicken, the phone rang and she got a photo message that changed her face. She was staring at her phone for few minutes and had forgotten that there were people around her. She turned back to her chicken and forced herself to eat because we were both hungry but it seemed like the chicken tasted bad for her that she suddenly ran to the bathroom and threw up. I don’t know if she was angry or what but she just walked away and went to the wrong direction ’til I reminded her that she has to go to a doctor as she has been bleeding again.

It was late but we together went to the doctor to have check up again. She refused to see the doctor actually coz she’s been there 4 times already but she didn’t hear a confirmation of what she really wanted to hear. Sitting at the bench, she was just looking at the people around her. Sweet couples waiting for their turn was the main sight. Pregnant women with their husbands holding their hands maybe made her mind wandered somewhere. There was also a cute 3 yr old girl playing around that made my friend smile. Suddenly, there was a sad face that she just lay down herself and played her phone. She was looking at the husband’s photos and admired him a lot. He is very handsome and hot but don’t know why she is sad. She closed her eyes to get rid of the sight and hugged the phone with the husband’s photo.



She was finally called for her turn. The doctor suggested her to have a PT and in her mind “again”. But she didnt want to be rude so she just agreed. Well, she told me she did PT at home few weeks ago and it was negative. The doctor had the PT and asked her few questions. While talking, she noticed the doctors eyes were looking at the PT and she was curious why but she refused to ask and just answered questions. She was trying to take a look at the PT while they were talking but coudln’t see it. After the questions, the doctor said that her records were fine and suddenly said ” it’s positive” !


She was surprised and the doctor noticed how happy she is. She kept talking and talking while her right hand was on her tummy. She thought of having ultrasound next time and surprise her husband with the ultrasound photo, PT and baby gloves. She thought of fashionable pregnancy dress. She thought how round her nose soon. And most of all, she thought of how the baby looks like. Should she/he get the looks of the mother? of the father? If it was a girl, she wished she would get her father’s nice lashes. If a boy, he should get his father’s handsome face. For a short time, she thought of those things. And that’s the good news.

“But why I had my period few times this month doc?” she asked…

“You must have miscarriage”, she replied.

Crazy Shoes

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To stand in the crowd, wear something different, something unique from the others and something crazy! Then, u’l surely make people taking photos of u 😉

Here are 10 crazy shoes which are not too bad to wear.











Have a nice weekend!

Shainey’s 2012 Highlights

Hello world,

First of all, Id like to apologize if i got too many errors in my posts these days. Grammar, spelling, punctuation etc., because I have been just using my phone for my posts. It is much easier and faster to post photos. I can post 50 photos in 5 mins but if i do it with my computer, it might take 5 days lol. It hurts my eyes if I reread over and over again from my phone to edit the errors. 🙂

Anyway,last year, I posted my 2011 Highlights. I had so many silly and funny moments in that year.  To review, here is the link of that post


I don’t know how to describe my 2012 because it is so different from 2011. It started in drama and ended in the same drama. But, despite of all the dramas, I had many great moments and laughters with few special people in my life.

Goodbye 2012

Here are some important events in my 2012.

JANUARY 2012 – A simple New Year 2012 Celebration with Family

I had simple New Year celebration with my family. I could hardly smile because I saw a photo of my crush with a woman sitting beside him. I was jealous :p in short and I kept thinking of him all the time and like a teenager, I cried because of jealousy 😉

But, I had no idea that 2012 would make me say bye bye to this old bed and house. You’ll find out later…


My mother and I last New Year 2012

February 2012 – The Controversial Outfit

My partner Faith and I agreed to wear long gown for the Prom. I ordered gowns from my supplier abroad but it didn’t arrive on time. We were waiting til the last hour but still it was not delivered. Couldn’t find another dress that would fit my size except this one and asked other’s opinion if it was OK. In person, I didn’t look that sexy compared to the photos as the camera flash made it more daring but I have a dark skin so in person, my skin could hardly be seen esp at night so it was actually ok. Same story with Faith, she had to wear that mini dress coz the long gown didnt arrive but wore black stockings to cover the skin but she had white skin so it looks like very daring in photos but it wasnt really that daring in person. But some people couldn’t stop tracking my facebook and check where I go, what I wear etc etc etc. I dont think the top bosses are into facebooking but it became controversial because of some people and the top bosses had to react.


