How Did Santa Know?

Hello World,

Ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Did Santa visit your house last night? I’m sure he did ;).

I have a simple Christmas Story.

This is my daughter Sheila. She’l turn 14 soon. Whooaaah! Time goes by so fast! She was a little kid but now taller than me.


Although it is nice that she’s grown up because we can share a lot of things-accessories, clothes,shoes and etc., I also miss her when she was a little child. She only talked about me and always proud of me lol.

She is my bestfriend and we share secrets. I told you yesterday that it’s our first Christmas in this house right? I bought a house this year,big enough for me and sheila. It’s a very nice house but I dont have a budget to make it nicer yet. Yesterday, I asked Sheila if she would hang a sock. She was thinking where to hang it. I told her that in my parents’ house, it was easy for Santa to get into the house because there are holes anywhere lol, roof, walls, floor lol. But here, there are no holes. So I suggested to hang it outside or at the garden where there are Christmas lights so Santa will find her sock.


My cute nieces were here last night and very happy with their presents. I told them to hang socks so they’ll get presents from Santa but they said their mother told them that Santa is not real. 😦 They should believe that Santa is for real.


Sheila put her sock outside before she went to church last night. In the morning, I went to her room to have a cuddle and she wanted to watch movie with me from my phone. But suddenly, she jumped out of bed and ran outside. She slowly walked towards the sock she hanged. She touched it and when she felt theres something inside, she was jumping and running back inside the house. She was calling me and told me she got something.


She’s very happy that Santa dropped by.


She was curious what she got. It’s a lip gloss and a pink mickey mouse hand sanitizer.


She’s very happy to see them. I think she was expecting candies and chocolates but she got something different this year, something for big girls. Hmmm how did Santa know that big girls are living in the house? Oh Santa really have a list on what he has to give to someone and the people living in the house.


It was really cute to see her jumping because theres something in her sock. I told her why she only hanged 1 sock so I got nothing. If she hanged one for me, I would have got presents as well but she said we’ll share the lip gloss so I’m happy hehehehe. She has been a very nice girl so she Santa never forgets her.


She got a very nice smile with her presents. I know that her friends and classmates no longer believe in Santa but Santa is real for nice girls. He does exist for children like Sheila (although she’s no longer a child but a teenager).  I hope Santa will come back next Christmas 😉 and I will make sure I will hang stockings so I will get presents as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!thanks for reading.


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