Penis? or Finish?

Hello World,

Just want to share a funny experience with my students today.

The students were very noisy talking while taking the 30-item-quiz.

Teacher: (sound tough) It’s 30×2 to make it 60 and if you speak English, I’ll give you 20 additional points.

The students were quiet and was trying to speak in English.


Student 1:Β  (raising his paper) Yes! I’m penis!

Teacher: What?

Student 1: ( In Cebuano) I said I’m penis and give me 20 points because I said “I’m penis” and it’s English.

Everyone laughed and another student commented.

Student 2: (In Cebuano) Do you mean you are a penis or you are done answering?

Student 1: (In Cebuano and with a very serious face): Don’t talk dirty in front of our teacher! I’m penis meaning humana ko ug answer (I’m done answering)! Why you think dirty? You don’t understand I’m penis?

Student 2: It’s finish not penis.

Student 1: (In Cebuano) You are just jealous because you can’t speak English!

I couldn’t stop laughing though I tried hard to look tough. It was his very serious face that made it so funny and insisted that he deserves 20 points because he spoke English.

They made my day!

Thanks for dropping by…..


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  1. andy1076
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 12:19:54

    If it were me I wouldn’t know how to react to that lol! thank you for coming by πŸ™‚


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