The House of God – Part I

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I was supposed to write my experience at Cuchi tunnel in Vietnam when I woke up today. But, I saw this yellow paper  with my father’s handwritten so I tried to read it. He just used a pencil so I could hardly read it and plus, with so many words in front of me, I got bored and ignored it. When I put it away, I noticed the title that put me in curiosity because the introduction seemed to be different from the title so I patiently read it ’til i reached the part what he meant about the House of God and that will be in the Part II of the story. I am just tying to summarize this as it is very long and even his introduction is quite long. I wonder if his hands don’t get tired of writing. I realized then that it is Black Saturday so maybe the story wanted me to post it today. By the way, for non believers , I am not trying to promote a certain religion here, I am just trying to share a story and a little part of our history and Philippine tradition. Oooops! I talk a lot :p ( like father like daughter tsk tsk tsk)

This is divided into two parts:

Part I – The Santo Entierro

Part II – The Story Behind the “House of God”

Enjoy Reading!

“The House of God”

Part I – The Santo Entierro

narrated by: Jimmy Gonzales

It was April 1991 when I was able to witness a religious procession of the “Santo Entierro” in the city of Masbate. We were stranded in that city because of the cancellation of the trip of “Princess of the Orient” of Sulpicio Lines. The ship schedule was supposed to pass the port of Masbate from Manila every Friday evening but we were not able to know of its cancellation. That ship’s schedule was my only hope to be with my family in Cebu before Easter Sunday. All the other boat trips from the different ports of Masbate province were likewise cancelled on that day because it was “Good Friday”. It was our first time to be in that island so we were not familiar with the schedule of the trips of the shipping companies. Forced with no other resources, we decided to take a lodging house until Sunday.

A photo of Santo Entierro

That day “Good Friday” was already our second day in the lodging house and we were already short of money. There was nothing to do; the lodging house had no TV and no newspaper either to read while passing away the house. I had a companion who was a Protestant denomination. He had a bible to read in order to escape boredom. After our dinner, I decided to go to the church to watch a religious procession of the Santo Entierro. My companion, though he was protestant decided to go with me. He didn’t want to be left alone in the lodging house.

The procession of the Santo Entierro in that place was so far, the biggest and most ardent crowd I had seen  compared to other places during Good Fridays. After the procession, a lot of believers flocked around the Santo Entierro and shoved with each other in an effort to touch the icon and to get anything from the body like a piece of clothing or a strand of hair. Even the flowers that were showered by the caretaker of the icon were being collected by the believers for they’re convinced that it could bring them luck in business, good health and protection the whole year round. Such was the enthusiasm of the crowd and my companion who’s a protestant and doesn’t believe and worship in icons could only shake his head. After, we just leisurely walked and passed by a bakery where we bought a hot bread. There were many customers, obviously like us hungry; so, the newly cooked bread were easily fading away like bubbles. While waiting for our turn, I turned around my eyes to the structure of the old building where the bakery was located at the ground floor . An old villa , made of bricks that could easily be regarded as antique. There was a tinge curiosity as my eyes  surveyed the whole structure of the old building.

A photo of Filipino Catholic believers following a procession of Santo Entierro

Part II –  The Story Behind the “House of God”

to be continued…………………..


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  1. jay
    Apr 07, 2012 @ 12:07:49

    good story


  2. marie
    Apr 07, 2012 @ 22:47:12

    agree, good story


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