Bonding Time

Hello World,

I was actually very excited to wake up today to check a message but just very sad after. I went out so early to buy credits for my phone but it was forfeited so fast after few attempts to make a call.  If I could turn back time, I would undo some things.I am supposed to cancel my blog today to go out and forget the embarrassment but my appointment is cancelled til 4pm so I’l just kill my time in blogging.

I’l just share some photos of me and my friend Kim with her son and my daughter.


cute Jerry with his 2 cars

This is Jerry, 2-yr-old son of Kim. I told him to behave and eat properly so his mom could eat as she was already hungry. He was too smart to answer “baby is hungry also”. Then I said, “Baby is fat and mom is so skinny”, but he said, “baby is skinny also. He is a very smart boy, can’t believe he is so big now. He rarely shares his toy to another person but he likes my daughter a lot so he shared it and even asked her mother to get water for Sheila hahhaa. He doesn’t like me and will scare me with his eyes but with Sheila, he can behaved.


my lovely daughter


my gorgeous Sheila Mae wearing my dress 🙂


my lovely younger sister heheheh


bonding time


I LOVE YOU my best and hottest F1 driver ----> Alonso 😀 3 yogurt for him, with different flavor, spicy, sour and sweet 😉 stands for my personality lol


While roaming around Ayala, there is this 1 hot Caucasian guy who kept looking at Kim and approached her yay! He talked to her and told her how gorgeous she is in her dress then asked for her number and invited for a movie… when suddenly Jerry called her “mommy mommy mommy” hahahha…

Thanks for reading.


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