Singapore: My First Martini Drink Story

Hello World,

I’ve been ok until today and just bothered when I heard the word jealousy. My first reaction was “Again?” I’ve learned to ignore these kind of people but I’m just human, can get hurt especially if I am put into trouble with no reasons.

I know I’l be fine just  can’t be fine at the  moment.

To make me smile, I’l just recall my silly moments that describe the real me.

I could see the Merlion from Marina Bay Sands infinity pool and really wanted to take a photo with it. So I asked my friend to help me get there (oh well I actually need a photographer).

The Merlion

Then tired from walking after checking some places, stopped by at a bar. It is called Oyster bar. Hmmm silly me, I was curious of that bar and was thinking all drinks were made of oyster :p (sorry, I know it was silly to think that way). I was so serious for thinking that drinks there are made of oyster.

Anyway, I don’t really drink although I have few photos as if I was drinking. They recommended Martini and my first time to hear that drink. I ordered it coz my brother-in-law is Martin. Woooh! I was excited to have my first Martini.

At Oyster bar, waiting for my first Martini

My first Martini

Oh fake smile, I could smell it

hmm see if the face wouldn’t change

Oh yeah I can do it!!!!!

yes! have a little already in my mouth

no longer cute…u ok?

swallow it! woooohoooo

don’t waste the money, finish it!

Curious what is that circle-circle thing.. to eat or not to eat :p

I didn’t like the taste but had to pretend 🙂 for the camera

Oyster Bar at Marina Bay

I asked the waiter after I finished my Martini if it was made of Oyster :p. He laughed at me and said, it is just the name of the bar but drinks were not made of oyster :p… It’s ok, I was just asking though………… I had confidence after a glass of Martini and was tipsy.

Lame!!!!!!! just a glass of Martini, I got tipsy.

Oh Yeah it works! I wear a smile now by recalling my silly moments… 🙂

This is my first Martini drink story. Thanks for Reading 🙂 and Have a Nice Weekend!


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