Vietnam – Hanging Out with a European

Hello world,

I had all the drama last night because I was touched by a message of a friend. Anyway,  I am very late for my post today because connection was lost all day and before i lost it again,  I’d like to share a night in Saigon with a new European friend.

I had a half day tour on that day and after the fun I had (special thanks to my German brother, Harti for being the sponsor of this trip), I received a bad news that  put a sad smile on my face. Martin B. from Bahrain couldn’t make it. I went straight to the dorm when I arrived at the hotel and tried to focus so that I will have fun for the remaining days I had there. A new roommate just arrived from Argentina and we talked a lot. I have forgotten my disappointment as I had fun talking in English as finally, I could talk fast and havent spoken that way since I arrived. At first, he didn’t know that Filipinos can speak very good English but he was amazed when I told him that if he goes to the Philippines, he would realize that I just have average English speaking skills as a lot of people here can speak like a native one. He was playing with his iphone while we talked and I was playing with my pink calculator, computing how much I spent already but of course, I didn’t let him noticed that it was a calculator. I always used it as if it is a psp or like a latest gadget :D.  But I only spent 10 000 vietnam money for  a bottled water so I realized I havent eaten the whole day lol. I then left the Argentinian who didnt want to eat yet alone in the room.

I sat down in that restaurant located at the corner where I got a good view watching different kinds of people mostly Caucasians. I had fun observing them;  everyone was very different in many ways. Then I saw this white tall guy whose neck is very long and seemed to be looking for a place to eat. He took his seat just beside me and ordered pasta. While waiting for his order, I smiled at him and asked where is he from and he said he is from Holland, then the conversation started. He laughed hard when I told him about my crazy stories. After, he asked me if I would join him at the park and since I had no plan for that evening, I went there with him.

A friend from Holland

At first I was expecting a very nice view because he said he spent most of his nights there but 😦 there was nothing there except that small “mini lake-lake” at the park that looks like a stagnant water. ( I called it lake-lake coz I don’t know how to say it but it looks like a lake in my eyes :D). We shared many stories mostly about our experiences and about the countries he had been to. But I had fun with his “nyaaah” expression that he kept repeating and later, I was able to do the same that made him hate me :D. I actually wanted to walk and check those big buildings and luxurious boutiques in Saigon as I promised to a friend here that I would take photos of myself in signature boutiques but I think he was trying to hold me there.

sitting on this bench for hours

We were just sitting on the bench and played games I used to play when I was a child. I had fun and often asked him to take photos of me….at least I had a photographer this time.

Oh yeah! I just realized that I look like I have a nice bum here 😀

He made me laugh inside when suddenly he said he is different from other guys. “I am the type of man who doesn’t like one night stand.” My reaction was ” bwleeeeee” which made him hate me again. Out of our boredom, we played another game but I was getting sleepy. It was already 10 pm and wanted to go back to the hotel but he didn’t want to go yet so I stayed to accompany him.But couldn’t stop complaining when it was already 11pm. I told him that I would wake up early but still didn’t want to leave as he had nothing to do in his hotel. So, I just asked him to play with my hair and give me a nice hairstyle and see if he can be a good hairstylist :D.

I demanded for a very nice hairstyle

Unfortunately, he couldn’t even tie my hair properly and couldn’t stop complaining for giving him that task.

getting better this time

It was getting better after few tries. But, time was very quick. It was almost 1am  so I demanded to go and told him that I could walk alone on the streets if he still wanted to stay. So, he sent me back to my hotel and maybe, he also went back to his hotel. When I was in my bed, I remembered my disappointment I had on that day so I texted my friend who is like a brother to me in Germany. I shared about Martin B. but didn’t mention him about the strike in Hamburg and Frankfurt. Martin B. from Bahrain suggested me to check on him about the strike that caused cancellation of many flights in Germany.  My German friend was trying to comfort me with inspiring text msgs so, I felt like there was no need to be sad. We exchange few messages ’til I have forgotten and fallen asleep. My night ended that way but I had fun talking and meeting a new friend I met.

Thanks for Reading 🙂


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