The Corpse That Refused To Be Buried (Part III)

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The Corpse That Refused To Be Buried

Part III – He Is Done With His Wife

Written by Jimmy Gonzales


A man with tuberculosis

Then his illness again became worst and for the second time, the man died. As in his first death, also a few  had gathered around to bereave the family. The same people carried the corpse’s coffin that went through the same sinuous, rocky and narrow path. As in their first burial of the man, they failed to pass through the most difficult portion of the passage. For the second time, the coffin fell down hard and for the second time the corpse was resurrected. For the second time also, the man told them that the old bearded gatekeeper told him to go back for he was still not through with his wife. So, his wife got pregnant again and another child was added.Image

Finally his fragile health  gave in for the third time, the fellow died and just like his previous two deaths, only very few neighbors had gathered around. The coffin carriers for the third time were to pass through the same ordeal again. They were murmuring their resentment but what could they do? They cursed the corpse for doing that to them.

Off, they went trekking down the same sinuous, rocky and narrow path to bury the corpse for the third time. This time, the dead man’s wife wanted to be sure. As they negotiated the most difficult portion of the passage where her husband had resurrected twice, she took a good position on top of a rock and yelling the men on top of her voice to be extra careful.


They must not make the mistake of dropping the coffin again for the third time. They now used ropes to tie and lowered the coffin from one end of the bend to opposite end. Finally, after too much hazzles and nerve tingling attempts, they succeeded. Everybody was able to sigh a feeling of relief for a task that was finally done. Finally too, they were able to bury the corpse that refused to be buried. He was already through with his wife.


The End……………………… Thank you for reading 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shay M
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 06:39:23

    Read the whole thing, good story.


  2. marie
    Apr 07, 2012 @ 22:48:17

    funny one


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