You Torture Me

Hello World,

I had a weird dream last nite which made me wake up and thought it was real. My eyes forced me to wake up to check a facebook message but I refused because my eyes were still closing. I was forced to read a message that I could hardly understand and I was curious why I couldn’t read it. It was like a poem; a heartbreaking poem from someone with heartbreaking photos. I told myself “no! I can’t handle a broken heart, not this time! not now! not me!” But as I tried hard to read the poem, I found myself cold, no tears, strong and pretend to feel nothing. I decided to went back to sleep but it still asked me to read the message. So I forced to open my eyes and got my phone to check facebook. I looked for the message but I was scared to find it as I prefer not to read it. I blamed my internet connection to have an alibi that I can’t find the message. Then, I checked some photos being tagged to me and it was a little related to my dream. I paused for a moment, I could smell a perfume of a certain person, thought hard ’til I realized it was just a bad dream.

Anyway, let’s change topic. In connection with my last post, I’d like to share what tortures me everyday. Oooops! Gotcha! You must thought it was the dream that tortures me everyday ey? 😉  No no no, I always try to write to entertain people, not to make people sad. So here’s what tortures me.

I’d like to gain weight and put more fats in my body but not easy for me although I sometimes eat a lot but most of the times I don’t. I think I have a very small tummy and can’t handle a huge meal. Because of this, I asked back up from protein powders. The price really hurt but what to do, I want to gain weight fast. Have you read my post before about my Funny Face? If you havent, maybe you can read this later.

Oh yes! I have 3 kinds of protein powder. They smell so nice but I get sick each time I drink them. Hmmm they don’t taste that bad but just I want to throw up but I can’t coz first, I have to think about the kilos I will gain and the price.


Protein Powders in different flavor


I sometimes call my mama to help me finish it but she will just tell me, “think of the butt” lol


Once I drink it, I just want to leave it without finishing it all but then I can’t waste the money


I wish I could just massage it on the areas where I need more muscles


To prevent myself from vomiting, I just took photos at my veranda


Happy Shainey

I just want to gain weight because I find it hard to find dress with my size. If I go medium, at least I can wear anything I want. Anyway, If you ask if protein powders work, yes they do! A lot better than vitamins because they don’t make u sleepy. But just, I force myself to forget that I need to drink it.


Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day.

A Day at the City Hall

Hello World,

I am back! I have tried so many times to finish this post and just an hour ago, I was about to publish when I lost the connection… argggh! so I lost everything I have written and don’t even remember them. Well, no time to cry over spilled milk. I know I have promised so many times to post regulary but then my internet is such a pain in the ass. I kept trying but with very slow connection, I get very sleepy and just choose sleeping than blogging.

I’d like to share this fun we had at the City Hall, oh well, this post smells rotten already but then I still hope you will enjoy the photos. When the school principal told us that we are asked to display our plants at the City Hall, my best buddy Faith and I volunteered to be the vendors. It was our chance to raise funds for the fire victims. 2 classrooms and 1 faculty room were eaten by a huge fire a month ago and since I received some blessings last month, I offered that the profit of my remaining stocks will be donated to the school. All items were marked down up to 50-60%. I was very excited because it was my first time to sell without thinking how much I’m gonna make but how much I can donate (I thought I would have a good sale).

I grew up as a market vendor so selling is in my blood since child. I have been a market vendor since elementary ’til I became professional so it was nice to do it again.

Shainey is coming to town

Dresses, Bags, Accessories and More

I was surprised when I arrived as hmmm I expected like a fiesta where there are many people hehehe but then it was empty

It was very hot there but still I was excited to make some money.

The original vendor is here, my mother who is busy arranging my used accessories as I also gave up my used accessories and pre-loved items.

Oh I look like put on some weight …feeling good!

With Mrs. Minda Alvia, a Science teacher in our school.

Displaying my items

Oi! My items for  sale are dresses, lingerie, accessories, high heels but why I am surrounded by boys 😀

Mother was just busy and serious arranging the accessories, can’t be bothered.

A blue mini dress for sale

We had vegetables, ornamental plants andorganic  fertilizer as well.

The most important thing to do other than selling is to pose.

My mother was very hungry already but her daughter is still not done with the camera.

We had no sale yet ’til lunch time but Faith offered to buy us lunch so lunch was saved.

Mrs. Stella Poloyapoy and Mrs. Minda Alvia were my teachers back in high school and now my co-teachers and now two of my best buddies at work.

Eating in the jungle.

Tummy happy!

My father came too.

Recharged after lunch!

Hanging rice, roasted chicken and siomai for lunch. For those who do not know what hanging rice is, it is a rice cooked in coconut leaves and hanged after …… = hanging rice :D! Im genius!

Faith at the center and how many hanging rice did my father finish?

My parents are dating in the jungle.

No one would like to back to our booth, we preferred to stay under the trees, hiding from the heat of the sun 😀

Killing time


Faith was disappointed. It was her first time to be a vendor and she imagined the previous night that she would be busy talking with many customers but then she ended up studying numbers 🙂

At the end of the day, I only sold few items.  Used accessories, a dress and a bag to some city hall workers. Faith also bought a bag and a dress from me, mam stella bought a nose clip and mother bought mam stella’s ornamental plants lol. We bought our own items.

I also grow eggplants in school and I sold them all to myself and brought them home hehehehe…

Opppps! I just noticed my unique slippers in the last photo, pink and green :D.

It was a very tiring day. It was too hot so even if we were not busy, no more energy at the end of the day. I was trying to be silly to kill their boredom. My mother and I are used to it so it wasnt new for us when we still had our little sidewalk store at the market but for the others, it was their first time. Maybe, we will do it again in December but not in this place but downtown.

Thank you for dropping by, see you next time!