How Did Santa Know?

Hello World,

Ho ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Did Santa visit your house last night? I’m sure he did ;).

I have a simple Christmas Story.

This is my daughter Sheila. She’l turn 14 soon. Whooaaah! Time goes by so fast! She was a little kid but now taller than me.


Although it is nice that she’s grown up because we can share a lot of things-accessories, clothes,shoes and etc., I also miss her when she was a little child. She only talked about me and always proud of me lol.

She is my bestfriend and we share secrets. I told you yesterday that it’s our first Christmas in this house right? I bought a house this year,big enough for me and sheila. It’s a very nice house but I dont have a budget to make it nicer yet. Yesterday, I asked Sheila if she would hang a sock. She was thinking where to hang it. I told her that in my parents’ house, it was easy for Santa to get into the house because there are holes anywhere lol, roof, walls, floor lol. But here, there are no holes. So I suggested to hang it outside or at the garden where there are Christmas lights so Santa will find her sock.


My cute nieces were here last night and very happy with their presents. I told them to hang socks so they’ll get presents from Santa but they said their mother told them that Santa is not real. 😦 They should believe that Santa is for real.


Sheila put her sock outside before she went to church last night. In the morning, I went to her room to have a cuddle and she wanted to watch movie with me from my phone. But suddenly, she jumped out of bed and ran outside. She slowly walked towards the sock she hanged. She touched it and when she felt theres something inside, she was jumping and running back inside the house. She was calling me and told me she got something.


She’s very happy that Santa dropped by.


She was curious what she got. It’s a lip gloss and a pink mickey mouse hand sanitizer.


She’s very happy to see them. I think she was expecting candies and chocolates but she got something different this year, something for big girls. Hmmm how did Santa know that big girls are living in the house? Oh Santa really have a list on what he has to give to someone and the people living in the house.


It was really cute to see her jumping because theres something in her sock. I told her why she only hanged 1 sock so I got nothing. If she hanged one for me, I would have got presents as well but she said we’ll share the lip gloss so I’m happy hehehehe. She has been a very nice girl so she Santa never forgets her.


She got a very nice smile with her presents. I know that her friends and classmates no longer believe in Santa but Santa is real for nice girls. He does exist for children like Sheila (although she’s no longer a child but a teenager).  I hope Santa will come back next Christmas 😉 and I will make sure I will hang stockings so I will get presents as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!thanks for reading.

The Day Before Christmas

Hello World,

I’ve been quiet here since they upgraded how to post photos. It doesn’t work and I don’t know why.

It’s Christmas Eve here few hours from now. I spent half day watching movie and half day recalling some nice memories. While waiting for the lechon, I suddenly had a flashback what was it like the day before Christmas when I was a little child til I have a child. The day before Christmas was one of the few busiest days throughout the year for my sisters and mother. We helped our mother at the market selling toys, accessories, gift items etc and we were very good in convincing customers. We needed to have  a good sale to bring nice foods for Christmas eve. Then, I would buy myself a Christmas gift without my mother’s permission but I believed that it was allowed because it is Christmas so Iwouldn’t get punished. I noticed most people prepared very nice foods and more nice foods that I haven’t tried but those foods are for people I classified as “rich people”. As we headed home, we could see what foods on the table others had prepared. I was always curious how “keso de bola” tastes like. I could see it on tv and people buying it for Christmas eve. I wished that someday, I would be able to find out its taste.  People were busy and having party while it was just quiet at home and we just slept until midnight. My parents would wake us up 30 mins. before 12  then we shared the slice bread with hot choco or sometimes if the sale was good, my mother would buy roasted chicken and some fruits then after eating, we hit the bed again but we made sure we had socks hanging on the christmas tree. I always tried not to fall asleep so I would caught Santa. Our house has so many holes- roof, walls  and floor lol and I believed Santa would pass there. These were the simple  things we used to do the day before Christmas.

Now, it is my first Christmas in my own house :). Walls are very strong, have ceiling and no holes where Santa could possibly pass. It makes me smile. I told Sheila to hang her socks outside because Santa might miss her gift as there is no hole in this house lol.

