The Corpse That Refused To Be Buried (Part I)

Hello World,

I was very busy at work today and no time to write. I remembered that back in highschool, I read some short stories and essays my father had written and often used them  in my homeworks and essay writing contests. Other stories were written before I was born and no one had read them except the writer, my father. I think even my mother didn’t dare to read them as they were all written in English. To post something different other than my travel silly stories, I looked for his so-called “book of knowledge” where some of his articles about sports, religion, politics, his adventures, other short stories etc. were kept. There were so many of them so I didn’t dare to read all but I got curious of this story about  an extraordinary corpse so I read it. I will divide this into Parts with subtitle as I am too sleepy to write the whole story tonight 😀

It is up to you to the judge if this is fiction or not.

The Corpse That Refused To Be Buried

Written by: Jimmy Gonzales

Part I- Tuberculosis As A Disease

This narration was being told to me by a friend who swore to the high heavens that his narration was not fabricated. Whether he was telling the truth, half truth or lies, it was beyond any means for me to discover. In the remote province of Zamboanga del Norte, a man with a tuberculosis had died three times, so three times he had to be carried on a coffin to be buried.

In those days, tuberculosis was still very difficult to cure unlike now. The person suffering from this illness had to be isolated from the rest of the family. The belongings that person would use; like his plates, spoons drinking glasses, etc. should not be used by other members of the family and should be sanitized. In severe cases, persons suffering from it would vomit large amount of blood. It was believed that when one poised to render first aid to a tubercular person who’s in the state of vomiting blood, he must not turn around himself at his back, least that person would die. There was no clear reason for this, but it was proven in many cases. But unlike in many other kinds of acute sickness, a person suffering from tuberculosis still possessed  a strong and active sex urge 😀

Part II – The First Attempt (  to be continued……………….)

Will be posted tomorrow as the “beauty is sleepy” :p


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