The Corpse That Refused To Be Burried (Part II)

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Here’s the Part II

The Corpse That Refused To Be Burried

Part II – The First Attempt

written by: Jimmy Gonzales

The place where my friend lived was located in a community that was quite distant from the mainstream of civilization.  The patient died without even brought to a doctor or to a hospital. It was only an “albulario” or a quack doctor that had attempted to care him. The only way for someone to reach the town was by hiking or by riding in a horseback. From this place, the corpse must be carried on shoulders by men down to the cemetery which was located in the vicinity of the town. The coffin was made of lightwood and was painted with a black color.


An albularyo usually has a handkerchief wrapping his/her head and smoke "lomboy", a leaf of a fruit tree that looks like grapes. During the healing session, they chew guava leaves and spit on their patient's forehead.

Embalming a corpse was not also in practice that time in that place, so when a person died, he must be buried immediately the following day. Because of the dead man’s caused of death, only few neighbors  came to help mostly only men. Women and children stayed away.


A photo of people carrying a coffin

To carry the corpse and the coffin, four men were required. Two pieces of bamboos were tied on both sides of the coffin. Another person would carry the wooden cross on this shoulder and he must lead the pack. There were only six or seven men who can take turns in carrying the coffin. The path going down to the cemetery was sinuous, rocky and narrow that at times only one person can pass. So the corpse’s carriers had to be extra careful; one foot that slide or tumble could loose all their balance. Negotiating perhaps the most difficult curve of the pass, their exhausted shoulders finally gave in. The coffin was dropped and the force caused the woods and nails to loosen up thereby splitting it. The corpse body was exposed.


My friend was among those who carried the coffin. They barely had taken their breath when they noticed the corpse’s hand moving; then the head  attempted to rise. Scrubbing their eyes, they wanted to be sure but the corpse who was first shaking his head like someone who had just awakened from a bad dream was now slowly rising his whole body. At that sight, nobody was left but the corpse. Their hair grew and suddenly their feet had wings; in fright they fled in all directions.

From about a hudred meters, they heard the corpse calling for their names; one by one. Slowly, they realized that the corpse was alive again and so they gathered back around him. The first act of the resurrected corpse was to ask for a water. Then he narrated how far he had gone passing through a hot barren desert. Until he reach a place that was fenced with high walls.  Outside its gate, he had seen his parents and relatives who had long died, now about to welcome him. At the gate, there was an old and bearded  gatekeeper with many chains hanging on his waist. Now there were also those that were slowly approaching the gate and were some steps ahead of him. Each one was allowed to enter the gate one by one by the gatekeeper. As his turn came, the gatekeeper told him that his name was still not in his record books. At first he insisted; he was wanting to meet his long lost parents and relatives who were waiting for him. But he was pushed back by the old bearded gatekeeper and told him to go back to his wife. He was pushed and pushed until he fell down in a cliff. His fall made him wake up. He showed the scratches in his hands when he tried to hold the rocks on the side of the cliff as he was falling down.

Nevertheless, they were happy to have him back resurrected. They fixed the coffin and kept it just in case. His illness was still troubling him but through the old and bearded gatekeeper’s words, he realized he was not through yet with this wife. His wife got pregnant and a child was born.

Part III – to be continued……………………….


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