Dressed in Blue in Mango

Hello World,

Dressed in Blue – I posted the other day about my Pink Dress that I folded to make it mini. Today, I’d like to share about my blue satin dress and this is my first time to wear a dress like this. Im not really into this kind of dresses but then I wanted to look formal because I am going to a crazy place where girls mostly wear mini dresses and I didn’t want to look cheap. As usual, this dress is not really my size so I need to use pins again to have a shape.

It looks a little bit lousy on the shoulders so I tried to tightened it with a pin. It doesn’t look good though so I tried to find something to make it look better.


I checked my organizer to see what I got. I have no brooch but just have these hairclips – a pearl hairclip and a rhinestone one.


I actually want to use the pearl hairclip coz it matches my earings but it is not enough to cover the pins I used.


So I tried the other one, and it looks a lot better so I chose it.


Blue Satin Dress

I matched it with a silver pumps. My dress is formal so it is ok to use a flirty shoes.


silver pumps

To make my blue dress a little bit classy, I added this butterfly belly chain.


Elegant Butterfly Rhinestone Belly Chain

Now it looks nicer 🙂

With a black small clutch bag, I partied in Mango.

Black Chanel Replica Clutch Bag

I met new friends 🙂

My blue stain dress looks a bit formal for the place but it is nice to look different from the others.


Girls dancing with sexy steppings and I have to admit, I dont have the talent in dancing.


So I danced with my Shainey’s dance steps and feeling like it is my night!


I felt like everyone was looking at me because first, I looked too formal and second, I just didn’t care if my feet are both left and just enjoyed yeah yeah yeah…


Some boys approached and I tried to dance with them but I was annoyed when they dance dirty because I am not that crazy to dance dirty with strangers although I was already drunk. So I stayed away on the dance floor and danced on this mini stage. I caught some girls rolling their eyes and face looked very annoyed but I didn’t care. They can dance very well and they looked at me and showed me how they dance but well, I have my own steppings. Some girls imitated and enjoyed watching me though.


This guy from Finland has a very cute steppings as well, worse than mine hahaha if you know what I mean. I made friend with him because he was just alone and danced with him.


Oh if u wonder why I am no longer wearing my pumps, I liked to jump all the time and it is more comfy to dance this way. I got this from my sister Jimelyn.


I enjoyed my night but hahaha so tired after 2 hours.


I was confident to go crazy because at least my Blue Satin Dress caught others intention.


After 2-3 hours, no more energy so went back to the hotel and snore zzzzzzzzz.

And that’s my Blue Satin Dress Story :p

Thanks for dropping by


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  1. John Cunnane
    Dec 08, 2012 @ 15:31:43

    wow you look very young here…how long ago was this?


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