Hangman Consequence: Sleeping In The Jungle

Hello World,

How are you? I have been so lazy to write and broke my promise again that I’m gonna write every day. Oh well, I had done a lot of things this summer vacation and was always away from the internet so limited chance to write. Can’t wait to have my padfone, would be easier to blog.

summer 2012

Anyway, my post is about a white guy sleeping in the jungle.

Tom Calver is a 22-yr-old English guy whom I met in the village when I arrived from Manila. I met him at the shop outside and was complaining how boring this place is. For some reasons, he was stuck in the village with no idea how is it like to live here. He is very picky especially when it comes to girls so he chose whom he wanted to talk. We are similar in some ways so we get along well but at the same time, we are opposite in other ways so within 5 minutes, you would hear us arguing already and our time being together is so boring without arguing.

Tom Calver

On his last few days here, I took him to a public high school in the village to meet the school principal. Then we went to town to … just did nothing as there was really nothing  to do. While having beer, we got tired from arguing so we decided to play X-O-X. But still we argued how to play it right because it is played in a different way here so we decided to play a different game. He suggested hangman and it had to be a name of a country. I won when I had my turn to  guess so his consequence was to ink me any design. Unfortunately, he had so many alibis that he couldn’t draw properly on my arm so he just inked my name. It was his turn to guess a name of a country and gave few hints and the consequence was to sleep in the jungle if he couldn’t guess it.  I know he is paranoid of Python, mosquitoes, poisonous spiders and bugs so that was the dare.

Tom inked me with my name….unfortunately, he got a terrible handwriting :p

Talking with some of his admirers

His stick couldn’t wait til he is done talking

He has got two more letters left 😀

He is too scared to sleep in the jungle so he was taking his time 🙂

He lost!

Wooop! Wooop! he lost so I celebrated!

Tom Calver has a big heart, he bought the poor kids here pork barbecue and made them happy!

He got the beer, I got the water

With bottles of rum, coke and water, he camped in the jungle. Since it is his first time to live in the province, he is not used to most of the things here. He is also paranoid about  snakes, poisonous spiders and some insects. He doesn’t want his shoes to get muddy as well……..but his dare was to sleep in the jungle!

He needs alcohol to have the courage to sleep here lol. And talking about Pythons the whole time

It was actually very dark here but the flash of the camera makes the photo looks bright.

He said he is not afraid of dying but just afraid of Pythons coz my father caught 18 ft. Python here which was bigger than his fat thigh. He wrapped his body with long sleeves and socks coz afraid of malaria, he was also scared of tiny cockroach lol so you can imagine that this is such a torture for him.

This is how dark the place and then I started my ghost stories lol which made him jumped.

I bet he didn’t sleep ’til morning, kept his eyes open to look after himself lol.

Look what made him up all night :p

hey Mr. Calver, your dare is over!

Already 10 am and is still sleeping lol

sleeping with 4 pillows! wake up!

After realizing that he survived on this night without being eaten by the Python lol, he slept here again the next night.

Thanks for Reading…………!


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