Hongkong- HK Bloopers Part II

Hongkong- HK Bloopers Part II

First Cable Car Experience

Hello World,

I am 11 hours late for my post today. I went to a seminar whole day and away from computer.

At the seminar, I heard a voice saying “That’s Sheryl Gonzales” and everyone in that group turned around and looked at me. After 5 mins., I heard the same thing from another group of teachers from another school. I don’t know them and couldn’t even remember their faces. I was just pretending that I was texting to someone to avoid being awkward. After few minutes again, one teacher looked at me and asked “Are you Sheryl Gonzales?” I just said “yes and why?”. She replied, she recognize me because of my hair. After that, I had a little chit-chat with another teacher from another school. From her, I realized that I had been a “talk” since before. I had no idea ’til she told me few things about what she heard about me. I also learned that they call me “noodles”.

Well, I dont go out much and I’m not really into gossips so I was not aware of those few issues about me.I ignored what I heard but shared to some people and they simply told me that some people are just insecure. And for those people who know me well or for those who have at least talked to me even just for a short time said, I am just normal, nothing special about me, not flirty and not that crazy and very pposite on how others judged me based on my photos. But they added that it is my long curly hair that makes me daring and give a sexy look so they suggested that I should have it straightened. Oh well, I already had my hair cut in Vietnam and it is now shorter but hair staightening or hair rebonding costs a lot. I had my “One Night Straight Hair” in Vietnam but I am not very comfy with it as I am not used to see myself in the mirror with a straight hair. I felt naked with it lol. For those who have not read my blog and have not seen  my photos when I had  a “One Night Straight Hair” , you can view it from here –>


Enjoying the cable car ride

Anyway, I am just sharing it as sharing always help me feel better. But, that is not really my post tonight. My post is a continuation of yesterday’s post. It will be just short because I am so tired and sleepy. I’d like to share our first cable car experience. Although it is not really my first time for the fun rides as I had experience those crazy rides in Everland, South Korea, I had not tried a cable car before that.

On our way there, we were all very excited and was not  scared at all. We even just enjoyed taking photos and my daughter had fun with us.

having fun in the cable car


my daughter and sister were excited and happy


Me with my younger sister and my daughter in our first cable car ride experience


We just had fun in that cable car ride. These cable cars take you to all the fun rides. It was already evening when we finish there but after all the fun rides especially the roller coaster experience, this was the reaction when we took the cable car to send us back to the main entrance and exit.


scared of heights

My sister was very scared after she experience some fun rides. I tried to divert my attention and avoided to look down to avoid being scared but with her reaction, I began to be scared as well.

The end……….

More funny experiences next time.. and again, thanks for stopping by. You can leave your comments below if you like to.



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  1. marie
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 22:52:47

    so cute


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