Happy 30th Bday Shainey!

Hello World,

I have no special things going on except that I am just behaved in the village and do online selling during my vacant time. I miss sharing silly stories to you but for now, my feet is locked. Maybe, soon, I will be out of my comfort zone again to make myself uncomfortable……ooooh! i just miss being in a hostel and meet fellow travellers sharing different topics! I will do it again, just need to hit the lotto jackpot! but I always forgot to bet on my number :p.

In Gold, Silver and Bronze


Anyway, I’d like to share my debut :p hehehe oh yeah debut! coz when I turned 18, there was only noodles on the table lol. Well, I had hard life on those years because I became a single mom at a very early age so I considered my 30th bday as my debut and just spoiled myself. I was alone, but I had all the fun :)….
It was my first time to watch a concert, well the main reason why I wanted to watch a concert was just all because it fell on my bday :d. I wanted to take my daughter with me but the SVIP ticket costs 4 290 (that’s a nice dining set already) and my ticket was a bday gift from a long time crush…oh feeling teenager!
I didn’t know what to wear til I remember the gold dress I’d kept. Well, it’s knee level so was not really comfy with it coz Im into mini dresses or short clothes lol with boots lol. But I had no choice because I don’t have new one and most of my dresses had been sold already. I was killing time at Ayala Mall, I had tight budget but I tried to forget it coz I just wanted to spoil myself, who else would spoil me when I was just alone? So, I bought new lipstick and a bangle. Then went facial and had my nails done :D. Sweet smile on my face.

When I saw my photos the next day, I realized that my colors were Gold, Silver and Bronze lol. Gold dress, silver shoes and a bronze bag. I didnt intentionally wore those colors but I just used what’s available hmmm so it is my Gold, Silver and Bronze anniversary :)))))

Excuse me Kuya, can u help me take a photo of myself pls?

Then I saw a big mirror 😀

Take 1: OOOOPPPPPS flash was bad

Take 2: No flash but blurry 😦 bad camera

Take 3: Ok I gave up! still blurry

Then saw David’s poster….
Me: Excuse Ate, can u pls take a photo of me?

Ate: sure! (after taking a photo) u

         u have a bad camera

Me: 😦 I know

I love their fashion

Excuse me Miss, can u pls take a photo of me?

Seatmate: Ate, bad photo, take 2 :p
I wasn’t boasting my shoes, I was only trying adjust the settings of the cam

Me: Can u try again pls? The lights are on now

Miss, one more pls?

U’r always be my baby  🙂

Love his tattoos 🙂 hot hot hot!

The prize of SVIP ticket…………… very close 😀

Me: Miss, pls take a photo of me with ur camera coz u have a better camera… here’s my fb, pls tag me :p

Girl: Ok Ok Ok go!

Miss, one more photo pls?

Miss miss, another photo with ur cam pls? don’t forget to tag me ok? what’s ur facebook? 😉

Jesus!!!!! u made my night baby 😀


I changed my mind when I saw him… heheheheh I screamed for him not really for David :p

After the concert………………..

Excuse me Kuya, picture pls??????????????

Went to the mirror again :p

Lonely man above, can u be my birthday date? :p

Timer starts now ! click click

Shaking my hot choco

Waiting for my hot choco and cake

Camera, pls take a photo of me :p

One more picture pls? it is my bday.

My 30th birthday cake!

Yum! Yum! but ur too big for the little Shainey

Miss, I am celebrating my birthday, can u pls help me take a photo with my cake?

Miss, another one pls?

The cake was too big for me :(. Couldn’t finish it so I just took photo of it. Asked the lady if I could take it so I can give to some street kids, but then she said, it would melt in 10 mins

Sore tummy!!!! too full!

This is my 30th bday!  But still 15 inside hehehehe……….

Thanks for Reading!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cravesadventure
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 02:31:32

    Happy Birthday – Enjoy!!!


  2. Shainey's Petite World
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 14:04:05

    @cravesadventure: thank u 🙂


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