Macau Bloopers – The Pink Backpack

Hello World,

How’s your weekend? I have nothing special going on this weekend but I still enjoyed it thru reading few blogs. I tried not to wake up early but my eyes want to wake up at 6am everyday so I just spent 3 hours rolling in bed and trying to close my eyes again and imagine what’s going to be in May. Well, that’s something to wait for.

Il continue the travel bloopers. Sitting here alone, I miss that moment so  I am writing  it at least it won’t be just forgotten like my other stories.

Macau Bloopers

The Pink Backpack

It was raining hard and we decided to go to Macau. Hmm finally, I could wear my white boots. I had had it for a year and had only worn it on a picture taking so I was very glad to finally wear them. I love wearing boots but where should I wear them here? in school? Haha I’l be fired right away. My sister didn’t want to wear high heels anymore after she was tortured the previous day with her high heels that made her decide to walk barefoot as she couldn’t endure the sore feet anymore.


I do love winter outfits. They make me look bigger 😀

She  carried the pink backpack of my daughter with my extra flat boots (in case I couldn’t endure the high heels), dingdong corn snacks, and biscuits. On our way to the ferry terminal, I noticed something that stinks :x. It is in the pink backpack. We checked it but couldn’t find any til I noticed that there was a Shawarma in its pocket. My daughter forgot to finish her Shawarma that she placed in the pocket of the backpack.

a photo of a Shawarma

We tried to get rid of the smell by washing the pocket with alcohol and my sister just wanted to throw the backpack away but we didn’t bring any other bags and we brought some snacks so we had nothing to use. My sister couldn’t stop nagging at my daughter but the more she got mad when my daughter was just laughing watching my sister washing the pocket with alcohol. She passed the backpack to my daughter but she stayed away from it. She passed it to me but I couldn’t be bothered with a pink backpack as it didn’t match with my outfit :p so she had no choice, it was her who carried it. We proceeded to the ferry terminal after the bag smelled like an alcohol instead of Shawarma.


a photo at Hongkong ferry terminal


What are you looking at sister? It is your job to carry the backpack


my innocent gorgeous little-big angel

When we were at the immigration area, my sister was called for inspection. At first, I was thinking that everyone should be inspected if you have a bag. The lady officer checked what’s inside of the bag but I was curious why others with big luggages and boxes were not checked. When the officer was done checking her bag, she was brought to a room and the officer closed it. I began being nervous and very worried. My heart started to pump so fast so I approached another officer to ask what’s going on but I got no answer but instead he told me to stay behind  the line. I was thinking what if some crazy guy put drugs in the backpack while she was carrying it in the tram. She was there for several minutes. We were waiting  the door to be opened. I told myself that she must be in trouble. It should be the backpack that has a problem. When the door was opened and my sister was released, I could finally breathe. Very mad at my daughter, she threw the backpack at her and asked her to carry it. There must be a smell detector and the immigration area that’s why she was held for several minutes. She said all the things inside the bag were inspected one by one. The officer found those dingdong corn snack packs, the extra boots, her vitamins and  some nonsense stuffs. My daughter couldn’t complain anymore, she had to carry that backpack the whole time as her punishment. It was her fault why she was held at the immigration. It must be the smell of the alcohol and the onions.


Sheila had to carry the pink backpack the whole time


My sister and I


The three sisters 😉

Everything was ok after and my sister to start laughing again about her embarrassment. My daughter couldn’t stop laughing as well and glad that it wasn’t me who carried that pink backpack :p. But, it was my sister’s turn to laugh at me when we return in Hongkong. It was my turn to be called.  I carried nothing as it was my daughter who had the backpack. I just had my jacket so I was curious why I was brought to a room. Find out why in tomorrow’s post 🙂

A lesson to learn – Do not carry a pink backpack…joke joke joke

Have a nice Sunday and thanks for stopping by. see yah tomorrow!


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