Shainey Tried Cooking :)

Hello World,

First of all, I’d like to thank Andy and CraveAdventure for visiting me here always. I am not as good as the others here but I enjoy sharing my daily stories.
I mentioned in my blog the other day that I am not too patient to cook but I love eating :). I blogged about my daughter when she was cooking something for the two of us.

This time, the mother is cooking :). You might call me stupid or lazy for having cooked a spaghetti for the first time but as what I have said in the other blog…it is embarrassing and I am not proud of it but I am very proud that I’ve tried it today ;). Moving into the new house is like playing in a big playhouse for Sheila and I and we cook real foods 🙂

Last week, I tried to browse recipe but too many words in front of me and I refused to read it so today, I just did it in my own way without following any recipe. Well, it was pretty easy though because I used an instant sauce :p and just add corned beef and no measurement needed.  Since 1 can wasn’t enough for the pasta, I asked my daughter to buy a sachet of ketchup, mixed it with water and pour it to the pasta to make it look better :p. My daughter cooked spaghetti the other night as well but she said tonight, mine is better than hers and I trust her judgement :D. Although I am following Rantings of an Amateur Chef ‘s blog, I had not tried cooking til tonight.

I know what’s in your mind as you view my photos but still it tastes like a real spaghetti and makes my tongue and tummy happy 🙂


Was not sure if the pasta was cooked already.

Let me try………….

Oh yeah, it is an achievement!

Finally, I was able to cook a spaghetti. 🙂

Sheila said that it tastes good 😀

Burp! Burp! tummy happy…..

Burp! Burp! we enjoyed our spaghetti..

Pose after 🙂 take 1

and take 2

Thanks for Reading 🙂


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