Thinking that we are going to have lechon later, I also had this flasback of the day before Christmas 7 yrs ago. I got my first ESL job but I was in debts that I paid my whole salary for the money that I loaned. I only got 250 pesos left in my pocket and my sister Jimmy and I lived in a very poor boarding house where we had to be careful when walking or the floor would gave up and sometimes my other leg would be stucked in a hole. My 6-yr- old daughter was with me. She had old thin slippers with holes already and was just watching other children playing with their nice toys. They didn’t want her to join as she had no toys with her. I told her to just stay in the room and wait for me because I needed to buy something but she asked, ” Are you going to buy something for me? “I was quiet but then she said, “save your money, just stay and just don’t buy me anything”. I stayed and I played with her because I was worried to leave her as well in the room alone and if I brought her with me to buy something, I was sure she wouldn’t  let me spend my remaining money. While playing with her, I heard this Cebuano Christmas song sung by mother and child. The song was about a poor mother singing how their Christmas is like, she can’t buy gifts and nice foods for her child while the child tells her mother it’s ok as long as their together. It is a very sad song and I felt like it was me and sheila singing. I can’t remember the title of the song, if anyone knows the title, pls tell me.  Anyway, I then lied to Sheila and said “I’l be back right away”. I got a straw to measure her size and she kept asking if I was going to buy her a dress and I said ” No, I just wanna know how big u are”. I went to downtown then and bought her new slippers and new dress and a burger. When I was back, I saw her teaching another child older than her how to read. Then she saw the new slippers, well, she was very happy and stood at the door where other children could see her new slippers, in short, she was boasting she had new slippers lol.

I had no money then left for Christmas eve but my sister was having a party at the spa where she worked. I knew she would bring us foods. Sheila and I were just waiting while we could hear neighbors’ spoon and fork tearing the lechon and other nice foods they prepared. I was very hungry and I know sheila was more hungry. We were just looking at the door, waiting for a sign that someone would knock and it would be my sister with foods. But it was already 9 or 10 and my heart was crying to see my daughter just playing with a pen and paper as if she was not really hungry. I then checked the pot and there was a little rice left and a little fish. I told Sheila to eat it and we would have nice foods but Sheila’s tears fell and refused to eat because she said I am very skinny so I should eat the food. I just then said we share but how can we share the 2 spoons of rice and a very small fish? It would not reach to my tummy lol. Finally, before midnight, sister arrived and she was very good that she made friends with the waiters so she could bring us foods :).

While having this flashback, I thought of posting this blog The Day Before Christmas and also remembered when I spent it with my secret crush 3 yrs ago. We’d been friends for few weeks before Christmas and on that time, I was his only friend in Cebu. I invited him to go home with me for Christmas but he was not into Christmas and he hates drama. I felt sorry for him so I stayed as a friend but made him promise that he would try New Year with my family so he wouldnt be alone in the city. He said he would take me out for  lunch so I dressed well and thought he would like it but when he saw me, he didn’t. He said ” It’s just lunch not a date so change ur clothes” ouch! lol.  He was just wearing torn clothes and shorts lol. I then changed and we talked about the business we were about to start. We were eating donuts on the streets like little kids. He was a person who doesn’t care about anything and anyone so he hates Christmas thats what he told me. He was born very rich and said he realized his own mother doesnt care about him when he was 5 because he was sent to a boys’ school where there was no mother to take care of him. He let me try lasagna and mashed potato and to be honest, it was my first time. He said we would party all night but he needs to go home to change clothes. I was excited then. I had a crush on him so u could imagine how I felt but I had to hide it because didn’t want to ruin the good friendship that we started. When we arrived in his place, he just went to his bedroom and laughed and said “I would sleep first to have energy to party later.” So, I was at his backyard waiting for him to wake up. It was almost midnight but he was still sleeping like a rock and no sign that he would wake up 😦 . Til I saw the fireworks from his backyard and heard all the noisy sounds which means it was 12 already. He didn’t wake up and we didnt party. I couldnt believe he slept 13 hours straight and when he opened his eyes, he just laughed hard and said ” I feel rejuvenated!” We were friends, good friends. He loves my sister like his sister but he hates me when he noticed I liked him after few weeks. I ruined the good friendship and it hurt me not because I liked him but because we were good friends. It took time for me to forget it and every night I prayed I would forget it and 🙂 prayers were answered after a year.

And when I was about to post my blog, I unlocked the door of my 24th Christmas surprise, it says ” The Christmas Angel 
no budget for recruiting an up to date deity, so the old angel from 2009 had to be resurrected 😉 ”  .  What a coincidence! It was the Christmas card from my German friend that he made for me last 2010 to cheer me up and to help me move on. This was the only reason why I was able to move on. I smiled and realized Harti and I have this kind of connection that we can’t explain. He always know what’s in my mind and heart and always try to give his best for me as his friend.


And the angel made me smile. Merry Christmas and thank you for dropping by.