A Flashback: Education Merges To The Needy

Hello World,

How was your weekend?

Hmm I was supposed to share my…hmmm should I call it crazy Saturday night lol, but I’l do it tomorrow.

I just had a chance to talk with a new friend I met named James and I wasn’t sure if he was sober or not lol. We shared few boring things :p. I call my dadadada boring actually.  He mentioned about feeding  Jollibee to some street children in Cebu. I then remember the “Education Merges To The Needy Outreach Program” last Christmas. I haven’t written about it here but actually have made a video presentation as my simple Christmas gift to my great friends who sponsored the said activity.It was very successful and the video/photos describe how happy the students and the little children were. It wasn’t my first time but that was the biggest I’ve done so far and it was a news in the village. Well in the village, news spread quickly.

Tonight, just want to share what happened after.  While I was walking on the street on my way home, some people were waiting for me to ask for a bag of rice. I find it surprising at first because I didn’t even have one for my family and they are not really that poor. In fact, their houses are a lot better than ours. They were blaming me and complaining why I didn’t include them. I find it very annoying because it is just for indigent students but I just realized that it is actually one of our Filipino weaknesses. It was very awkward because I felt the stares and I know what were they thinking. I was so weak and felt very sick as I didn’t eat properly, was too busy and no energy after. Before I reached home, I noticed this relative of mine waiting for me and I could tell from her eyes she wanted something and I wasn’t wrong. I remember  how this woman laughed at my mother when my poor mom was desperate to borrow  money to pay for sister’s tuition fee. When I was closer to her, she called me and had a very long introduction and I knew where we were going, she wanted to borrow a huge amount of money. I almost dropped my bag. The gossips then spread. Oh, that’s what I got after. The next day I was very sick, I couldn’t get up but the thought that I have done something nice gave me strength.Then, 4 days later was Christmas day and I was told that my two new wall fans in my classroom were stolen lol. I then realized some people were mad at me because of all the classrooms, why mine? And that classroom next to mine had no lock but the fans there were not stolen.

I was a little bit sad  but I quickly recovered when I remembered the smiles and the happiness of those very poor students when they got their bag of rice, cans of sardines and packs of noodles. And, how crazy they were when I threw candies and chocolates. It taught me very important lessons in life.

The video/slideshow presentation was also made to encourage and inspire others to spread generosity. The world can’t be changed by one person  but I know that there are more golden-hearted people out there who are doing the same and I am just sharing it again.

The first music is one of my favorites. Whitney died a month after the video was done but glad I have chosen her song to be the main song and it is a tribute to Whitney.

The second is the same but child version as it is for the little cutie ones.

And the third is my message to my great friends. Every word is dedicated for them as their support was unexpected.

Pls click here for the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AW9ljmvfEs

Enjoy watching and thanks for dropping by.


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