JS Prom 2012


With our stage decoration, people thought that we intended to wear that way. But to be honest, we just realized that our outfit were matched to the stage decoration when we were on the stage already. Faith’s sequined pink and blue tube was exactly the same to the JS decoration. And my earings happened to be a star and hers happened to be a moon and the stage was filled with stars and a half moon


Stary Stary Night JS Prom 2012


The Controversial Outfit JS Prom 2012


Awihao National High School Faculty Members JS Prom 2012

March 2012 – An Escape From Stress

After JS Prom, I was a big issue. I was told I was the “talk” in other schools as if I had done a very bad thing. I took it as “they liked my dress but they just couldn’t wear it or their fats would be shown”. I ignore rubbish talks but my demo teaching made me very stressful that suddenly I collapsed. I rested and escaped few days and flew to Vietnam :D.


M16 – Vietnam 2012


A Trip to Vietnam 2012

Then we were banned from wearing dress for graduation. Who said we can’t obey rules? So we wore our teacher’s uniform. But then, I thought of something to make it special :D. I bought cluth bags to highlight our day :p. So since we were wearing uniform, we had uniform clutch bags as well in diff colors. 😉


Awihao National High School 2012 Graduation


My partner in craziness

They must have thought we would be sad but 😀 still enjoyed :p


Our best cure from a stressful job is to find something to laugh


For the whole year, these 2 boys gave me heache and made me nag almost everyday but at the end of the school year, i still give them medal and ribbon which made them proud

April 2012 – A Secret Escape

Since it is a secret escape, it will remain secret :p.


May 2012 – The Awihouse

I never dreamed I could buy my own house. For me it was impossible. I only wanted to build a small cottage or hut which will be enough for me and sheila coz thats all i could afford. But when I knew that this house was for sale, I asked mother to take a photo secretly at night so no one would see her or people would be asking why. But in this village, the secret was not kept and was underestimated that we were not capable financially to buy a house. I asked opinions and helped from friends. I loaned my salary and borrowed money from a friend and booom! I got the house :DDDDDD. This is my biggest achievement before I turned 30.


Took a photo of this house but didnt expect it would be mine


These photos were taken before I bought this and in front is the school where I work- just 2 mins away.

June 2012 – The Repair

I thought having a house is that easy. So many financial headaches and money money money was in my head coz money was spent so fast to make the house ready. Well, no renovation yet but just repaired the roof of the veranda, installed water and light etc etc. I couldnt believe I could have my own  house 😀 and it’s too big for me and sheila.


Every lunch break, I slept in the house and took lunch here though it wasnt ready yet but it just felt so good to see my accomplishment.

July 2011 – Sheila’s First Beauty Contest

My daughter is now in high school and I asked her to join the Miss Intrams in the school and got the “Best in Sports Wear”


My Beauty Queen

In their sports attire


August 2012 – Moving In

Sheila and I moved out from parents house and started to live in our own in the Awihouse. We had a little party. This big lechon for my students and fellow teachers welcomed us in the new house.



with my students


my beautiful veranda


waiting for the lechon


he must be hungry already


everyone was excited for the lechon to be served


my veranda is big but they’re hiding here coz they’re too shy


my fellow teachers


first night in the new room and new bed

September 2012 – The Feelers Strike Again

Our school was on fire 2 weeks before our teachers’ night. We then thought of raising funds to help the school through a fashion show. Hmmm since it was a fashion show, of course we had to wear something nice not a school uniform :DDDDDD………..It was fun!!!! we had chance to be a model lol.




And I finally have a closet 😀


and sheila got her pink closet 😀


October 2012 – Real Estate

I  tried real estate before I took a vacation abroad.



Investor’s Night

November 2012 – Reunion

A reunion with Harti before he got married was one of my happiest days and nights for the 2012.




December 2012 – A scammer

I was scammed. This woman ran away after scamming some people here in Toledo alone. She arrived in this town as a stranger and stayed less than a month but in that very short time, she was able to gain trust from some people here. She ran away with almost a million pesos or more  i think ( im not sure how much) and maybe now in other place to find victims again. She is a professional scammer. So far, 13 victims here in my town went to NBI to report this woman but she’s nowhere to be found. With her skills in scamming, it is obvious that she has been doing this several times.



WELCOME 2013!!!! Thanks for dropping by.