Singapore – Formula 1 First Experience: Cheering For The Wrong Car

Hello World,

I wasn’t able to post about my weekend but just to summarize it, I had fun although there was a little problem.

Anyway, just read the latest post about Fernando Alonso who won his 29th GP in F1 2012 Spain last weekend. I wish I saw that victory! My German brother told me that he is arrogant and not a nice guy but I bet he just said that one so I would cheer for Vettel lol. I mentioned it to my Scottish friend and he simply said, if you are arrogant, then u can drive very fast and a good driver so that explains  his arrogance :D.

Fernando Alonso – the winner of the 2012 Formula 1 European Grand Prix

While taking my break at work, I’d like to share my first experience of Formula 1.

I was very ready for the race and so excited to wear my boots. Finally, I had the chance to wear it as I don’t have much night life here so can’t really wear boots. I stayed at Marina Bay Sands and the race could be just viewed from the rooftop (viewing area). I felt like the muse of an F1 driver lol. But, unfortunately, the Russian millionaires arrived and rented the whole area. We were not allowed to enter the viewing area as it was exclusive for them. So others including my German brother jumped into the pool (Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool ) with their binoculars. Though I wanted to, how could I jump into the pool with my boots? So I ended up laying on the beds at the pool and just watched it from the big screen.

I was bored so I just entertained myself and played with my camera

A little bit awkward coz people were on their swimming attire while I was wearing boots

I really needed help to get a nice photo of myself but people were busy cheering for their teams

still couldn’t get a nice photo.

hehe, people noticed what I was trying to do and they knew I need help lol

One last try and I gave up

I gave up from trying to take a good photo of myself so I just paid attention to the race. Honestly, I didn’t know any drivers so I picked the nicest car for me and hehe a handsome driver. I do love the silver one and Alonso is hmmmm very very handsome 😀 so I cheered for him. Beside me were Italians and cheering for the Ferrari team.

Oh! I saw the silver car overtook the ferrari car (red) and I was jumping and shouting ” Go! Go! Go! Alonso! yes! yes! ” The people who were also watching from the big screen were looking at me as if they were confused. Oh well, I was thinking it must be because of my boots or maybe because I was just alone. I kept cheering for the silver car and shouting for Alonso’s name so the Italians laying beside me asked “Miss, what team are you cheering for?”

With excitement, I answered with a big smile and said “Alonso” . The Italians then laughed and said, “Then why are you cheering for the silver car? Alonso is in red car, Ferrari” :p

To be honest, I didn’t know how to make alibis from that mistake. I was hehe embarrassed and I just had to be honest and told them, I actually just chose my favorite color of car and a handsome driver. So I just asked how’s the German doing (RedBull) because my German brother flew all the way from Germany to Singapore just to watch F1 so I was curious if his team was doing well.

While watching the race, the Italians bought me pizza and white wine. It was also my first experience with white wine and I loved the taste so I got another glass. The world turned around after the second glass and I was actually a little bit worried on how to go back to the room.

My First White Wine

With the Italian and now we are cheering for the same team lol

making friends with the Italians

I was very drunk and waiting for the race to finish. After the race, the Italians left the pool and I went back straight to the room and was very very drunk but trying to get sober as it was a party night. My German brother was celebrating as well because Vettel was just 19 yrs old and was second so it was still a good win for him. People celebrated after the race so I shouldn’t waste time staying in the room but I could hardly stand up. I tried to get up to help myself get sober.

The Effect of White Wine

I wanted hot soup but lol it’s Marina Bay Sands, so I bet a hot soup costs a lot. I was so desperate to get sober because I didn’t want to miss the fun.  I then remember I had jampong with me, an instant spicy noodles. I always bring foods just in case foods are expensive or I call itemergency”. And using hot water from the shower :p, I cooked the noodles and felt better after I had a hot soup :DDD.

Foods in case of emergency :). Jampong helped me to get sober 😀

It was late when I got sober, almost midnight  but still went out just to experience how it is like to party there. It was Sunday so some people had gone home already because they still had to work the next day but Clarke Quay was still a little busy.Well, I missed the real fun because of the White Wine but I still had a little fun and still makes me laugh when I remember that I was too serious cheering on the silver car but shouted Alonso’s name.

Clarke Quay – when I got sober and went out to party, people had gone home already.


Thanks for Reading 🙂


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