Before and After

Hello world,

Thanks for dropping by last night.

Tonight, just wanna share photos of “before and after” of my last trip.

Before – I was full of energy and excitement. I looked like an agogo dancer lol. Pulling my huge luggage wearing high heels. In my mind, who cares, no one knows me so I allowed myself to be the center of attraction at the airport lol. I was approached 3 times how often I play gulf. I knew those men just bullied me coz of my big luggage.Β  A woman or shall I say a little girl like me should be carrying a nice case but hehehe mine is too big and not too feminine.


Very tired from pushing the cart…


A Package From Germany

Hello World,

Long time no blog. I had hard time uploading photos and it made me lazy to post blogs.

Anyway, Il start posting again. I wanna share this simple package I received from Germany which is full of surprises. My daughter and I were like little children… happy and excited to open each boxes.Β  It took almost 2 months for this package to arrive and glad I still got them.Β  This is my late birthday gift from a very good friend who hmmmm is getting married very soon! Yippy!

Enjoy the photos!

What’s in the box?

Sheila is very excited when she saw the box.

But the mother was more excited.

I thought only mine lol…. (spoiled!)

I looked for th boxes with my name

All mine… many Sheryl Sheryl Sheryl Sheryl πŸ˜€

Sheryl and Sheila? I told Sheila if I can have hers as well :p

Why small box??? is this an engagement ring??? lol


A bracelet? big earings? hmmmmm

weeeh necklace πŸ˜€

Β are they diamonds???????? no they can’t be…. it’s from Harti so they cant be hahahaha peace brother!

Sheryl Sheryl Sheryl again

hmmm curious what’s here……..

OOOpppps!Β  a card!Β  My mother on the background πŸ˜€

Cute card…

Bla bla bla i dont understand.

It says:

Happy Birthday ..

Dear sisterheart

Sending u some presents for u and and ur beloved ones. I promised to give u padfone as ur early bday gift but unfortunately, it’s still not available yet. So it will be late bday present and I hope my sisterheart is patient to wait for it. Enjoy ur time and be as OA as u can lol.

So no padfone ha!!! a snob tablet by Asus. So expect me to be OA for the rest of the photos :p

Oi… thought only chocolates… something inside..

For Sheryl……. weeeeh for Sheryl only jumping jumping!!!

Hmmm it was hidden properly so this might be a gold watch with diamonds hehehehhe

Oi….a lovely heart. πŸ˜€

A heart where i can store my silly photos

It’s a USB :D… thought it was a necklace lol

Sheryl again….

Ehem… what is this again. should be my favorite……

A puzzle of cute asses lol????? do I still squeeze my brain by playin puzzle???

Yeeeey! i told yah! they are my favorite


Excited to see lovely style of shoes

I picked my favorite to dream about wearing them lol

Photos of lovely snob sandals… He knows I’l go crazy with these sandals/shoes but it is not his job to buy them hehehehhe.

Nice trick ha! thought they were puzzles and I’m curious why send me puzzle when it is not my favorite lol.

Yayayayayayayaay!!! Jimmy Choo? Christian Louboutin?

And then and then……. u know which one I want????? hmmmm I want this my love!

Is this still mine? yeah still mine

ehemmm. I want chocolates I want chocolates… I want chocolates!

Yippy! yes they are

Can’t wait to bite til I finish the opening the presents for the others πŸ˜€

This will give me a fat ass! πŸ˜€

Sheila’s turn

Sheila was curious

Oi, she’s starting to smile

Oi , I havent tried that one Sheila! give me some!

And another one..

What is it????? why too happy?

Ahhhh, her favorite… Story books.

Oi, that’s jonas…. don’t open it.. they might be condoms lol

What is it?

A sexy ass :p and Jonas reallt loves it. lol

Claire is not here so I have the right to open it! Seriously, it is very nice for him to send my older sister a gift when they dont even know each other.

Acuzena— ooh my aunt got something as well… lol

Something to be used for cooking… but need to translate how to use this

Oi, the snob got something as well….

A snob chessboard

He got a very nice gift huh but not envious as I dont want to play chess lol.

Weeeeh I love my necklace.

Maltian cross – It was bought from Malta

And my mother’s turn….

What’s for mama?

A very unique gift.. a box her children’s faces and names.

wow!!! very nice.

Harti made this himself….. why call us Faithful Five ha? I bet he just wanted to write Faith’s name lol.

And Sheryl is the boss!

Hope u enjoyed the photos… Thank u for dropping by!