Macau Boopers – The Jacket

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Yesterday, I posted about the pink backpack that caused my sister to be held at Macau immigration. Story here –>

a photo of me and my sister at Macau Ferry Terminal

just before we realized we had a wrong ticket

Macau was colder than HK on that time. In HK, I could still remove my jacket but not in Macau. Although our time was limited and we had problem in going to some hotels because of Sheila, we still enjoyed. Before we left Macau, my sister and I agreed to wink at any guy we meet for fun. Just after we agreed, we met two Europeans and dared to wink at them and bumped into the other one on purpose. Well, the two men noticed I did it on purpose or for fun so they just smiled anyway while my daughter was laughing watching her mother being silly.

We were supposed to leave at 10 pm but the ticket guy refused to let us in. We couldn’t understand what he said but then we realized our ticket was for 7 pm. We all went high blood because we told the lady to give us 10 pm but my friend Jessa accept the ticket without checking the time. We clearly said 10 pm and talked to the other guy to give us a 10 pm ticket and he said “yes” so maybe my friend Jessa just thought they all understood us. There was an argument at the ticket booth and couldn’t stop nagging at that man I spoke before we bought the ticket. The other guy apologize and admitted their mistakes and we demanded to issue us a new ticket but they refused. We called the police but of course we were just told that it was our fault. We were very mad at that woman with double false thick long lashes and sister told her that it was her lashes that caused her mistakes lol. We had no choice but to buy another 4 tickets and lost the money but satisfied ourselves by arguing those people there and didn’t care if they understood us or not.

It was a lot of money for four tickets but what else could we do? Life must go on, couldn’t cry over spilled milk. We took the 11 pm schedule and to forget our disappointments, our eyes wandered around while waiting for the boarding time and looked for something that would give us fun and laugh. My sister then just asked me to tease few men who were sitting beside their women/wives/girlfriends who kept looking at me. I caught their eyes so “migara ko”, meaning, I didn’t behave. I kept looking for alibis to make me stand up and walk like my sister and daughter would give me something to throw in the rubbish bin or to buy something at a snack booth. We started laughing again especially when the other woman caught her man’s eyes looking at me and she was very mad. He just then squeezed the woman’s boobs and kissed her. Then we saw those 2 Europeans we met while we roamed around outside. The other one was cute and hot. For fun again, I would pretend to throw something in the rubbish bin which was next to him ;). Don’t get me wrong, I was not trying to be flirty but we lost a lot of money and very sad about what happened to our tickets. We could have enjoyed more and did more things if we didn’t waste our money with the tickets. So, we just wanted to laugh done wearing a sad face just because of money.

I purposely removed my jacket and gave it to my companions to boast that I am ok without a jacket. When it was boarding time, the cute European guy happened to be walking beside me. Brrrrrr it was very cold  as we stepped out of the terminal. I didnt know what the European guy was thinking but I felt naked in a very cold place without the jacket but my companions walked very fast. It was still several steps to the ferry and I didn’t know it was that cold as I removed it when I was still inside the terminal.  I pretended I was ok but my knees couldn’t stop shaking. The man was laughing at me like he had fun watching me hugging myself tight. I regreted for taking off my jacket. When my sister, daughter and Jessa saw me with my knees shaking, they couldn’t stop laughing as I looked very funny. I felt better when I was inside the ferry already and the cute guy sat at the opposite side. My daughter was just observing us and caught our eyes looking at each other which made her giggle. Haha I have fun remembering it.

Anyway, when we arrived at HK immigration, it was only me who was called of all the passengers to go to a room. My sister who was supposed to be worried was just laughing at me and said it was my ‘karma” for laughing at her when she was held at Macau immigration. I was confused what’s wrong. I had no bag and there was nothing in my hand. My ears were checked so I was thinking I had dirty ears lol. I was then asked to fill up a form. I asked what’s wrong, he said that I have a high fever and should be observed. Instead of being worried, I just laughed at myself because I must got the high fever when I removed the jacket in Macau just to tease some people. I was released after they checked me but it was long enough that other passengers were already gone including the cute guy lol. My sister kept laughing but well, I laughed at her anyway when she was held because of the pink backpack without knowing that it would happen the same to me for removing the jacket which caused me a fever.

Going back to our guesthouse, I felt the fever and felt weak but I had fun remembering the crazy things I did and had forgotten  how much money we lost at Macau ferry terminal.

Thank you for reading and have a fruitful day 🙂


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