A Big Smile For A New Pair Of Shoes

Hello World,
Whooops! I’m inspired to write a blog tonight because I had a good snacks 😀 at school today. Ate always cooks yum yum for me at school which makes me run to the canteen when I heard she’s done cooking. And today, she spoiled me with nice snacks hehe, only very good for me because the others are on diet.  I love eating! But still need help from this expensive protein powder to gain weight.

Tonight, I’m gonna share a story about our new pair of shoes.

My daughter and I share the same sneakers that we had been using for 3 years. It is a cheap one, 400 pesos but still ok so I haven’t thought of buying a new sneakers or rubber shoes. I sometimes wear jeans at work with it when it is Friday and my daughter would wake up first and take a quick bath and leave home to school before I woke up so that she could wear the sneakers. And when I woke up, I could only bla bla bla because I have nothing to wear. Sometimes, we had to decide who could wear the sneakers for Friday hehe. Until someone gave us a “snob” shoes :D… hmmm mine is a snob, my daughter’s isn’t as snob as mine but for her age, it is already. (Don’t get me wrong, I know you have seen me wearing nice high heels and boots but most of the times, I sell them  and they’re not that expensive plus im not into rubber shoes.)

It was a surprise gift for her and she was very happy and proud of her new shoes… ooooh my daughter’s happiness is just shallow. It was supposed to be an expensive shoes but for her age, I don’t want her to spoil a lot as she might forget to appreciate simple things in life so she has to enjoy and appreciate little and simple things first. When she saw the price, she had a sweet smile for she thinks it is very expensive as the price is 3 times higher than our old sneakers. Pink is her favorite color and we always fight who wears pink hehehe because it is my favorite color as well but we don’t want to wear the same color. Even if they are required to wear black shoes at school, I caught her sometimes wearing her rubber shoes. I know she loves her new pair of shoes but she stared at mine and said ” hahaha someday I will have yours” lol.

A surprise gift for Sheila

My Bestfriend Has A Big Smile For Her New Shoes

She is very happy with her new pair of shoes but the mother is feeling a snob with her new pair of shoes.

I sometimes don’t want to use it, just display hahaha but then I tried to run with it and realize the difference between my cheap sneakers and my snob running shoes. But well, forget about the price, it is the feeling of being spoiled and being loved. I know Sheila feels the same. I know she had that big smile not only because she has new pair of shoes but because she has a gift as we both rarely receive gifts.

I can’t wait to share something when the right time comes……..all I can say, I am very happy always.

Thank u so much for reading my not very interesting blog tonight hahahaha but then I miss blogging and I am just stuck in the village so I don’t have funny travel stories yet :p



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