Check Out Our Latest Products: Galvanic wrinkle eraser pen


If you are bothered with your ugly eyebags and wrinkles that formed below ur eyes, here’s another product at Shaineysfashion to get rid of ugly wrinkles and eyebags without going to expensive derma clinic.

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Galvanic Wrinkle Eraser pen / Eye beauty Device/ Wrinkle Remover Pen


Detailed Product Description portable wrinkle removal pen vibration &conduction & ion pulse eye skin care easy & convenient to use fashionable and effective galvanic wrinkle eraser pen

Genuine beauty machine
High quality ,low price
Good performance and safe


galvanic wrinkle eraser pen
1.Ionic function
2.Remove fine lines, pufiness, wrinkles
3.Help on nutrient penetration

4.Galvanic wrinkle eraser pen

5.Obviously remove or minimize fishtail
6.Erase wrinkle, tighten and firming your eyes
7.Effectively removes eye bag and puffiness

How does wrinkle form?

The skin elasticity is maintain from elastic fiber and collagen, with the age increasing, collagen of body will be run off gradually, and elastic fiber become damage, wrinkles then come out.


How does Wrinkle Eraser work?

The Wrinkle Eraser is a system for reducing wrinkles on human skin by utilizing an electrode to conduct a micro current through the surface of the wrinkle into the underlying dermal layer. In the meanwhile, it adopts latest Biomimetic technology, which imitates brain photon wave energy to secrete the coenzyme, thus accelerating the synthetic ability of collagen and H EGF (the growth factor of human epidermis), repairing the elasticity support structure to make depth wrinkle smooth gradually and also prevent new wrinkles.
Available in 2 colors Pink and White






Limited stocks only. Please contact us at if interested in this product.





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