How To Cook Steamed Shrimp – Shainey’s Style

Hello World,

Lazy weekend for me…. just facing the computer whole day with terrible net connection. It is the longest weekend so far :D. End of Ramadan means holiday and shops are now open :p… And then and then :DDDDDD DSLR camera hahahahaha…

I sold some items yesterday so dropped by at the market and bought my favorite ….. SHRIMP! Believe it or not, when I was in China and stuck in Guangzhou province for a month, I just had shrimp for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole month… as in!

One of my favorites is steamed shrimp but actually I love more the sinigang soup and the one with Thai sauce but I cooked the easiest one.

                                      At first I asked Sheila to cook it……


But then, I want to be the best wife so I’l practice how to cook in case Antonio Banderas decides to commit suicide by marrying me :D. So, there you go, I googled how to cook steamed shrimp.

But ooppps, I don’t have the proper ingredients and so many of them so it looks complicated for me. So,  I just did it in my own way again 😀

First add water hmm 1/4 of this mug :p

Then, add vinegar same amount with the water 😉

Then 1 tbsp. salt with a smile 🙂

Here’s your Steamed Shrimp Shainey’s Style and Flavor my Love 😀

Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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