My Daughter Is Cooking

Hello World,
I miss sharing my daily stories here because I’ve been just posting the products I am selling.

Anyways, I have no travel stories as I haven’t been anywhere after Vietnam.

My blog for today is about my daughter who always cook for me ;). My daughter is now 13 yrs old and she always cook for us (mother, father and me). Since we moved into our new house and leave my parents at the old house, I feel like my daughter and I are just playing in a big playhouse. Yes, I remember when I was a child, I used to play with my older sister Claire and built a hut using logs and coconut leaves. We sometimes stole the cooking pot at home which always made my father angry because we cook guava leaves and other kinds of leaves which made the pot very smelly. Sometimes, we used cans and we loved to make fire to cook.

Back to my daughter, I bought shells at the market, one of my favorites. It is embarrassing to admit this but I am lazy at cooking. I love to eat all the time but I get bored when it comes to cooking. Well, thats my weakness and it is embarrassing. One reason as well is, if I try to cook something, I will be just wasting the food because even the dog won’t eat it.

My daughter enjoys cooking as long as you give her something to cook. Sometimes, she had no idea how to do it so she would do it the way she wanted but at least doesn’t terrible compared to mine.

While the daughter is cooking, the mother is facebooking 😀










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