Hongkong – HK Bloopers Part I

Hello world,

About 7pm last night, I was rolling in my small bed trying to close my eyes to take a nap but my mind was up so I decided to go to the main road which is about 300 meters from home to buy hotdog at my cousin’s small eating place. When I had my hotdog cooked, no one seemed to recognize me lol but when my neighbors realized it was me sitting on the chair waiting for my hotdog to be cooked, they seemed to be surprised and said it is such a miracle to see me out of our house. Another neighbor named “Noy Duwar”, kissed my head after he realized it was just me sitting on a chair. He thought I was a child that he didn’t recognize me right away lol. Everyone had the same comment.  Except that they see me passing every morning going to school (always late) and after school, they rarely see me go out from the house. It is not a special thing for me buying a hotdog but everyone who saw me seemed to be surprised. Am I that snobbish lol? I feel like I live in the jungle. I just don’t go out when I’m not working. I prefer to stay home and read blogs sometimes or sell clothes in facebook and chat with new friends I met online to share experiences especially about culture. But with my neighbors reaction, I meditate for a while and realized that I need to spend less time with the internet and get out and have fun outside. Yeah, I will soon and I will see more what is it outside my small Shaineysworld.

Anyway, I can’t finish my story yesterday yet but I will finish it as soon as I don’t know how to call the part II as that part is mixed with sad and happy emotions. So I will share our crazy experience in HK with my daughter’s first time to ride in an airplane and my sister’s first time to be out of the country.

checking our tickets

my daughter's first time to see an airplane in closer view

both excited

I told my daughter to listen and observe carefully on what to do when the plane crashes. I teased her and she was speechless, maybe regreted to be with her crazy mother 😀

Not my first time in HK as I was there when I was 22 but I was very opposite when I was younger and had no sense of adventure on that time. It was like a first time that I didn’t know about HK. We are not rich enough to stay in hotels and why stay in hotels if we can save money from guesthouses? So we asked someone to book us in a guesthouse and told the lady that we would arrive at 2am.

tired and hungry

With confidence, we arrived at the guesthouse located in Causeway Bay around 2 am with our receipt for the downpayment. Well, it was written in Chinese so didn’t really know what’s written there except that we knew it was a receipt for our payment. We knocked the door slowly at first to avoid bothering other people ‘til there was no answer after few attempts of waking up the caretaker. We called but the old lady said 10 am. Since she couldn’t speak English well, we only understood that she would let us in at 10 am so what? we would be waiting at the door? We had a friend with us who lives in HK with his wife and with an angry voice, he knocked the door and yelled so loud that woke up everyone in the entire building. The neighbors were very mad because of the noise but he kept yelling to open the door and said we paid already and why not open the door. At the same time, that Chinese lady next door kept saying “Why are you so fu—king noisy?” Unsuccessful with our attempts, we confidently called a police :D…….. oh yeah so the police came so quick to help us. The friend who was with us explained the whole thing and said, we had a child with us who need rest. The police officer knocked the door and talked to the lady but refused to open so we just called her phone and they talked with the officer. The officer then asked our receipt and said, our booking is for 10 am lol. My friend blamed her wife then for not checking it well but she insisted she told his that it would be 2 am. My sister and I just laughed at her then while her husband kept lecturing her about the mistake she made. Anyways, we couldn’t change it so we just look for a place where we could pass the night and had my daughter sleep at least.

deciding where to go

she said "why worry? we can just sleep here" 😀

this is what I call adventure 😀

for me, a trip turns exciting when something goes wrong. if everythinng goes well, I find it boring 😀 as I have no story to tell :p

Just roaming around and enduring the cold temperature looking for a place where we could at least stretch our legs.

My very kind daughter had no comment at all. Her crazy mother taught her how to be adventurous lol.

We walked from Causeway to Wanchai where there was a 24 hr Mc Donalds. It was far and my sore feet were killing me. I was wearing high heels as I didn’t expect that there would be a lot of walking. We stayed in Mc Donalds and ordered foods while my daughter was enjoying her time sleeping. There were few people sleeping there and one was a Caucasian woman but the rude service crew told us that it wasn’t allowed to sleep there so he wanted to wake up my daughter. Our friend was pissed off why bother a child sleeping  while the others are not bothered when they even made the chairs like a bed and my daughter was just sleeping while she was sitting on the chair. They had an argument but my daughter was just sleeping peacefully. Then we were having our coffee when the service crew was back again at our table and mopped the floor and moved the chairs without even saying “excuse me”. There was an argument again as he seemed to be annoying us all the time.

killing time at 24 Mc Donalds in Wanchai

Anyway, we were safe but just tired because we didn’t sleep at all. We were supposed to be resting so we could enjoy the next day but well, we had fun remembering that night. It was also my daughter and sister’s first winter experience so at least they knew how it is like to walk on cold streets :D.

For others who haven’t travelled yet and plan to travel in the future, I am not saying here that it is ok to sleep on the streets or to roam around late at night. You can look for 24 hr fast food chains in case you experience the same. Staying in a hotel is nice but if you can find cheaper accommodation, it would be better and spend your money in other things instead.

A lesson to learn here, always check the receipt and if it is written in a different language, have someone to translate it so you won’t be in trouble. But the question is, did we learn?????hhahaha no, I have another story later :p

Thanks for reading 🙂


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